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I woke up Monday morning with the sound of sleet hissing softly on my bathroom window.

Continuing to pretend it ain’t happening will not fix the Slash 5 snapping sideways under throttle on a subtly icy road. 2,223 more words

Riding Meditations

Manual 365/329 The Flying Ninja Beenie Wearing Angry Frog!

Ok, I’ve got Man Flu and could well be hallucinating, you know. near death experiences┬ácan do that to you and it might be a bit a pareidolia stretch but look closely, you’ll see it eventually... 84 more words

Manual 365

Time to Ride

Folks that know me know I’m not much on planning.

Some parts of life are better like jazz or a rocking jam band — improvisational — you know when to go big when the universe’s currents seem to be running your way. 3,775 more words

Riding Meditations