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Memphis Again

This piece is a blast from the past. There may be some signs of an immature writing style, but its still clearly me talking. Folks will have to excuse the photos, but they were close to state of the art for Digital in at the time they were taken. 9,550 more words

It's Go Time....

My K Bike is completely fettled.

We’ve got fresh tires, clean oil, flushed brake and hydraulic clutch circuits, clean gear oil in the trans and final drive and a new battery. 168 more words

Lovesong of the Flying Brick

Is it wrong to love an engine?

If you’re a BMW motorcycle guy, is it an even bigger sin if that engine isn’t a boxer twin? 3,518 more words

Flying Brick Cider House - Wallington - Saturday 27 December 2014 - Lunch

In fashion, I am terribly late with trends. In food and beverage, I am generally not behind, though every now and again there is a trend that I either don’t gravitate towards, or that I don’t personally enjoy. 605 more words

Full version of the brick through windshield fatality

Skip to 1:44 to see the incident.

“The Kamaz truck was loaded with bricks and a few of them came loose. One of them smashed through the Audi A4′s windshield, striking 29 year old Olga Gaikovich who was on the passenger’s seat in the head. 42 more words


Some thoughts on...Man Of Steel

There’s a very good (and very dark) series of comic books by Garth Ennis called The Boys. It’s set in a post-modern world where superheroes (as we would consider them) are real and have to deal with said consequences. 595 more words

Popular Culture

Snap, Go, Fling 4: Hello, My Name is ________

By Alex Tzelnic

Don Quixote, a true OG in the unofficial history of riding (he attacked windmills, ’nuff said), named his horse Rocinante.  The patron saint of my journey, John Steinbeck, on his own cross-country trip, named his 1960 GMC camper truck Rocinante as homage to Quixote’s steed.  918 more words

Snap Go Fling