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Big Rides, Little Rides

Sometimes I just have to go for a ride.

There are as many possible reasons as there are sands on the beach, but the result is always the same. 1,139 more words

Riding Meditations

Yin Yang - Part Two

(Part One of this story can be found here)

Funny thing was, as I sat bleeding off road buzz in contemplation of a Ballast Point Unfiltered Sculpin, I realized I had managed to completely and successfully ignore just how hamburgered my throttle hand was after… 5,380 more words

Riding Meditations


I woke up Monday morning with the sound of sleet hissing softly on my bathroom window.

Continuing to pretend it ain’t happening will not fix the Slash 5 snapping sideways under throttle on a subtly icy road. 2,223 more words

Riding Meditations

Manual 365/329 The Flying Ninja Beenie Wearing Angry Frog!

Ok, I’ve got Man Flu and could well be hallucinating, you know. near death experiences┬ácan do that to you and it might be a bit a pareidolia stretch but look closely, you’ll see it eventually... 84 more words

Manual 365