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More Proof that I Never did What She Claims

This was posted on my other blog on feb 1, 2016, I finally heard back from Find a Grave about my inquiry to prove that I never did anything to anyones find a grave account. 224 more words

Cyber Bully

Security Breach On Facebook

Once again the Ohio Cyber Bully Tereasa Lynne Messer stalked peoples friends by searching likes and comments on her latest targets facebook cover, the only thing on facebook that you cannot set to private or friends only. 194 more words

Cyber Bully

Stalking Innocent People

Today I began my day with a Gratitude challenge in a facebook group, I was feeling positive and trying to start my day on a good note, but then I discovered Tereasa Messer was attacking my friend, spreading vicious rumors, posting about him and his wife. 206 more words

Cyber Bully

Deep Thoughts (No Pictures)

I am sitting here waiting for my brownie to kick inĀ  – these are some delayed reaction brownies – so I can go to sleep. I can barely get out of bed the last few days, and I just want to sleep sleep sleep, but when I lie down I toss and turn and stress. 304 more words

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How to spot a liar

A search of facebook will show that many pages about cyber stalking and cyber bullying are out there. Many have been created to help those who are or have been victims of online harassment but many have actually been created by sociopaths who are bullies themselves and play the victim. 265 more words

Cyber Bully

Twas the day before Christmas...

Not a creature was stirring, except for the Ohio Cyber Bully Tereasa Messer who was busy posting to my new web site, my new G+ account and on facebook, ranting and raving her usual lies about me. 94 more words

Cyber Bully

Truth from the source...

Since Tereasa Messer still wants to continue lying about me and accusing me of things that she knows I did not do I have gone to the source about these lies and she has given me permission to post her response here for everyone to see… Thank you Shawn Marie… 142 more words

Cyber Bully