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Beware!  Low flying monkeys! 

It’s a sad indictment of the modern world but if you google “flying monkeys” the first hit is not actually “The Wizard of oz” but a psychological term derived from it. 523 more words


A Few Tests For Narcissism

Today I have 2 Narcissistic Tests for you. In the study of Narcissism type problems, I am convinced if we are eradicating it from the earth, we must start with ourselves. 449 more words


2017 Progressive Poem

I’m here to tell you that building a poem with 29 other poets has shivered my timbers and set my castle alight. Read down, and you will see my line, … 558 more words


Why Do Narcissists Need Flying Monkeys?

Anyone who has been subjected to narcissistic abuse also has been subjected to flying monkeys.

Flying monkeys are those people who either have fallen for the narcissist’s act, blindly believing anything the narcissist says or are abusers themselves, likely covert narcissists, who get a thrill out of vicariously abusing the narcissist’s victim.   485 more words

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Flying Monkey, Kampong Glam: Go Bananas! Pizza Fabbrica Owner Opens Indian Tapas Bar

Flying Monkey at Kampong Glam is opened by engineer-turned-restaurateur Sumeet Singla whose family owns a Michelin-starred restaurant in USA. His own restaurant, Pizza Fabbrica, next door to Flying Monkey, is greeted with widespread acclaim and has won the prestigious Gambero Rosso award for Best Pizza in Singapore. 636 more words


People Who Think They Have The Right To Tell You What You Should Do Regarding Your Narcissistic Parents

Some people will intervene when you have issues with your narcissistic parents.  They will try their best to make you feel guilty if you’re not speaking to them by saying your parent misses you, they are so upset that you won’t speak to them, they don’t know why you’re angry with them or say your parent is sick or elderly so you should end this no contact immediately & rush to their side.   559 more words

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The Ultimate Batmobile 70917 Image

Last night the last of the Lego Batman Movie sets was discovered by Market Watch. It sure looks action packed. The retail price is $129.99 USD. 89 more words