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Embracing Imperfection as a Writer

Perfection. It’s a state of being for which many of us strive, and sadly too many of us expect of ourselves. This Achilles heel applies to almost any field, but for writers it can interfere in the process of producing and publishing work that deserves to be read. 1,731 more words

Flying With The Falcon

How My Hero Natalie Goldberg Turned Me Down...But It Worked Out for the Best

Quite a few years ago, after much self-inflicted drama over the future of my writing career, I followed the advice of a well-known writer who instructed in his book that if you want to start gaining momentum on a self-made career, you need to attach your unknown name to a famous one. 782 more words

Flying With The Falcon

How I Dedicated Myself to My Craft

When I was a beginner of the writing craft, I was in high school. I wrote for the sheer pleasure of it, absorbed with the practice because it called to me, and because I had plenty of time. 1,270 more words

Flying With The Falcon

Once Upon a Time, I Was a Terrible Writer

Once upon a time, I was a young writer filled with doubt. For years in high school, I wrote terrible poetry with my friends, pages and pages of it. 1,244 more words

Flying With The Falcon

All Good Things Come to an End

*Photo taken at Sequoia National Park, where I really began chewing on the idea of writing a travel lifestyle blog in the summer of 2017. This picture was taken while a marmot chewed on the inside of the tree as I stood in the opening. 1,258 more words

Flying With The Falcon

My First Backpacking Trip: How Not to Begin

*Photo taken in the woods somewhere in the US. Memory fails as to exact location. :)

Many years ago, before Michael and I were married, he talked me into taking my first backpacking trip on the Susquehannock Trail System in Pennsylvania. 1,980 more words

Flying With The Falcon

Humble Travel Beginnings in Nevada

*Photo taken near Ely, NV, showing cloud formations before precipitation falls.

**Important Notice! My website is getting a face lift, and will be moving to a new server beginning Thursday, March 7, 2018. 2,491 more words

Flying With The Falcon