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How My Hero Natalie Goldberg Turned Me Down...But It Worked Out for the Best

Quite a few years ago, after much self-inflicted drama over the future of my writing career, I followed the advice of a well-known writer who instructed in his book that if you want to start gaining momentum on a self-made career, you need to attach your unknown name to a famous one. 782 more words

Flying With The Falcon

How I Dedicated Myself to My Craft

When I was a beginner of the writing craft, I was in high school. I wrote for the sheer pleasure of it, absorbed with the practice because it called to me, and because I had plenty of time. 1,270 more words

Flying With The Falcon

Once Upon a Time, I Was a Terrible Writer

Once upon a time, I was a young writer filled with doubt. For years in high school, I wrote terrible poetry with my friends, pages and pages of it. 1,244 more words

Flying With The Falcon

All Good Things Come to an End

*Photo taken at Sequoia National Park, where I really began chewing on the idea of writing a travel lifestyle blog in the summer of 2017. This picture was taken while a marmot chewed on the inside of the tree as I stood in the opening. 1,258 more words

Flying With The Falcon

My First Backpacking Trip: How Not to Begin

*Photo taken in the woods somewhere in the US. Memory fails as to exact location. :)

Many years ago, before Michael and I were married, he talked me into taking my first backpacking trip on the Susquehannock Trail System in Pennsylvania. 1,980 more words

Flying With The Falcon

Humble Travel Beginnings in Nevada

*Photo taken near Ely, NV, showing cloud formations before precipitation falls.

**Important Notice! My website is getting a face lift, and will be moving to a new server beginning Thursday, March 7, 2018. 2,491 more words

Flying With The Falcon

Discovering Nature, a Writing Exercise

*Photo taken in Nelson, NH.

Last week I posted a writing prompt on Instagram: discover nature. I’ve been sharing weekly writing prompts to help get people motivated to be more aware, focus on having a positive mindset, and to encourage personal growth. 1,779 more words

Flying With The Falcon