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Tracking the CNN Fear & Greed Index in my app now. Pure-awesomeness

Business Insights is not just about tracking your personal business metrics, but it is also about combining them with publically available metrics too.  I can easily load this data into my data feed and have it shown with other important metrics I’m tracking in my favorites.  44 more words

Business Intelligence

One company raised over $579m to build something like this. #analytics #bigdata

You read news story after news story about some startup that just raised huge piles of digital cash to grow their business.  I’m familiar with it because during the dotcom age of the late 90’s, I was part of eHome which raised over $42 million dollars.   451 more words

Business Intelligence

How many UI/UX designers do you need to create a mobile app? I have access to thousands. #android #iphone

In my previous company, I had two amazing app designers.  Whenever I had some wild idea in my head, I would go to them and they would turn that crazy idea into something I could see.   231 more words


The Field of Fear, or Flynn's Folly...

Foolishness breeds foolishness.  And that foolishness is well on display within retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s book, The Field of Fight.  In this political submission to fear, Flynn attempts to scare Americans/Westerners (it says something that he can barely differentiate between the two, but he generally lumps groups together ) into believing that ISIS/Al Qaeda/Global Jihadism is an existential threat.  1,652 more words

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How many monkeys does it take to create a dashboard? #bigdata #analytics #bi

Serious question.  How many people are involved in creating a dashboard for your organization?  Probably a few out of information technology to get the requirements and several meetings to make sure the logic is correct.   492 more words

Business Intelligence

I suck at being sick

I’m the worst patient in the world. The moment I lay down for a break, I immediately see ten things that I just have to deal with them and there or it’ll grate on me. 135 more words


Gone Girl Review

Gone Girl has been one of the most popular thrillers of the last 5 years. Unlike most thrillers there is more depth to Gone Girl, the characters are truly flawed and the plot pulls you in a direction you had no idea it could take. 175 more words