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6.03 - It Was All Yellow

Another update so soon? Uni is almost over for the semester, and I have to procrastinate studying… so sims! :)

Last time, Velma befriended all the spouse options, and had a sleep over with 406. 887 more words


Scene 243 - Tutus



After a long discussion with Butler about what Io’s son was up to, Laura stayed behind to talk about the sewers, and how the disappearance of Obox-ob, the ekolid warlord, would affect the city’s plumbing. 2,578 more words


6.02 - When We Were Young

Previously, Velma aged up to YA and took over the family. The first thing she did was moved everyone to Bridgeport. She then met her four spouse options, and showed all of use her unique way of flirting. 1,170 more words


Scene 242 - Collegium



“We really should have seen this coming.”

Butler dropped a pad on the desk and resumed pacing. Silver and gold, I was never going to get used to that. 1,988 more words


6.01 - Childhood Daze

Previously, there were many birthdays, including Roxie to teen, the triplets to child and Brillo and Seaweed to elder. Everyone did lots of socialising and skilling…and not much else. 1,615 more words


Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

I would like to take the time to acknowledge how thrilling and well written Gillian Flynn’s debut novel is. Never in my life have I read a story that is this brilliantly sinister, it would be cruel to say this debut novel is fantastic because it is much much more than that. 364 more words

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Container Automation: Building a Brickyard

My name is Nathaniel Eliot, and I’ve worked extensively in software deployment over the last several years. I have worked on two automation frameworks around… 833 more words