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I bet you can't do this with your business insights tool. Followers. #analytics #bigdata

(tap Janet and see her published metrics)

If you truly want to #makebusinessgreatagain, it starts with productivity.  Labor Productivity numbers haven’t been this bad in 35 years… 247 more words

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Even easier when watching tv or a movie. Try this with your data tool. #mobilebi #iphone #ipad

I’m currently doing a lot of testing to make sure usability is great and bugs are squashed. Even sitting in my favorite chair, I have all the metrics I care about on my two favorite devices.  62 more words


Donald Trump Brings Russian Spy to Classified Briefings

As a presidential candidate, Trump begins receiving intelligence briefings that contain classified information.  He’s bringing with him one of his “advisors,” Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn who has direct… 70 more words

Former DIA Head Joins Anti-Muslim Hate Group

(The screen shot above is from ACT For America’s issues page.)

1. Philip Giraldi ended an article the other day with the following: (Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor Mulaykah al-Almaniyya): 1,901 more words

I win! I can support Windows 10, Android, iPhone/iPad and MAC! Analytics done right. #mobilebi

You may have a good idea in your head that YOU think is a good idea. But it really isn’t validated until you take a potential customer or two through it to see if they would ACTUALLY use it.   180 more words

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Business Insights from your phone. You can do it all without a staff of 20 #bigdata #analytics

Yeah, that’s right. When you’re trying to deliver business insights to hundreds of employees via their mobile devices, how many people does it take to define the data and create the data sources?  268 more words

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Bet you can't do this with your dashboard tool. SEARCH! #bigdata #analytics #mobilebi

Can you actually search your collection of metric assets and bring back just the metrics you really want to see with minimal effort?  Yeah, that’s right. 255 more words

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