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Activists ask candidates to commit to reforming child sexual abuse laws

Two Wisconsin groups are asking political candidates to commit to reforming child sexual abuse laws this election season — and some candidates have already voiced support for changing the statute of limitations. 23 more words

Why Democrats should embrace Foxconn

The constant scorn and ridicule against Foxconn by the gubernatorial candidates runs counter to what some voters consider to be the only shining example of leadership shown by Gov. 29 more words

Dem governor candidates face deadline to earn podium time at state convention

Democratic candidates for governor who want to speak at the state party convention on June 1 face a deadline this week to prove they have collected enough signatures to get on the primary ballot. > AP News

Dems plan quick pivot to general election to avoid being caught flat-footed in governor's race

Seeking to minimize Gov. Scott Walker’s ability to take advantage of the jam-packed Democratic primary, strategists have devised a plan to quickly pivot from the Aug. 11 more words

Are attacks on defense attorneys because of their clients wrong? Flynn not the only one to think so.

Most Americans appreciate that our justice system allows both sides to obtain legal representation. But lawyers running for public office sometimes find themselves lambasted for having done their jobs. 25 more words

Democrats running for governor would seek to roll back school vouchers

Two Democratic candidates for governor have said they would immediately end the state’s four school voucher programs, while the rest of the Democratic field says they would either freeze enrollment or phase out the programs over time. > Wisconsin State Journal