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Trope Overload: What Makes A Great Plot Twist?

Emma and Norman making the same face I did during every major plot twist in The Promised Neverland

I don’t really like to include too many spoilers in my posts, but with plot twists you kind of have to. 1,527 more words


Good bye to Facebook group and hello to mewe.com group

A quick note to the group we had on facebook. It’s at mere.com now.

The policies that focal page pushes is just wrong. Ergo the move. 81 more words

3P Reviews: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Season Four, Episode One (Episode Thirty-Nine)

Series Breakdown Rating:

Characters and Character Development: 7
Aesthetics and Style: 7
Creativity: 7
Overall Plot: 5
Dialogue: 4
Sum: 30/50

Spoilers: Yes.

Audience Assumptions: 1,948 more words

3P Reviews

On 03!Wrath's character

Wrath is neither my favourite or least favourite. He’s an odd character as he can be kind of annoying and I can see why a lot of fans don’t really like him. 793 more words


Al is Ed's morality chain

(That’s a TVtropes term.)

Death is a pretty large theme in FMA 03. Ed and Al both see a lot of death – they see their mother die, they see Nina’s remains, they get captured by a serial killer who just enjoys killing for the sheer pleasure, they almost get killed by Scar, etc. 540 more words


Roy's role in FMA 03

Roy serves as a deuteragonist to Ed and Al, being the other main viewpoint in the series. Roy is part of the military, part of the system – which is evil because the homunculi have been secretly pulling the strings and using the military state as a way to cause wars in order to sow as much despair as possible in order to obtain a Philosopher’s stone. 349 more words


Wrath and Envy's first meeting

Hey there, I’ve always considered this scene to be great but it seems like it’s something of an underrated gem. 

(Wrath does not yet have his name at this point in the series, but I’ll still refer to him as such for clarity). 648 more words