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South African wine exports to China jump by 30%

Tycoon Koos Bekker sells wine from his vineyard all over the world, but a small detail offers a clue as to where his priorities may lie — all the bottles are labelled in Mandarin. 622 more words


Ideals of a nation in its advertising

When will Racist Commercials come to an end? In US, Australia, Italy, Japan and now China? Commercials want to identify with their audience and demean the rest of the world. 72 more words


Is Flora signalling a step-change in the BSM category?

In a competitive category battling health demons – where alternatives are segmented at best, marginalised at worst – Flora has brought dairy-free to the heart of their range alongside a new holistic brand proposition driven by all things natural. 473 more words


The death of Sugar Puffs – and why food and drinks marketers should worry about their brand in the wake of the ‘sugar crisis’

Sugar Puffs’ recent naming shift to ‘Honey Monster Puffs’ is an attempt to ease concerns around sugar content from both industry experts and worried mothers. But has the brand done enough? 703 more words


Brewdog’s new designs - A step-change into modernity or a signal of selling out?

Brewdog, the revolutionary, divisive Scottish anti-brewery are often credited as spearheading the craft beer revolution in the UK and beyond. In July 2014, Brewdog unveiled their new labels as a modern reflection of themselves as a brewery. 639 more words


Brand characters - signpost or gimmick?

Surf’s recent introduction of a foam-like brand character ‘Surfy’ raises the question of whether brand characters are an important signpost for a brand’s identity or a juvenile gimmick that lacks longevity? 349 more words


Volvic - Have you #GotTheBottle ?


  • As part of a three year brand activation activity plan between Volvic & Tough Mudder.
  • Brightsparks were asked to bring the partnership to life before, during & after Tough Mudder events throughout the UK.
  • 54 more words
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