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Justice Finally Being Served for Truckers Abanonded After Arrow Shut Down

Finally, 6 years after Arrow suddenly shut it’s doors, without warning to their drivers, justice has been put forth against  former Arrow Trucking Co. CEO James Douglas “Doug” Pielsticker, for attempting to commit tax fraud, and tax evasion.  656 more words

Safe Truck Parking. Where Do We Stand Now?

On March 5th 2009, truck driver Jason Rivenburg was shot and killed in his truck, at an abandoned gas station, for lack of a place to park at nearby truck stops, and for all of $7.00 that he had left.   1,090 more words

The way of the desert

Few know the way of the desert, and even fewer can thrive here.

It’s a harsh and unforgiving place, this.

Cold nights but hot days, dry sand but green trees, barren in every way imaginable yet full of life – This truly is a place of extremes. 1,341 more words