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The way of the desert

Few know the way of the desert, and even fewer can thrive here.

It’s a harsh and unforgiving place, this.

Cold nights but hot days, dry sand but green trees, barren in every way imaginable yet full of life – This truly is a place of extremes. 1,341 more words


Traversing a painting in 4H...

From the obvious featured image, most of you will have guessed what this is going to be about. And no, it’s got nothing to do with art… Well, not man-made art anyway… 754 more words


The Speed Limiter Issue Rolls On

It boggles the mind, trying to understand the NHTSA, FMCSA, DOT, other federal agencies, and the ATA’s thought processes.  And I suppose that none of us ever will get them figured out!   646 more words