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Orange Agent - Levi Sherwood

Levi Sherwood has been busy building his new compound while taking a break from the Red Bull X-Fighters series.

Last year Levi won the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour for the first time after defeating French ace… 169 more words


cancellation in California

Over the weekend the third round of Red Bull X Fighters landed in Glen Helen for one of the most anticipated rounds on one of the biggest tracks that X Fighters has ever seen. 309 more words

Freestyle Motocross

where it all began and a little bit more...

This is the first installment of my little show, where i would love to hear from you guys and i started the ball rolling with my story, check out the podcast for that, plus much much more. 41 more words

Freestyle Motocross

Local towns to be blown away by Extreme Stunt Show

As you know its really rare to be able to pop down the road to see a FMX show, actually its never really happened before but that has just changed. 645 more words

Freestyle Motocross

Rookie takes the Gold

so last month Lance Coury took home the gold medal at X games Speed and style.

Heres my video blog (vlog) on how he did it, i’m sorry for the slip ups because there is some, it was a new and fun experience and i got to use auto cue so i probably look like a robot but i hope you guys like it. 11 more words

Freestyle Motocross

Andre Villa retires from Freestyle

We all know the risks of Freestyle motocross, the dangers that comes with flying high in the sky and throwing down insane tricks. The injuries that takes months to recover from, the long lasting damage to your body and the people who have to look after you when you hit the ground hard, unfortunately Andre Villa has decided that hes had enough and has decided to retire. 262 more words

Freestyle Motocross

Day #56 - 64

I’m back everyone. I know it’s been a while but I have jut been absolutely flat out with uni. I have my major journalism assignment due on Friday and then a criminology essay due on Monday and I am freaking out about both of them. 172 more words