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The Collapse of Language in All Media

Today, my mother sent a letter to my best friend trying to comfort her over the death of her mother. She signed the letter “LOL, Jen” thinking LOL stood for “lots of love.” FML… 21 more words

The Stupid Truth About Obama on the Internet

President Obama, arguably one of the most influential people of our time. His words have inspired millions and have connected so many lives in such a short period. 272 more words

Internet Truth


I recently was introduced to fmylife.com. It’s a website where people tell stories about bad events happening in their life. It makes me a lot more thankful for mine. 58 more words



This happened to my dad and uncle, only instead of pulling out a blackberry they got to see him climb into a brand new BMW. 7 more words


My Favorite F*** My Life statements…

For those of you who haven’t been to the website, it’s the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen! Pretty much it’s like Post Secrets and Twitter, but for crazy stupid things that happen to others that we can all laugh about. 682 more words


Best Guy Friend Does Not Equal Good Boyfriend

You looove your dog Oliver. He’s your best friend. He is the sweetest, cutest, fluffiest, the most dependable, a cuddler, so smart, so friendly to everyone. 642 more words


Truman Represents on FMyLife.com

FMyLife.com, quite literally the site to be checking out these days, finally has some Truman representation.

I heard through a source that a group of Truman guys had their FML post selected out of the thousands of submissions the site hosts receive each day.   58 more words