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November 13th 2015 FNM

Howdy all!

It’s been a while since my last post, I have been indisposed for the last few weeks as I was out of the country. 322 more words


#BoutThatLife by Falcone

It is finally here! #BoutThatLife by Falcone has officially dropped. Back in July ’15 we presented  the making of #BoutThatLife.

This single as produced by  138 more words

Hip Hop

Banned & Restricted: No Changes

Good Afternoon, Dear Readers!

Well, another set, another B&R List announcement. This time there are still no changes. Since moving to Jund (and honestly, since I started playing Modern) Team MGG has wanted to see Deathrite Shaman and Bloodbraid Elf unbanned. 1,533 more words


Random Reference: Magic: The Gathering

It’s Friday night and you’re sitting across the table from a dude, looking them directly in the eyes and you shuffle your cards one more time for good luck. 824 more words

Magic Moments: Sultai Mill Revisited

One of the problems with the new Magic Origins set is there is so much good stuff I want to play with. I am really, really struggling to confine myself to 60 cards, and it’s even harder to put more than 20 lands in. 1,135 more words

Friday Night Music

In honor of Star Wars Imperial Assault and the tabletop role-playing game.

Wyatt Bush

Forward Upward Onward Together for a stronger Bahamas

I sometimes wonder if Bahamian people understand the term utilitarianism, and does government and opposition members understand the tenets that such a doctrine embodies. Accordingly, utilitarianism is an ethical doctrine of which postulates: virtue is based upon utility and that behavior should have as its goal the procurement of the greatest happiness for the greatest number of persons. 669 more words

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