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A Colorized Memory

Game time, the final set of games. Both of us finalists were playing really good decks that beat out our competition. It was time for one of us undefeated to be defeated. 926 more words


May 19, 2017 Mono White Humans

I haven’t been here in quite a while and a lot has definitely changed since I last posted. I’ve graduated from college, got a job at General Motors as a software developer, moved to Phoenix and started to play Magic: The Gathering(MTG) somewhat competitively. 738 more words



Bahamian elections happened today and I’m pleased to report that the incumbent government, the PLP, got their asses handed to them. It was a bad 5 years in my opinion. 276 more words

News And Politics


I really wasn’t going to post anything concerning this again but it’s burning inside of me. Tomorrow, May 10, 2017, will be one of the most significant general elections in Bahamian history. 570 more words


Silly Season In The Bahamas

In case you didn’t know. The election bell has rung here in The Bahamas and May 10th it all goes down. Which means that you can go into any barber shop or beauty salon and listen to some of the most refreshing conversations that you’ve heard in a long time. 744 more words


Top 5 Worst Magic the Gathering Sets

Sometimes, Magic the Gathering has some pretty awesome sets such as Return to Ravnica, Innistrad, Alara. But other times, they instead have lackluster sets where nobody enjoys the format at all. 713 more words


April 7th FNM

Hello once again everyone! It’s everyone’s favourite day of the week, it’s Friday! What does Friday mean for us? Well it means venturing to Elmvale to… 725 more words