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Vampire Inspiration from Rivals of Ixalan

It’s been four weeks since the official release of Rivals of Ixalan, which means we’re on our fourth and final casual cosplay. We’ve been through three of the tribes in Ixalan already: Dinosaurs, Merfolk, and Pirates. 882 more words


Pirate Inspo from Rivals of Ixalan

Each Friday, for four consecutive weeks, I’m taking a look at each tribe in Rivals of Ixalan, the latest set from Magic the Gathering, and putting together a casual cosplay based on that tribe. 888 more words


Merfolk Inspo

Another Friday means another Friday Night Fashion. For a total of four weeks, starting with the official release of Rivals of Ixalan, every Friday I’m putting together a casual cosplay for each tribe in the set. 617 more words


Dino Inspo

Hurray! Rivals of Ixalan is officially released!┬áTo celebrate, for the next four weeks, each Friday I’ll be putting together an outfit that tries to capture the essence of the four groups in Ixalan. 1,160 more words


How Obstinate Baloth Interacts with Smallpox

I knew the day would come where someone would play Obstinate Baloth against my 8-rack deck. That day was Friday, January 12 at FNM. On Friday, I went 2-2 (again) and played against 2 types of… 336 more words

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