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FNM Report 4/24/2015

As promised, I’m back reporting from my first Friday Night Magic playing constructed in a couple of years.  I gotta say, I had a blast.  I’ve been to a few FNM drafts as of late, which are always fun, but getting back into the Standard scene was long overdue.   1,341 more words

Sidisi Squared (Standard) List


x4 Satyr Wayfinder

x4 Rakshasa Deathdealer

x2 Courser of Kruphix

x3 Sidisi, Brood Tyrant

x2 SIdisi, Undead Vizier

x2 Whisperwood Elemental

x1 Torrent Elemental… 184 more words


The Drug Cartel by Falcone

Our recent feature Falcone has released a single called The Drug Cartel, as a lead to his forthcoming release entitled Too Many Chiefs. 44 more words


Falcone: The emcee finding his wings

“Who said Alberton ain’t Hip Hop”? That’s a popular saying that the Managing Director and Founder of Lavatory Records, Thato “Tikk’n T-Doe” Keikelame, is renowned for! 1,690 more words


Dragons Of Tarkir !

Hey everyone, those that follow Magic, The Gathering probably already know that the newest set to drop into rotation hit yesterday and was called Dragons of Tarkir.  155 more words


Tiny Leaders: How to get away with being a dick to your friends

Just when I thought I had lost all passion for Magic, Tiny Leaders brings out everything I enjoy and condenses it into a week-long mental exercise, which is rewarded with 3 hours of evil on a Friday evening. 3,957 more words

Friday Night Magic: Mission Success!

Yesterday, (as like most Friday nights’) I went to my local choice for Friday Night Magic game night, Collector’s Paradise.  This night was a little different from the rest of the FNM’s that I go to, because this one was the very first FNM that carried so much weight behind it. 208 more words