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January 13th FNM & Aether Revolt Midnight Prerelease

How’s it going my salty sailors? I’ve got a decently long one for y’all today! First I’m going to do a brief review of FNM and then I’ll move on to the more exciting stuff!! 1,098 more words


Bogles FNM – January 6th 2017

The format is Modern, the deck is Bogles. Let’s go!!!

Deck List

If you don’t know what Bogles’ game plan is, it is pretty simple. Lay a hexproof creature, make it big with cheap Aura’s and hope the opponent can’t deal with it. 1,030 more words


Face to Face Modern Open

Oi! How’s it going salters and saltettes? It’s been a wee while since we last spoke. With school picking back up and working two jobs, the blogs are going to be few and far between, but I will attempt to jam as much content in as possible. 1,617 more words


CUT BAIT!!! - The FNM Rebellion

Gilbert NMO Morris

It is not a question of who has been thrown from the FNM boat, but – now – whether there is a boat at all…but then, this is The Bahamas where “eeeeen nuttin” is as it appears. 1,394 more words

Grand Prix Trial San Jose

What’s up you salty buggers? Long time no talk to. This past Saturday, December 3rd, Jack’s on Queen hosted a modern Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix San Jose. 122 more words


Theme : Sudamerica - Parallel States of Evolution

I write as someone who is far from convinced of the universal wonders of the Free Market, yet I tend to the conviction that state-owned car makers are a bad idea. 833 more words

Was Then ...

Magic Weekly Update

Its been an entire month and a half since the release of Kaladesh  Planeswalkers, and while the set has been a grand success, offering enough unique strategies and combinations to influence a huge variety of decks, even the best of us are starting to get burnt out. 1,305 more words

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