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Dragons Of Tarkir !

Hey everyone, those that follow Magic, The Gathering probably already know that the newest set to drop into rotation hit yesterday and was called Dragons of Tarkir.  155 more words


Tiny Leaders: How to get away with being a dick to your friends

Just when I thought I had lost all passion for Magic, Tiny Leaders brings out everything I enjoy and condenses it into a week-long mental exercise, which is rewarded with 3 hours of evil on a Friday evening. 3,957 more words

Friday Night Magic: Mission Success!

Yesterday, (as like most Friday nights’) I went to my local choice for Friday Night Magic game night, Collector’s Paradise.  This night was a little different from the rest of the FNM’s that I go to, because this one was the very first FNM that carried so much weight behind it. 208 more words


Saturday Morning Magic: FNM Draft 1/30/15

Greetings Everyone!

Any of you who know me know that I am a huge fan of Magic: the Gathering.  I’ve been playing the game off and on for nearly 6 years now.   900 more words


Friday Night Magic

I’ve been collecting lots of comic books for about two years now. Those of you in Eau Claire know there’s only one place to go for comics: Clairemont Comics. 740 more words


Week Review from #FNM #MTG with Jacob Collins

Week review from Friday November 28th looking at Standard Mete and how the diversity of Magic: the Gathering has evolved in the meta-game-play. Along with a discussion of different decks that have seen play and what decks to plan for when thinking about competitions. 41 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Small Business Saturday: The Games Keep

In a world of digital games, there is a sanctuary for analog gamers. This isn’t your big box, main stream Parker Brothers and Mattel only, retailer. 298 more words