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Happy New Year! (Courtesy of R. Kelly)

BCB wishes all y’all readers a prosperous Year of the Snake — filled with happiness, good fortune, and ssssssmexinessss. And who better to embody this last quality than Sir R. 36 more words


Croon, Jamie Woon!

Ok, I’m probably hella tardy to the party on this guy, but I’m kinda officially an old person who has abandoned all hope for keeping up with the jams favored by youffs of today. 121 more words


Noddy and 'Yes on 74'

This November in Washington state, approval/rejection of gay marriage will be on the ballot under Referendum 74. Even though a bill legalizing same-sex marriage was… 127 more words

For Your Consideration

Sakura-Con J-Pop Extravaganza!

Since the Asian Americans behind this blog don’t know shit about Japanese pop culture, this guest post is brought to you by special J/K Pop correspondent, lace front-wearin’ Sakura fashion model, and BCB Affirmative Action Fellow, Reese Umbaugh aka Bishie Reesie… 428 more words


Adam WarRock X Downton Abbey = Bloomers Blown

Nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock — aka Eugene Ahn — flows about comic books, sci-fi (he made a mixtape inspired by Joss Whedon’s Firefly), and most recently — British TV series… 174 more words


Friday Fuckery: North Korean "Take on Me"

Think you’ve heard A-ha’s “Take on Me” so many times that you’ll gouge your eyeballs out next time it comes on in the frozen meats section?¬† 48 more words


The Korean Adele on K-Pop Star

Park Jimin, a cute 15-year-old in a fuzzy bowtie sweater, really threw K-Pop Star judges for a loop when she opened her mouth and out poured the voice of a plump, soulful white woman named Adele. 47 more words