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The Antler Hat

This is a gift for a friend of mine. He kindly asked if I would knit him a woolen hat for winter and here it is! 112 more words


How Far Behind is Too Far Behind?

I have so much stuff to show you, some of it going back ages and ages. Enough stuff that this is going to take two blog posts to get through, so lets get the first one going! 1,248 more words

Sewing FO


(17 days)

I’ve been trucking along. And while I’ve finished one project and started another, I’ve also run into a problem and had to modify plans a bit. 328 more words


Μερική ‘μόνιμη’ παραμονή τουρκικών στρατευμάτων


Βρετανικά σχέδια του κ. Matthew Kidd του 1983 προέβλεπαν μη αποχώρηση. Αυτό, προφανώς, εννοούσε, μεταξύ άλλων, ο Υπουργός Εξωτερικών και Κοινοπολιτείας Μπόρις Τζόνσον κατά τη διάρκεια της επίσκεψής του στην Κύπρο, όταν μιλούσε για την ανάγκη επίδειξης περισσότερης ευελιξίας! 39 more words


Made With Love

You know me by now, I’m a terribly selfish sewer/knitter. I have to be really close to someone to even think about sewing/knitting them something. And the worst part is, I don’t even feel bad about it! 671 more words


Syncopation Adoration

My introduction to two-colour brioche during the Building Blocks MKAL was a very successful one. As once again my box of dk scraps was almost bursting, Stephen West’s free  71 more words


Oh Yeah...

I realized today that I have a few Cladonia pictures to share with you. I do not have anything witty to say and I have a stash to enter into Ravelry and Christmas knitting to do (the second Squircle sock) so I’ll just leave you all with this. 79 more words