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79, 80, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86: Swatches

So I mentioned breed specific yarn. It just so happened that the lovely Louise Scollay of the KnitBritish Podcast launched a breed swatch-along to encourage her listeners to knit swatches of British breed yarns and review them on a blog or the Ravelry project page. 98 more words


FO Friday:The Trickster Edition

I’ll bet you thought I had Dream Stripes all ready to show off. Not today. Today I want to show you Phi, my July Camp Loopy project. 142 more words



I have FINISHED DRIFTWOOD, PEOPLE, that’s FINISHED DRIFTWOOD. It’ll get a proper post with proper modelled pictures at some point (this is a hastily-taken one from before leaving for work this morning) but I wanted to mark the moment. 22 more words


78: Elgin

The lovely BritYarn held a socks KAL (GB Socks Away KAL) for knitting socks in British Yarn. So I bought some WYS Jacob aran and knit a second pair of Elgin socks. 78 more words


Na senda da costura do soutien perfeito / The journey towards a nice fitting bra

Olá pessoal!! Como estão todos? Com saudades minhas?

Sim, tenho sido um blogger muito muito má, que costura e tricota às escondidas, sem se preocupar em partilhar os meus progressos – bem, tendo em conta que não tenho tido muito sucesso nos meus projectos, talvez tenha desculpa, mas também é importante partilharmos os insucessos para ajudar a comunidade costureira.  1,220 more words


Προς Αποθρασυνθέντας

ΜΕΤΑ και τα προχτεσινά – αναιδέστατα και προκλητικά – από τον Ε. Άιντε, εντείνεται το ερώτημα:

-Από πού αντλεί τόσο θράσος ο Ε. Άιντε;

Ασφαλώς, από το γεγονός ότι –παραδοσιακά- στοιχειωδώς θα καλυφθεί από τη Γενική Γραμματεία του ΟΗΕ που τον διόρισε στη θέση του Ειδικού Αντιπροσώπου. 9 more words


77: Brygga

When Karie Westermann released her Hygge collection I pretty much jumped on it. I had bought a skein of mega chunky yarn on honeymoon when husband and I had a chance to visit Strathearn Fleece and Fibre and… 61 more words