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Growing conditions in Afghanistan

I’m not much of a farmer.  A couple of plants on my patio, a tomato plant here and there, that is about it.  That being said, though I don’t know much about agronomy I do know that dirt, okay, sand…silt…dust…whatever it is that Afghans in Zabul Province have access to doesn’t make their task of growing food for themselves, their families and communities any easier. 270 more words


Traveling in Minneapolis vs. Traveling in Afghanistan

This week I’ve been working on a documentary dealing with a collection of materials housed at the Minneapolis Central Library.  Like all of the projects I work on I get to talk to interesting people and learn about their lives and passions.  121 more words


How much can you haul?

‘More’.  The answer in Afghanistan must always be ‘More’.  I have never seen vehicles so overloaded before.

However, what is even more amazing than the size of the loads is the fact we don’t see these trucks laying on their sides next to the road.  252 more words


"The Best FOB in Afghanistan"

As the keeper of a WordPress blog I can see the search results that bring viewers to Bridging War & Hope.  This morning someone found the blog by typing “The Best FOB in Afghanistan” into Google.  225 more words


Visiting Goats

The goats were not interested in me at all!  I think it is because they are normally getting wacked with a stick when a person comes around…


Children of Afghanistan

“They are why we are doing this.” SFC Brian McFadden of Bloomington, Minnesota told me as we were walking through a field in Zabul Province, Afghanistan. 128 more words


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Check out Luke's blog about his time preparing for and then embedding with my unit. He brings an entirely different perspective on what it is like to be here. He's a great writer and has some awesome pictures.

Colossal Crappers and more

Here it is; the rundown of my living conditions during my short visit to FOB Sweeney.  I briefly described the layout of the FOB in ‘ 619 more words