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How can you tell how good bread is without testing it?

Not the smell, not the look, but the sound of the crust.


Oh symphony of crackle. 492 more words


Focaccia Sticks - 3 ways

If you do not now, focaccia is a kind of thick pizza with a simple topping 😃

Here, I did three kinds of focaccie: with olives, sun-dried tomates, and a garlic-bread style focaccia. 171 more words


Foccacia ta' malajr bla hmira

żejt taż-żebbuġ biex tidlek id-dixx

500g dqiq self raising

kuċċarina bicarbonate of soda

niskata melħ

400ml yoghurt

mgharfa hall ta tuffieh organiku jekk trid

L-ingredjenti li tista’ tuża fil-wiċċ: 240 more words

My Christmas Party Nibbles

My growing up memories of Christmas mainly revolve around a stream of guests coming through the house, just to say hello, or deliver a Christmas card. 129 more words

Family Food

Focaccia Toasts

I use a Gino D’campo Focaccia method but I can’t find a link to add, so here it is with my own tweak to make light toasts for party nibbles. 286 more words

Festive Nibbles

Seeded Focaccia

This focaccia uses a different technique than my Focaccia With Chilli, Garlic & Coriander which offers a more traditional bread both in texture and taste. However this is a better recipe for speed and if your not looking for an over strenuous kneading process. 269 more words


Roasted red grape and rosemary focaccia. 

I’ve been struggling to come up with blog posts lately, mainly suffering from ‘writers block’, which to me is weird as I am immensely passionate about fare and find I can talk about food for hours on end if you pick my brain I will happily engage in conversation about my basic knowledge of food. 341 more words

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