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April Daring Baker's Challenge: Foccacia

“For the month of April Rachael of pizzarossa and Sawsan of Chef in Disguise took us on a trip to Italy. They challenged us to try our hands at making focaccia from scratch” 429 more words


Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia

One of my favourite things about baking is that while on the most part it can be a rather solitary hobby, the moment your treats are brought out of the oven it becomes incredibly social.  681 more words


Bread #22 - Perfect foccacia bread

I have been really bad at updating my blog but I have a good excuse, honest! I also haven’t given up the challenge, just in case you were wondering. 306 more words

The joy of bread-making or why it's the little things that give you confidence

Four weeks ago I took a 3-hour bread making course in the hopes that I’d be able to dazzle my dinner party guests with something sumptuous to dip into their olive oil/balsamic mix. 224 more words

Herbed Foccacia

I thought I’d use my suddenly ample free time (lookin’ at YOU, unexpected unemployment) to make foccacia. I’ve struggled with this recipe in the past, tried to take shortcuts and still come out with good bread but it just never turned out right.  734 more words

Foccacia with Olives, Sun-Dried tomatoes and Rosemary

As a tradition at work each of us has to bring something to the monthly meeting for everyone to enjoy. Sort of a spread before the meeting. 600 more words


Rosemary & Sea Salt Foccacia.

There is nothing nicer than freshly made bread and it’s even better when it made at home with your own hands. Bread is a time consuming thing to make even if you use a bread maker as the yeast takes time to rise but it’s so worth it in the end. 408 more words