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Herbed Foccacia

I thought I’d use my suddenly ample free time (lookin’ at YOU, unexpected unemployment) to make foccacia. I’ve struggled with this recipe in the past, tried to take shortcuts and still come out with good bread but it just never turned out right.  734 more words

Foccacia with Olives, Sun-Dried tomatoes and Rosemary

As a tradition at work each of us has to bring something to the monthly meeting for everyone to enjoy. Sort of a spread before the meeting. 600 more words


Rosemary & Sea Salt Foccacia.

There is nothing nicer than freshly made bread and it’s even better when it made at home with your own hands. Bread is a time consuming thing to make even if you use a bread maker as the yeast takes time to rise but it’s so worth it in the end. 408 more words


Hip Recipes: Foccacia

This Italian pizza-like bread appetizer was so good it literally disappeared within minutes. Amazing with just a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt, but you can top it with pretty much anything you wish: cheese, onion, panchetta , rosemary or anchovies with olives like I did. 242 more words


Is Food The New Sex? (Recipes included, as promised)

I remember standing next to my aunt as she prepared an enormous pot of gumbo. After a taste or two and then adjusting her seasonings, she ladled the hot soup into small bowls, one to share with her favorite niece… me.   951 more words

Heart Stories

Bread #6: Foccacia bread with rosemary

Sometimes bread is the main event, but sometimes it can be a very yummy side dish to your main meal. This weeks bread is about it complimenting my homemade lasagne. 669 more words


I´ve been making focaccia for a while with the occasional tapas, but it was never the real deal until I checked out this recipe. For my Norwegian followers I recommend this blog:  215 more words