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Focus Wheel and Focus are Key for Success

I was blown away by this Focus Wheel video from Abraham-Hicks, and focus is truly the key for LOA success.  This process is very effective to move you into better feeling thoughts, and make you feel more certain and sure about where you are going.  112 more words


Hello World- Day 10

I was feeling low today till someone inspired me to do the “Focus Wheel” process by Abraham Hicks.

Chassy’s Focus Wheel

The purpose is to shift your vibration about a topic  to a higher point so that you: 88 more words

Journey Within

Secret Happy-Key: Skilled Attention

Not a secret, but we tend to forget:  We can focus our own attention, to lighten up, to SEE the Happy in our own life. 695 more words

Self Healing

My all time favorite tool from Abraham’s quiver of teachings, is The Focus Wheel! If u want more from ANY area of ur life, creating a Focus Wheel around said topic, will upgrade the vibration through focus and the resulting increased, positive momentum. 130 more words


Thinking With The Whole of Who You Are...~*

The other day I read an Abe quote, and one of the lines really stuck with me…

“We’re asking you to think with the Whole of Who You Are, rather than with a fragmented version of who you are.” 495 more words


Steps to feel good NOW!

Partial Transcript:

1) As you go to sleep, bask in appreciation for those things closest to you. IE, your bed, the fabric of the sheets, see the bed as bubbles you are floating on and drift off to sleep. 323 more words