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Focus wheel: feeling overwhelmed at work

Man: I have this struggle at work. I feel that I have so much to do and so little time…

Abraham: Instead of saying, “I have this struggle,” say, “I get a frequent indication that I’m not in alignment.” Because when you say, “I have this struggle,” or “I have this issue,” you give it more power than it deserves. 719 more words


My all time favorite tool from Abraham’s quiver of teachings, is The Focus Wheel! If u want more from ANY area of ur life, creating a Focus Wheel around said topic, will upgrade the vibration through focus and the resulting increased, positive momentum. 130 more words


Thinking With The Whole of Who You Are...~*

The other day I read an Abe quote, and one of the lines really stuck with me…

“We’re asking you to think with the Whole of Who You Are, rather than with a fragmented version of who you are.” 495 more words