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I am Really Happy/Joyous/Ecstatic About This!

(This is actually me using Abraham Hicks’ Focus Wheel process to change my negative mindset about this into a positive one. So here it goes.) 129 more words

Focus Wheel

This really helped about a week after diagnosis when I felt very bleak. And defeated as it became clearer to me that the crucial factor in getting through this is going to be my attitude. 490 more words

Life Journey

The Mighty Focus Wheel, My Favorite Abraham-Hicks' Process...~*

Top of The Morning Creator! I have a question for you. What’s your favorite Abraham Process for moving energy? Mine is the good ole Focus Wheel! 166 more words


Make a Focus Wheel to Cheer You Up

The mind is a dictator.
Our attention sticks to the difficult, worrisome, dangerous, messy, unfair, uncontrollable, heart-aching, confusing, painful.  Our mind tries to resolve the issue. 374 more words

Self Healing