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Amazing what a morning at church, a hashtag of #MeParty with FB post for the day, and mowing the lawn will do.

I listened to my thoughts while mowing today. 242 more words

Seeing What Jesus Wants You to See

Today’s message summary of April 23, 2017 from Pastor Gus Brown:

The world we live in tries to captivate you as to what it wants you to see.  737 more words



Sometimes it’s good to realign your actions with your values. It can be challenging, in a world seemingly littered with obstacles, fear, destitution, and heartache, to maintain your identity and follow through according to your values. 119 more words


What are your plans for your tax refund?

I have a novel idea for you

First answer this question.

What do you plan to do with your tax refund?

Answer: Pay off my Credit Card… 614 more words

Emergency Account

Creative Shutter

Stop Action and Panning Techniques –

For our third assignment, we were tasked with taking photos using panning and stop action techniques. This is used for capturing images of objects that are moving so the background behind the object is blurry but the subject is crisp and in focus.


Depth of Field

For our second assignment, we were assigned to do a shoot with where we focused on depth of field and the effect of focusing the background. 70 more words