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How Engaged Are You?

How engaged are you in your daily life? Spring has come around, are you cognizant of the flowers? The winter just passed, did you play in the snow? 258 more words


Heaven-Focused Living

We blessed ones in the family of Christ live as if we have hope for something coming. We live like dying tomorrow excites us, not frightens us. 218 more words


What happened 

Yesterday for the first time since I moved here I shared the company of a Christian black woman outside of church👧🏾👧🏾. After revealing some truths about my not-so wonderful life I decided to revisit my writings only to discover my real truths. 757 more words

Daily Dose

Simple nugget of truth!!!!........

Deep down something says “You’re built for more than this!”

Day after day you have to reprogram your mind to see good, think good, feel good and be good. 115 more words

What is desirelessness?

I used to wonder why desire was regarded as a bad thing in Buddhism.After all to be without any desire might be a symptom of deep depression.. 114 more words


What our Young People (and the rest of us) Need.

Watch the news….or on second thought, don’t. It’s bad. Putin is being passive agressive, North Korea is building nukes, Kim Kardashian ate a Pretzel. (Not sure what is the worst in the list). 221 more words

Abundant Life

IE 9, 10, 11 - Set 'selectionStart' property at blur event listener cause focus event to be fired again

I recently found an interesting behavior that happens on IE 9, 10, 11, not on older versions of IE, or Chrome and Firefox. At IE 9, 10 and 11, if you set an input element’s selectionStart property at your blur event listener, it will cause the focus event to be fired on this element. 212 more words