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Blood streams

If we all focused on ourself rather than each other we wouldn’t have to witness the day brother kills brother.

Creating focus and linking multiple project ideas

I’m an ideas person. Which is great!

Having too many ideas to actually act upon, isn’t so great!

Trouble is, I love so many different things… permaculture and eco living, sound design, travel, sailing, photography, independent living, gadgets and tech, especially those that promote or support a mobile lifestyle. 164 more words


The Religion Box

Religion shaped my young mind as the parents that raised me are devout members of the church of christ. From a very early age, disparity poured into my mind paving the way for years of self-doubt, shame, guilt and heavy burden of perfectionistic inner conflict. 309 more words


Things I've learned on my journey so far...

There’s always new stuff to learn, and no matter how old I get or how far I get, I’ll always still be a kid in a classroom, getting some knowledge. 421 more words


Losing My Life

In the last blog post I had no idea other people could find this blog in any way unless I gave it, but I was wrong hehe. 1,032 more words


What's the difference??

     I get asked this question a lot seems like by people who know that I power lift so I thought I would write a post and explain it here so anyone who may be curious and not have anyone to ask can read and be educated as to the basics in the differences between Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and Crossfit. 532 more words