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It's Not About Me-- AP

I want to make it happen.  I want to plan things out and see it all the way through.  I want pick someone to talk to about Christ and have them become a believer right there.   325 more words

Practice Your Skills And Make Them Permanent

“Practice allows you to permeate your skills, not perfect them. Sharpen your skill-set through redundancy and a diligent mind-set to finesse your focus.” -Joseph Mercado {Founder of: Master Mind University – Department of Life Skills – Law of Practice} 6 more words


15 seconds of focus

When I declined their offer to fly me to Denver for a filming session, they countered with the offer to hire a videographer here in Cincinnati, and to fly Sarah from Denver to Milford to ask me a few questions. 381 more words

Emotions Memories Desires

I Don’t Care

It’s a phrase that can irritate people. I love using it. Not because it irritates people. I think it irritates people because they don’t understand it. 445 more words


God Loves Me (And You)

Just stop whatever you are doing at meditate on this. I mean it, just put everything down and pause for a few moments. Amidst the good and the bad of your life direct your thoughts towards this sentence and stay there for a while. 176 more words


KTERA GO Post: Focus System

We’ve got some interesting GO post here today with an introduction of a new system which allows you to further customize your characters.

Since the recent level cap BHS has been closely monitoring the player activity and have seen that the players are, once again, preparing for the next possible content patch. 1,021 more words