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How do I improve myself?

Optimize everything in your life: how you think about next steps you want to take, what you eat, how you manage your time, how you handle obstacles and mistakes, and which steps you take to feel happier in everything that you do. 1,322 more words


Eye on the Ball

My daughter and I have been taking group tennis lessons.  It wasn’t until lesson 6 of 8 that I began to enjoy them.  Lesson 6 was a private lesson because my classmates were absent that evening.  427 more words

Lisa Ivaldi

On Being a Christian Who Is Too Far Gone For Salvation.

I was raised a Christian and all throughout my life that faith has played an important role. I recall simpler times; attending Sunday School, memorizing and reciting Psalm 23, being nervous about being immersed in the baptismal font, how proud I was when my Dad bought me my first Bible, singing along to praise and worship songs with my mom in the car as we’d drive around doing errands and such. 1,359 more words



Does Your Document Stay On Point?  Is Your Writing Focused?


We recommend the 21X.  The 21X model is the best choice among those reviewed.  198 more words


#897: Learn to meditate

It’s telling, perhaps, that I’ve been meaning to make the time and take the effort to learn to meditate for years.

The best part about the introductory class was that the instructor made sure to tell us we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over being bad at meditating–that is, having our thoughts wander from the specific thing we are supposed to be paying attention to. 220 more words


What you see

With all the things to find and see, why did you choose to look at me
Why did you choose the thing without,
When all you can have, is here all around… 34 more words


Allowing the Silence in

This has been a whirlwind month. I am shocked by how many things I successfully juggled. While excessive busy-ness often warps my attitude, the month of May felt like a marathon I had been conditioning myself for. 341 more words

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