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“Seek ye first the kingdom of God”

The people who listened to the words of Christ were still anxiously watching for some announcement of the earthly kingdom. While Jesus was opening to them the treasures of heaven, the question uppermost in many minds was, How will a connection with Him advance our prospects in the world? 436 more words

Focusing On Jesus

No More Excuses

Just a small reflection on what I’ve been going through these past months.

I was so focused on myself, making excuses to be distrustful and fearful. 91 more words

Focusing On Jesus

How to Solve Perplexing Problems

April 29, 1902

Into the daily life there come many perplexing problems that we cannot solve. There are those who wish to adjust every difficulty, to settle every question, before they begin to work. 710 more words

Focusing On Jesus

“No man can serve two masters”

Christ does not say that man will not or shall not serve two masters, but that he cannot. The interests of God and the interests of mammon have no union or sympathy. 454 more words

Focusing On Jesus

What it means to keep your eye single

Singleness of purpose, wholehearted devotion to God, is the condition pointed out by the Saviour’s words. Let the purpose be sincere and unwavering to discern the truth and to obey it at whatever cost, and you will receive divine enlightenment. 583 more words

Focusing On Jesus

What it means to lay up treasure in heaven

This treasure, which Christ esteems as precious above all estimate, is “the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.” Ephesians 1:18. The disciples of Christ are called His jewels, His precious and peculiar treasure. 436 more words

Focusing On Jesus

“Be not anxious”

He who has given you life knows your need of food to sustain it. He who created the body is not unmindful of your need of raiment. 910 more words

Focusing On Jesus