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Couple weeks to build a habit
Let’s say 5, make sure it sticks
You’ve been skipping it forever
This could be the perfect fix 228 more words

Assorted Bits And Bobs

Drawing on Focusing

By Alex Brew

Alex writes:

This is a series of drawings and paintings in oil and chalk pastel as well as other mediums. It’s an exploration of drawing from direct links to internal experiencing, particularly inspired by contemporary philosopher Eugene Gendlin’s practice of “Focusing”, extending this to dual attention – on the internal and external – including for example using objects, nature or music. 166 more words


EMPLOYEE PROFILING – Are we all cut from the same cloth?

I’m asked quite regularly my opinion on the viability of an assessment methodology known as ’employee profiling’, which is quite commonly used to assist organisations in making sound hiring decisions. 756 more words

Job Market

The fuzzy gray blob of phonecalls

“Calling is terrrrrrrible!”

“But why?”

“It’s baaaaad!”

“Okay, imagine we’re going to call someone, what’s that like?”

*brain makes the pink ‘:O’ face of agony* 1,272 more words

Assorted Bits And Bobs

Apple Debuts New 'Balloons' Ad Focusing on New iOS 10 Screen Effects Feature in Messages

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

The shot pans to an iPhone user who receives a “Happy Birthday” message, where balloons fill up the screen to accompany the text. 211 more words


What Is The Real Impact Of Thinking Negative?

You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about most of the time. Ask yourself:
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