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Hong Kong's Richest 2018: How A Dying Business Was Revived By Focusing On Happiness

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Gilles Sabrie for Forbes

This story is part of Forbes’ coverage of Hong Kong’s Richest 2018. 878 more words

Money Matters

What do you think are the most useful things students will learn from the course?

We would say some of the most valuable things that students will learn from the course involve how to pay for college and how to get an interview. 54 more words


Who is the famous celebrity that will be promoting the course, and why did your team select this person?

We chose Chad Hurley, who is most famous for being a co-founder and the former CEO of the YouTube. He also co-founded the MixBit video sharing site and the Hlaska clothing line. 43 more words


Focusing For Happiness and Weight Loss

The other day when I was focusing away my depression (click here for previous post) I hit upon an idea which I started immediately using.  928 more words

About Michele

Focusing Away Depression

I awoke today frustrated about how I was feeling.  For the past few days I have been feeling depressed and overwhelmed.  I wanted to call my daughters and whine about it, but I couldn’t find my phone.  701 more words

About Michele

Focusing is a meditative self-counselling that can help us cope with the feelings we have about our lives. It helps us to mine all the information we store in our bodies. 126 more words


The Best Way to Study: Earmuffs are Better than Earplugs and Noise Canceling Headphones

If you’re like me then you understand the immense benefit that comes from lowering the volume in your study space. You may be wondering which accessory is best in terms of effectiveness and affordability. 675 more words