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February 4, 2016: challenge day 7 of 60-a friend from the past

Hello February,

today I did a sort of update because I run into a friend, and he asked me questions which hurt: how is it going with your projects April? 240 more words

Personal Development


I multitask often. While doing homework I either have a favorite TV show playing or music going in the background. Call me crazy, but I would argue that it helps me to focus more on the task that is priority #1 for me. 122 more words


First we must bite the lemon to make lemonade.

As the saying goes ” When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I do agree with this statement however I find that a lot of us forget what this truly means. 251 more words

A Simple Guide To Mindfulness, Or How To Focus During Meditation

So, as I scour social media to make sure I’m writing content that’s relevant to people, I realize a lot of people have concerns about trying to focus and minimizing distractions in their daily meditation habits.  827 more words


Hoarder (aka: The Pursuit of Everything)

Confession: I am a hoarder.

No, not a hoarder of junk. In fact, I can’t stand too much clutter around me. Not a hoarder of animals, or food, or anything else that could land me on a TV reality show, my secret bad habits displayed for the world to see. 375 more words



I was intangled with this guy after a mildly heavy night of drinking a month ago.

Let me explain. 467 more words


About The Plate

Everything is always changing. And how we eat is changing too. During the day grabbing something on the run, on our way from here to there, is common. 352 more words

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