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7 Ways to Increase Focus While Writing

When writing, you may have noticed that you write more easily and more fluidly when you achieve a high level of focus on your work. 1,188 more words



Meditation is a technique that allows a person to relax and tap into his or her creativity. I use it to relax and sleep. People need sleep to be healthy. 460 more words

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It is important that we all have visions, goals, wishes and dreams. It is good having all that or even one of those above mentioned because they contribute much to the type of life we are going to live and for whatever thing we are going to face or come across with in life. 595 more words

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Changing your life for the good is not a very easy task as it may sound or as you may think or as it may seems. 495 more words

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How is Your Story Serving You?

As humans we love our stories, but remember our stories are our perceptions based on what we are focusing on. You and I could experience the same thing and see it differently. 253 more words

Self Discovery

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If someone can do it then anyone can do it too. Nothing was limited to anyone here on earth, not even the cars, lifestyle, riches, clothes, shoes among other things. 653 more words


Dr. Brian Weiss - Many Minds, Many Masters Seminar - My Experience

I didn’t believe in reincarnation until I had a spontaneous past life regression about six years ago. That experience is as clear and vivid to me now as it was the day it happened. 933 more words