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PTSD Causes

PTSD Causes Genes. Now, many scientists are focusing on genes that play a part in creating panic memories. Comprehending how anxiety memories are created may help locate or to refine new interventions for reducing the symptoms of PTSD. 124 more words

coffee & final exams; lets focus!

Good morning bloggers!

So this blog post its pretty obvious on what its about. Its not a fashion one today, just specifically because I’m prepping for my finals exams and trying to re-learn 13 chapters of organic chemistry doesn’t really have a fashion statement except for soccer sweats, oversized sweaters, uggs and messy buns haha. 558 more words

A Bridge to Brain Power

The title to this post is the title of an article in the March 2015 AARP Bulletin by Jon Saraceno.  Don’t let the source of this article lead you to believe that Bridge is only for retirees.  530 more words

Long Term Memory


A friend recently asked how my one-on-one sessions work. I explained what “Focusing” is and how we can allow our body to guide us directly to the place where we feel most, stuck, or wounded, and to trust the body to take us through the pain to deepest longings and the natural wisdom that is available to all of us. 1,024 more words

I can't find anything written on my topic... really?

Sometimes people tell me that they can’t find any literature that is relevant to their research. They are doing something that nobody else has researched and written about and so there isn’t anything to read. 638 more words

Pat Thomson


Meaghan Nolan, the founder of UX Lab, said to me this week during a General Assembly event something to the effect of: “For my parents’ generation, the mantra in life was to work hard. 232 more words

Too much attention can be a deficit

Sometimes being too focused on a task is not a good thing. During tasks that require our attention, we might become so engrossed in what we are doing that we fail to notice there is a better way to get the job done. 725 more words