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Pink Perfect Focussed Flowers

I’m really into photography. I think it’s one of the most beautiful ways of expression. I’m gonna let this picture of this Pink Perfect Focussed Flowers. 10 more words

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Music and its benefits

Music has a special power/energy, which moves us and stir our emotions. We are sure those who have ever wiped tears away from their eyes listening to their favorite sad song can connect to how powerful simple notes and chords can be!  357 more words


Strength Training Should Be Taught In Schools!

Strength training should be taught in schools! That’s right in schools, to the kids from an early age.

To be strong it takes a lot of organisation, preparation, mental focus, prioritisation, careful planning/periodisation, experience, application and above all it boosts mental focus. 228 more words


This week i had another weigh in and it didnt go well , lost only 5 pound in 6 weeks , must admit ive not been on the ball with my exercise really since i started my new job ,, joined the gym in middleton but only able to fit it in at weekend and my days off , went away this weekend with friends to blackpool and had a great time , had a chat with a gaurdian angel as well , we discussed my small weight loss and i had to admit to this angel , who only has my best interests at heart by the way ,, that i had not been putting my all into it  over the last 4 weeks , not very nice having to admit that to myself and to all you people who are supporting me in this quest .but i have come home from my weekend away more determined than ever to not let myself down or any of my supporters , so i have been getting myself in a focussed mood again and ile really try my best this next 4 weeks to gain a better weigh in figure for next time , dont want any of you to think this is easy , cos its not but the stark revalation is , that if i fail in this then i will ” DIE ” sounds dramatic i know , but is also a reality so ive got to get my focussed head back on and see you all in 4 wweks ,,, thank you all again for your support ,, i need it xxx thank you angel xxx you know who you are xxx


Size of the opposition | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Size of the opposition | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Sometimes a man can only tell how great he will be in life by the size of the opposition that he faces at every phase of his life. 588 more words