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This week has been busy. We extended the area the sheep and ducks could graze by enclosing the side of the house and back yard. We ended up getting into poison ivy in doing so and are now battling that. 198 more words



Farmer’s field yields food

ceramic green pig with black hearts

feeds on cash fodder


What's the fodder with you?!

Fodder: food, especially dried hay or feed, for cattle and other livestock.

The theory is you grow your own feed for your livestock to eat to offset the cost of and/or offset other types of feeds. 501 more words


I am much better since I decided it is OK to kill people…

Those moments—when I remember that all of my nightmares, all of my darkness and vindictiveness and desire to carry out punitive actions on those whose so obviously desperately need someone to are all just great fodder for stories or pictures—are good moments. 816 more words



Yes they are finally here. My little herd is complete. I was surprised that they are suppose to be a month older than my other two but are smaller. 122 more words


Blowing smoke up your ass

Turns out that was once a thing.

The practice of using tobacco smoke enemas on drowning victims quickly spread as a popular way to introduce tobacco into the body to treat an array of other medical conditions including: headaches, hernias, respiratory ailments and abdominal cramps, among many other things.

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Worked at my JOB today. Thankful for it, but would rather be working at home. Trying to finish the stall for the new babies coming Wednesday morning. 209 more words