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Opening Static

Hi all, I’m Tom White. My friends call me Bub and my enemies call me “fat.” Though I have long resisted,  I am finally ready to take the plunge and launch yet another blog onto the already-too-big pile of internet waste and fodder. 51 more words


Yes they are finally here. My little herd is complete. I was surprised that they are suppose to be a month older than my other two but are smaller. 122 more words


Blowing smoke up your ass

Turns out that was once a thing.

The practice of using tobacco smoke enemas on drowning victims quickly spread as a popular way to introduce tobacco into the body to treat an array of other medical conditions including: headaches, hernias, respiratory ailments and abdominal cramps, among many other things.

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Worked at my JOB today. Thankful for it, but would rather be working at home. Trying to finish the stall for the new babies coming Wednesday morning. 209 more words



Still raining here. Ready for a break. The ducks are too. They love the water but they like being clean and everything is muddy. They climb on anything to get to some dry land. 294 more words


Spring 2015

Here it is March 21st. I have nearly caught this blog up to date with our journey into homesteading and sustainability. Not quite three months and we have gotten so much done already. 884 more words


This Week

What’s happening this week?

Well what isn’t is I’m not getting my Dexter this weekend. I’m bummed but it’s all my fault. I forgot to look into what all I needed to bring a cow in the state so my trip to California is off. 465 more words