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Revisiting Bamboo as Fodder: Non-Invasive Genus Fargesia

After reading my post expressing my desire to experiment with growing bamboo for fodder, a friend of mine suggested I look into the Fargesia genus of bamboo. 482 more words

Side Projects

Cabo Verde: food crop seeds, animal feed and drip irrigation equipment

Photo credit: FAO

Cape Verde Prime Minister José Maria Pereira Neves meets FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva

FAO provides urgent assistance to drought-stricken Cape Verde… 215 more words


No overgrazing: sustainable production of meat, milk and compost

Photo credit: Permaculture News

Some New Angles on Grazing Cells

by Sean Dixon-Sullivan

The Big Scrub is gone; destroyed by loggers and cattle farmers a century ago. 155 more words


Livestock to Markets

Photo credit: Treehugger

© Livestock is the primary measure of wealth among herding communities of northern Kenya. CREDIT: Ron Geatz

A key tool in driving the better management of the rangelands is access to markets. 230 more words



Cress: the twin of the human stomach (gastric juices and all) out in the world and thus attractive to humans. Cress is the humanly edible form of grass. 26 more words


Rice into biofuel and fodder

Photo credit: SciDevNet

Image credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith / Panos

  • On-farm system turns rice plants into biofuel and fodder

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    • Rice plants are wrapped in plastic bales with yeast, enzymes and bacteria…
  • 193 more words
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Attempt at chicken fodder

I’ve been reading a lot about fodder systems lately for livestock feed – essentially you have a setup where you sprout a lot of seeds of barley or some other food grain, and it grows mats of grasses for the animals to eat.  462 more words