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Altera Max 10 FPGA Autonomous Remote System Upgrade (A-RSU) over EtherCAT : Part 1

Sounds simple enough .. .

There are some RSU reference design available in Altera web , but none of them meet my project’s requirement

Basic project requirements… 484 more words


The Child Of Kind Heart

The kindest of souls begin their journey with the kindest hearts.
Onwards the everlasting rugged path made purely out of shards.

Go forth your heart will scream, towards the never ending hopes and dreams. 142 more words

A feast

The feast is served,

whom shall I invite, foe or friend?

whom shall I entice, friend or foe?

It matters not.

With baited breath I wait to see… 18 more words

Daily Post

My Road Not Taken

I see glimmers of another path.

A frequently traveled road

I neglected and never chose.

Twinkles come to me,

little star possibilities in poetry.

There is a life that could have been, 87 more words


A Bee Meet

AH! I just spent the best day weather-wise that we have had for a long time in a meeting room. It was worthwhile though as I learned a lot at the first bee summit at Chester Zoo, as did the other attendees. 406 more words

Beekeeper's Wife

Are you my friend or foe?!

Oh my dear love, Oh my dear love,
What are you going to do to me?
Even after knowing that I am an artist,
Why do you ask for my eyes? 165 more words


Friend or Foe?

In my recent years I have found it so hard to decipher between real, true friends and everyone else.  I guess the first thing to figure out is your personal definition of friend.  932 more words