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Allusive Ambition

Dreams mixed with thick ambition

Leaving me a bitter sweet mist

That I inhale deeply through my nostrils

To play around inside my lungs

And joyfully jump… 13 more words


Morning fog

Not as much as I hoped for, but some.


Quote of the Weekend

This sounds like a lovely place to be! Happy Autumn everyone!

Abby Jones

Sandy Start to Scattered Saturday

I actually don’t know how scattered my Saturday will be, but you know how I love alliteration.  This is actually Saturday Running Commentary, which I have been wanting to bring back for some time now.   715 more words


09.23.2017 More Fog

No matter the weather, every morning starts a beautiful new day…some more than others, though.  :-)

Nature Photography

(Almost) All is Right

If we were having a beer, you’d be confused by my opening remark.

“Welcome back!”

“Thanks, but I wasn’t gone.”

“I guess I should have said ‘welcome back, Cheryl’ to avoid the confusion.” 988 more words

New England Life


Some of the tactics I use in other constellations will not work in the Cygnus (Fog) constellation. You can’t attack from a distance to get your opponent to move their units into a position less likely to attack you. 401 more words