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Getting Through the Fog

About an hour south of us along the highway there is a stretch of road often covered by a dense fog. It could be a nice sunny morning everywhere else as you drive along then suddenly you find yourself unable to see more than a few feet in front of your car. 185 more words

Daily Devotion

Dawn's Plea

Sparkles dance when fingers brush
against a frosty pane The wind catcher spins below
while bare limbs sway above  A black lab rests unmovable 13 more words

Morning Fog 9”x7”

I have taken on a commission to paint some small paintings at an unusual size. So I took the opportunity to prepare a number of extra boards at that size. 29 more words

Photo Finish Friday: ‘Misty Morning in the Netherlands’, by Albert Dros

Click the picture above for full-size. On Photo Finish Fridays, I feature a selected piece of landscape photography that I have come across. I find that real-world photography can be just as inspirational to my imagination for crafting story settings as any piece of fantastic artwork that I might share on a Tuesday. 77 more words