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AT SHORE (A haiku poem)

Ash mist spreads like warm blanket
across the sky;
The grey jagged mountain fades;
silence crept to rest.




is warranted as a title,

to be entitled, for a forward

to a body of work about:

highland trails, thorough haze, 61 more words


Bastrop State Park

I have finally made it to Bastrop State Park. I have been to seven Austin area state parks but never had a chance to go to Bastrop State Park. 316 more words

Seasons come, seasons go

People often reminisce about the past. I can’t do that. Mainly because I’ve blocked so much of it from my memory – particularly the period when he started drinking again and life was built upon my waiting for him to either sober up or I’d be on tenterhooks wondering when the next binge was going to start. 225 more words


The Masterpiece of Fog

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last night I took a pass on going out with friends. 849 more words



I walked the morning air,

where night had yet its cold touch to the air,

and the blue wasn’t strong enough to yet be parted from black. 103 more words

Foggy morning.

Once again we have a rather wonderful day and for once almost no wind. It started a bit chilly and very foggy though and I hurried out as soon as I realized the sun was on its way up because I thought it would kill the fog pretty fast. 1,033 more words

This And That.