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July 20th

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

We had some major epic fog this morning.

The humid weather can be swampy but when the air is heavy and the temperature drops, the fog is incredible. 78 more words

July 2017


I posted a picture on my social media today. I didn’t look at it for ten minutes. I don’t take twelve to chose from. I took one and I posted it. 96 more words




The heavy mist of morning fog, can cloud our thinking and our hope,

The things that lie before us now, are lost from vision and our scope, 60 more words

The Wall...

Photo Challenge: Unusual

Living in Michigan, I am accustom to unusual weather.  It can be sunny one minute and hailing the next.  Last week, while kayaking off of Copper Harbor, in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, the most unusual “Wall of Fog” appeared out of nowhere and engulfed Lake Superior within just a few moments… 84 more words


I Miss the Weather in Nova Scotia!

Living in the Middle East means living in an arid climate with virtually no rain or clouds or any sign of precipitation, including hot winds of the Arabian desert that blow scorching across your skin like a hairdryer on high and a constant sun that blazes down on you with oppressive heat.   158 more words


Halifax Area

Note to my personal trainer:  Please don’t read this post.

We are staying in a campground about 25 kilometers from Halifax.  We originally planned to go into the city but decided not to do that with the dog.  624 more words

I've done my chores for the day.

I think the katydids are back again, I’m sitting in my kitchen with the door open and even though I have heard grasshoppers for some time now those aren’t as loud as the sound I’m hearing right now. 572 more words

My Dogs And Cats.