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Perks of being American

So this week has been pretty sick! We had zone conference which was awesome! We talked a lot about faith and our motivation for coming out here. 282 more words


Octopus after soccer... Yummy

Happy Monday everybody. For all you back in America that aren’t missionaries, you probably don’t like Mondays, but for us here in Italy and for most missionaries as a matter fact and even for most Italians, Mondays are our Saturdays. 181 more words


Transfer 9! We're almost in double digits!

As far as transfers go along with my companion Anziano Sellers. In fact, our entire district is staying the same, granted there are only 2 companionships here. 260 more words


Transfer Calls

Tonight is transfer calls which means I’ll be heading into my 9th! That’s my last single digit transfer! I wonder if this is the same weird old feeling I’ll get when I turn 30 in real life haha. 232 more words


🤘🤘😲Craziest Week Ever!!!😲🤘🤘

Ha! Jk! Got ya with the click bait! This week was anything but crazy!

Since I’m spending Pday in the local questura waiting for an Anziano I barely even know get his fingerprints taken (which for the record takes an eternity because first off there are like 1000 immigrants here plus combine that with the unorganized government system of Italy and… well, you see the problem), so I figured I didn’t have a good excuse for not getting emails written. 353 more words


And then there was 1... year left

Sorry, another short one, but here are some pictures. I really need to schedule out more time to write these.

Love you all! I’ll being seeing most of you in about a year from now! 57 more words


Fuggi da Foggia

Last week was transfer calls. I thought for sure I would be staying in Rome, but today I find myself in the cute little town of Foggia. 232 more words