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Love from Italy

What. A. Week.

First of all, conference was so good! Just wanted to share my thoughts on joy. My mom always told me that you can choose to be happy. 308 more words


Withstanding the Fiery Darts of the Adversary

My oh my, what a week; I always come to PDay exhausted from the previous week and realise when I come to write this email that I can’t remember anything I did! 625 more words


"I will give away all my sins to know thee" Alma 22:18

This week was HECTIC! But it started off with a pretty cool miracle last Monday night – we had tried to find a few less actives and none were able to see us, so we’re waiting for a bus and a woman joins us and asks if we’re from Foggia. 791 more words


A cookie and a kiss

Gooooood afternoon!

This week the next Christlike attribute to study was virtue. I remember being 12, it was a newly introduced value in Young Women’s and I was given that topic to talk about for New Beginnings (welcoming the 11 year old girls who would be coming up to youth the next year); to me virtue didn’t have an explicit definition. 393 more words


We Are Doing a Great Work and Cannot Come Down

This week was pretty good, we had an eventful week. It started with Anziano Bosc├ín making us arepas (probably butchered that spelling) they’re a Venezuelan dish, which consists a corn flour bun thing, avocados, black beans, shredded chicken and peppers with plantain – it was really good! 600 more words


What lack I yet?

Buongiorno cari,

There was an earthquake here, if you didn’t already know, and it was scary…

…To wake up to the news and sad to hear about its destruction. 1,213 more words


The one where nothing changes

Sooooo for the next 7 weeks (because last transfer was 5 weeks…) I’ll be in Foggia with Sorella Ensign, in fact no one from the district is leaving which will probably never happen again. 678 more words