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Get a Room!

by Pia H.

Foggia, Italia


Le Colonne Bed & Breakfast on Via Luigi Zuppetta is one of Foggia, Italy’s treasures. Located in the heart of Foggia, this bed and breakfast boasts of southern Italian character, charm, and feel.   308 more words

Bed & Breakfast

Sunday, 18th of June, 1944

Two weeks ago we left Foggia and arrived here (Anzio) two days later.  we travelled via Naples but as it was night time when we passed through the city I couldn’t see very much.   464 more words

Monday, 29th May, 1944

Still here in Foggia and more fed up than ever of this very static existence, the only ray of sunshine is the many happy hours I am spending just now with the family of the Sicilian whom I have known for some time now.  207 more words

Tuesday, 16th of May, 1944

It is now quite some time since I wrote last I have  been so fed up recently that I couldn’t get into the writing mood.  My days at the R.E.M.E workshops  over now and I am once again with  163 battery.  438 more words

Thursday 30th March 1944

Tonight I am still in the old disused paper mill at Foggia. Since I wrote last I have been out into the town twice once to walk round the town last Sunday and  the other night I went to the ENSA  cinema at the opera house.  333 more words

Saturday 18th March 1944

As I expected we soon moved from Paestum near Salerno and we are now at Foggia almost on the Eastern coast of Italy. We are quite near the front so at regular intervals we can hear the artillery firing on enemy positions probably near Cassino where the battle has been going on for weeks. 326 more words

Another 2 week Stint - Frosinone_Foggia

I had very little time to enjoy the house and it was back on the road again, the place where i spent the most of this 2017. 289 more words