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Unbreaking My Brain - Part 2

Morning (Ooops! Hang on, no its not! Good afternoon!)

A few months back I posted a blog-piece titled “Unbreaking my brain.” It was all about my battle with adrenal fatigue and the fact that I can’t for the life of me wrap my head around cooking when I’m that tired. 513 more words

Adrenal Fatigue

TGR: Writer's block

I’ve been away for quite awhile now, haven’t I? Yes, 6 days feels like an eternity on the internet. Lots of things have actually been happening in these 6 days – I saw  623 more words

Day 5 for me/Day 3 for Cliff

You may be wondering why Cliff and I started the detox on different days… We originally agreed we would both start this past Monday and that would be our “Day 1″. 289 more words


Starting Over Again

So, I’m getting to that point in my life where it’s not only depressing that I never became famous, as you think is going to happen when you’re a kide but I haven’t even moved on from my early twenties… I just haven’t gotten anywhere in life… … 561 more words

Even in the Midst of Your Worst Flare... Find the Positive!

What the hell is going on?!! I ask myself this every day. It’s a question that has a bullshit answer. You know exactly what I mean… you’ve been here.  1,077 more words


Had the fun at Bournmouth now I must pay....the fibromyalgia way

I told you about my journey to Bournemouth, well enjoyed the company and the short walks and the sitting on a very hot beach, beautiful, but all Fibromyalgia patients know now you have to pay. 287 more words


My Foggy Brain... Awarded Healthline's Best Fibromyalgia Blog of the Year Award!!

It’s an amazing honor. I checked my blog over the week-end and I noticed my stats were off the charts… My initial thought was that the spam was completely out of control. 89 more words