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Hate Mail, Hopes for Happyness and Here’s Feelin’ Mid-Blue

Hate Mail – undelivered; undeliverable; but oh so full of hate.

Oh Fibro, how I hate you.
You make every day a new adventure, and not of the fun kind.

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Foggy Brain, An Effect of Being a Stay at Home Mom?

For the past few months I’ve been having these really obnoxious symptoms:

  • lethargy
  • dull headaches
  • inability to form complete thoughts/carry on a coherent conversation
  • general feeling of malaise…
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My Name is Blurry Face, and I Care What You Think

Foggy Brain, Forgetfulness and other Fun Facts.

Adulting is hard. Seriously though, being an adult can be quite tough for some people or for most people some of the time. 466 more words


# 13 - Serious Case of Foggy Brain

Picture By: loppear Lic: CC

I have been sitting around all day trying to work on my school work…as in answer at least one question from the assignment….and here we are into the evening and I have hardly made a dent in any work. 67 more words

Polka Dots

Mush Brain

Keep thinking. Don’t give up. Don’t stop. This is actually what I’m telling myself this morning. I’m so tired and I know if I stop thinking I’ll zone out and become mush brain today. 123 more words


Guest Post: Storytelling will Save the World… Yes, Even Yours

Please join me in welcoming Josh Rivedal to myfoggybrain! I welcome his guest post on a serious topic that is very close to my heart… Thanks Josh for reaching out and sharing your story!! 997 more words


Welcome 2016!! Hello Happiness!!

Stress takes a toll… relationships… health… sleep… diet… PAIN!! Stress takes a toll.

What do you do when you are stressed? Me? Some days I manage well… other days? 655 more words