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Scrambled brain aka a bad case of jet lag

I’m no stranger to serious travel.

As in hop on a plane, jump across multiple time zones for short trips, long trips and some in between. 420 more words


Whole30 Day 5 - Oops! Looks Like It Will Be A Whole 35...

Today I woke feeling “thick” through my middle. Something which hasn’t happened since I started the Whole30 challenge. According to It Starts With Food, some people will experience this (even to the point of their clothes fitting tighter) before things begin to turn for the better. 846 more words

How do you Recover?

How do you recover? I never seem to ask myself this question. I know I should plan for pain. I know when I’m going to be in more pain than normal based on my upcoming activities. 1,123 more words


Feeling slightly blue under a windy blue sky...

Sleepy/foggy brain today.  Good things to look forward to, though.

…Conflicted tangles of thoughts and emotions..

Youngest son baptizing a young girl (8 years old) into our ward today.   311 more words

Checking In

Filling in the last eight months

Eight months ago I was drinking and eating my way around Europe and the United Kingdom. It was an amazing adventure where I became addicted to nutella crepes and testing the local wine and spirits. 1,567 more words


My phone is my best friend. And it is an unhealthy relationship!

Ok, y’all. (Did I just say that??)  This post will probably be more of a verbal spew than a well-written composition. But I’ve had some stuff on my mind lately that I think I need to follow through with. 1,560 more words