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10.08.2015 Two Days-Two Beaches-Two Moods

Little Hunters Beach..shortly after the colorful rocks photographs

Hunters Beach

In both cases, I got just a bit wet.  I didn’t mind.  :-)

Nature Photography

09.20.2015 Nothing new, so something old

Just kinda, a little, but not very old.  I had a total lack of motivation this morning.  Wandered around a bit, but then decided it was OK to take a day off.  219 more words

Nature Photography

08.03.15 Tree

Another tree (gray birch-Betula populifolia ) I’ve meant to shoot for a while and the ride through Quabbin Park on 8/24 seemed the right day.

Nature Photography

09.01.2015 A foggy foil for yesterday's post

Another month to flip on the calendars…we have one in every room, so lots to flip.  Hopefully, the calendar change brings the autumn weather that will be a bit of relief from the heat and humidity, although we may see a few 90° days in the next few.  48 more words

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08.23.2015 Moody View 3-Owens Pond Reflection

We had yet another foggy start to the day this morning.  I am expecting the same for tomorrow although we are not having the warm temperatures today as the last several…or we might even have some rain which was predicted for today but hasn’t happened yet. 121 more words

Nature Photography

07.06.2015-2 Harvard Pond Sunrise Silhouette

In processing this sunrise from yesterday morning earlier this afternoon, I saw quite a similarity to this morning’s post.  So here is a two-fer.  And just as similar is the circumstance that I had something else on my mind as I became aware that this was developing.  33 more words

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