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Things to do in Cornwall: Fogou hunting

Nope, not a cruel sport, but a way of re-connecting with the iron age past.

Fogou are unique to the Celtic areas of Europe and Cornwall has plenty of unspoilt examples of these hiding places / escape routes / storage bunkers / ritualistic altars*. 50 more words

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Lamorna as a collection of four pieces that came together in the space of a weeks recording in Lamorna, Cornwall. The recordings we’re made in the Lamorna valley, the cove, in the woods and also within the Iron age Boleigh Fogou which is an underground structure over 2000 years old. 390 more words

Carn Euny Ancient Village - 6 miles west of Penzance

This rather wonderful set of interlocking circular stone walls, now largely turf-covered, is the remains of a Romano-British village of first century AD.  It was a courtyard settlement – unique to Cornwall, where open yards were included between roundhouses and even within the bigger ones.  93 more words

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Automatic writing

The Penzance Literary Festival is shaping up, albeit with a few hitches and bumps. I’ve seen a draft programme and have been working with Rosanne Rabinowitz… 424 more words

The Magic of Fogous.

I have recently returned from Cornwall, having spent a weekend there. I spent most of the time visiting Bronze Age Barrows and Iron Age settlement sites such as at Chysauster and Carn Euny. 1,423 more words