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Million Dollar Baby: The Saga of the Decatur Public Library Parking Lot That No One Wanted

As the mother of a medically complex, disabled child that has been involved in state level activism regarding programs that serve my oldest child, I’m very familiar with the shortsightedness and waste of a government that refuses to listen to it’s citizens. 1,589 more words

Little Rock School District stalls FOIA requesting sensitive information on ICE and administration thru “negligence”. They are already being sued over this.

Yesterday at 11AM, we expected timely compliance with FOIA requests. The LRSD staff attorneys failed to meet this for a third time.

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Background and Context… 759 more words


Decatur Public Library's Alissa Henkel: Women Should Expect to Suffer

Earlier in 2019, the Decatur Public Library partnered with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (also in Decatur, IL) to run a “Movie Meet Up” to show the film War Room. 703 more words

Rick Meyer's Costly Adventures in D.C.

As circulation numbers continue to drop at Decatur Public Library, you might assume that City Librarian Rick Meyer has made financial responsibility a top priority. But you’d be wrong. 418 more words

Painting Through Pain: Battling chronic illness, Navy veteran finds joy in art

Nez Nelsen never knows what it’s going to look like when she lifts her cup from the canvas and lets the paint spill out.

But she knows how it makes her feel. 364 more words


the game

Abstract: The political system in the United States has become a divisive tool that no longer works on behalf of, at the behest of, or with the best interests of the American people as the sole determining factor for the policies and decisions that are made at the federal, state, and local level. 2,055 more words


23 Aug 2019: Veteran Articles...

Well, the presses are burning up today. Lots of information coming in the way of articles that seem to NOT make it to the MSM. I will add my $.02 to some of these articles. 590 more words

Important Articles For Veterans