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Foldable Samsung phone in 2018

Have you heard about the newest project from Samsung? If you haven’t, then you should know that Samsung is about to build yet another contender to match up with Apple’s iPhone X, they’re building, the Samsung Galaxy X. 1,053 more words


Wheels n Comfort Wheelchair scooter

Scooter disassemble to 4 pieces for easy transport, no effort.

Scientific Revolution Research Foldable

In Social Studies 2211 (History), we are completing a research activity on significant contributions to the Scientific Revolution during the 16th-18th centuries. It’s a way to get students practicing research skills and working collaboratively to not only learn about a scientist, but also discovery why certain developments were “big deals” at the time. 194 more words

Social Studies

Apple applies for patent on foldable display following rumors of foldable iPhone

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

The US Patent & Trademark Office has today published an Apple patent application for a foldable display. This follows earlier rumors that the company was working with LG on a future foldable iPhone. 364 more words