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How You Can Make a W-Shaped (or an M-Shaped) Accordion Style Foldable

Feel free to use the images and/or video to help your students create their w-shaped accordion foldable.


You need enough copy paper and writing utensils for your class. 130 more words

Middle School Mathematics


In PDF form, if you want to print it and share it with the physical world, it works best if you print it on one sheet double sided. 8 more words


Brunton 26 Watt Foldable Solar Array

Foldable 26-watt solar panel folds up and stores in portable sack Instinctively converts sunlight into electrical current even in low light Ideal for charging laptops and digital cameras or running cell and satellite phones High-performance CIGS solar cells are ultra-efficient; reverse flow
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The quick convenience of the folding bike

“I am still glad to have a foldable n the city. Brussels is steep and has a few hills and sometimes I am too lazy to go up and I take a tram or metro to go up. 61 more words


Brompton, Brompton, Brompton - another bike - Brompton, Brompton, Brompton

“You see a lot of Bromptons in Belgium. I think it is the most common bike. I have had this two and a half years now. 112 more words


New Goal for My Classroom in 2016

I admit that probably 90% of my teaching is traditional lecture.  I work problem after problem, carefully explaining each step.  So I have a new goal for my classroom in 2016.   187 more words

Classroom Techniques

Washington to Madison

Vocabulary Word: Sedition

Essential Question: Explain how Washington’s precedents affected future presidents.


  1. Vocabulary
  2. Notes on Washington (View Slideshow Here)

Today we created a foldable with three pieces of paper. 30 more words

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