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{style + play} Mishka Shoes: Foldable Fashion

I love shoes, ¬†I’m sure that a lot of women can relate to this, and there are those moments when you see a pair and you’re instantly attached to it. 788 more words

{style + Play}

Microsoft has created the most beautiful and handy keyboard yet

There are many keyboards out there but non like this one. Microsoft has revealed their new foldable keyboard for the heavy typer. Just imagine working or chatting on your tablet on the go and suddenly you get a text message on your smartphone, well just hit a button from your keyboard and you can change from writing on your tablet to your smartphone. 69 more words


Microsoft has announced a new foldable Bluetooth keyboard that works on cross-platform devices. Dubbed the Universal Foldable Keyboard, Microsoft’s latest accessory works with iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets as well as Windows tablets. 20 more words

Take everything, including a toothbrush

“The bag is full of work documents, my scarf, gloves, picnic . Even a toothbrush.” 105 more words


Physical & Chemical Properties vs Physical & Chemical Changes Foldable


  • Physical & Chemical Properties¬†vs Physical & Chemical Changes Foldable Notes – (link)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to use the foldable:

  1. This activity can be done with or without a partner…
  2. 99 more words
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