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Hey y’all!!

Why am I so happy you ask?

Because spring is just around the corner in my little neck of the woods. I know it’s still February, but the daffodils are blooming, the trees are starting to leaf out, and the frogs are a-croaking. 934 more words

Samsung is planning to Launch Foldable Smartphones at the end of 2017

According to the ETNews and Korea Herald, both LG and Samsung are reportedly prepping foldable phones for launch somewhere later in the year. Both these projects have been dubbed as “Project Valley” and “Galaxy X”, respectively. 41 more words

If health were the only reason

“I am always on the bike. I live outside Brussels but every time I come here, I bring the bike and ride. I am here to visit a doctor. 52 more words


MUST HAVE: Pack-n-play foldable crib

Every (new) parent should get one of these. For only $50 (at Walmart) a pack-n-play is the best, convenient, foldable crib to have for your little one! 42 more words


The first foldable smartphones may come from Samsung in Q4 2017

The next step in the evolution of smartphones could very well be foldable devices. Major players in the smartphone industry like Apple, Microsoft, and LG, patented their foldable designs since many years ago, but none had the courage to start mass production. 188 more words


30% off Microsoft Foldable Keyboard for iOS, Android, and Windows devices – Deal Alert

This folding keyboard from Microsoft pairs with any combination of 2 iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows tablets, and Windows Phones. It features a water repellent keyset and fabric to protect against accidents. 43 more words