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How to Create and Rename a Folder

  • Creating an organized file system is important to maintain your computer’s contents. It’s easier to find your vacation photos when you can have them all organized in a folder for that specific trip.
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Internet Explorer – How to Change the Location Folder of Your Downloads

If, by any chance, that you’re still using Internet Explorer as your primary browser (as it could be that you’re constantly using an old version of Windows, or some other reason), then it may come into mind that you would want to change the default location of your downloaded files whenever you get something from the Internet. 46 more words

Mozilla Firefox – How to Change the Default Folder for Downloads

There are those times when we want to change the default folder where our downloads get automatically placed when getting files from the Internet while using Mozilla Firefox. 76 more words

Browser organisation for Views - Part 03

Now that you have already done with the nomenclature for the views the next thing would be to setup a Browser Organisation for views, without which all the naming would be in vain and look super messy. 87 more words


Tough Boy, a RAD Cleaver clone that chops!

Now, that’s a “so-ugly-it’s-beautiful” type of knife.

It’s large, heavy, mean looking, cuts well, fills your hands (even when rather large like mine) in a very satisfying way. 315 more words


BIM - View naming standard

The major difference between CAD based workflow and BIM oriented workflow is the ability of softwares like Revit/ArchiCAD to create Parametric BIM Models. A BIM model is not just a 3D Model, it’s a model that contains almost all the information about the project which can generate Geometry Model,Discipline Specific Model, Energy Analysis Model and a lot more. 653 more words