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How to Organize your ADHD Child

If you have a child diagnosed with ADHD you are probably at your wits end, when it comes to dealing with all the regular frustrations that one deals with when raising a child with these challenges. 806 more words



This function backups the data in the Users Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Pictures, Music, Contacts Folders to a USB drive. It first tries to find your USB drive and if it does not find it it will give you an error. 486 more words

Stand Alone Script

Everything in its place

Freshly installed OS X has clear ideas about what should go where. Does it really matter, or can you change it to your own taste? 940 more words



This function finds empty folders in a directory providing the user executing the script has permission to read that folder. It starts off by setting $ErrorActionPreference to SilentlyContinue so that the script will not throw errors if the user does not have permission to read that folder. 105 more words

Stand Alone Script

Organizing your android home screen!!

I have experimented with my android home screen so much that frankly I am bugged with it. So one day I sat and just organized my most used apps into folders. 94 more words


Playing "the shell game" with SharePoint folders

The other day, I gave a training session in SharePoint document management. For most people, managing documents in SharePoint is synonymous with  “putting them into folders”  so I knew I had some explaining to do. 356 more words

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Custom xdg user directories

I do not particularly like the standard folders that are automatically created in my $HOME. I used to just delete them and then set emblems on my own folders in XFCE. 122 more words