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Organizing your folders


Dependent on how your file structure is. To specify a folder within your structure you need to write the folder name and then the image or file you want to use. 147 more words

Flashback Product of the Week: 1988 Topps/Sports Shots Folders

This is one of those products that only crazed player collectors go after.  But just imagine how cool you would’ve looked walking around school with a 2-pocket folder that resembled a giant baseball card.   78 more words


Batch script to copy only files from a folder and respective subfolders

Ok so here’s a nifty little batch script that will loop through all the directories in a directory to gather all the subsequent files into a new directory. 312 more words


If You Want a Folding Knife, Raise Your Hand!

Its been a while since I decided to focus on kitchen knives and haven´t made folding knives anymore but I keep receiving orders for them so I was thinking about making a small run of my Arcaico model in March. 41 more words


Day 39 of 90 - digging deeper into my email

Day 39 of 90 of #cleanse4expansion and I just spent some time digging deeper into my email-account. And since I already got the inbox under control, I now started to work with the sub-folders. 137 more words


Presentation Folders are Cost-Effective Marketing Tools that Complement Your Offline Marketing Campaign

Due to digital printing, your business can now make a real impact with presentation folders as well as other printed marketing materials. Printed folders can now be customized to offer a clearer and more consistent image. 19 more words

VLC for iOS back in the App Store for some/upgraders, should be available to all shortly

The VLC for iOS app–a favorite media player for many–has returned to the App Store in some countries and is expected to be available for all shortly. 175 more words