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Synchronize Files and Folders with FreeFileSync

FreeFileSync is a free Open Source software that helps you synchronize files and synchronize folders for Windows, Linux and macOS. It is designed to save your time setting up and running backup jobs while having nice visual feedback along the way.

 Download: FreeFileSync


How I organize my phone

These smartphones sure are wonderful things, but before you know it you can be swamps in apps, can’t find what you’re looking for, and feel overwhelmed just from looking at your phone. 319 more words

On Organizing . . .

Linux ldconfig Command Examples

What is ldconfig?

ldconfig is used to create, udpate and remove symbolic links for the current shared libraries based on the lib directories present in the /etc/ld.so.conf… 727 more words

Problem - Ariana Grande - Piano\/Vocal\/Guitar Sheet Music Review

Problem – Ariana Grande – Piano\/Vocal\/Guitar Sheet Music

Masterpiece design of ariana grande is Problem – Ariana Grande – Piano\/Vocal\/Guitar Sheet Music that is the best… 91 more words


How to Archive Folders on a Kindle

The Amazon Kindle e-book reader offers a convenient way to access your favorite novels, magazines, newspapers and documents without having to carry the heavy and bulky print versions around with you.

Mass Delete Empty Folders With PowerShell

If you don’t feel like manually deleting empty folders, use this PowerShell script to query and delete all empty folders and subfolders. Make sure you change the $WebURL to your SharePoint site or subsite, and the $listName to your library. 171 more words

SharePoint 2013

Why you should avoid folders like the plague in SharePoint

In this article I hope to cover a few reasons why you should avoid using folders in SharePoint. In a perfect world there would never be a need for folders in SharePoint as every user would correctly tag up every document and the system would perfectly sort the documents into the correct area then display it to every user perfectly, however this is the real world and there are quite a few reasons you may want to or be forced to create folders. 502 more words

SharePoint 2013