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Beck in 10 Songs

Ever felt overwhelmed by an artist’s extensive back catalog? Been meaning to check out a band, but you just don’t know where to begin? In 10 Songs… 2,403 more words

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Tuffet Bunnies dedicate 'Love Songs For Scarlett' EP for circus performer girlfriend

Tuffet Bunnies is set to release his debut EP ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’, which he wrote for his circus performer love Scarlett. The musician behind the folk-rock four tracks is Clem Darling who explains the songs as sounding like “they’ve been  written by a bunch of gypsies that popped out of the back of a caravan”. 36 more words


Rob Richings: Parka and Boots

Sometimes you want to forget about seminal and influential albums and listen to nice music. The CDs that have the most legs with us are just good songs — Crash My Model Car and Martin John Henry might not have sold many albums but they get played a lot in the Review Corner. 221 more words

Album Review: Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker

The title of Leonard Cohen’s new album serves as a taunt. It’s a jab at those who expect the 82-year-old poet and singer to just retire, going gently into the good night without a fight. 642 more words

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Bob Weir and members of The National perform "Lay My Lily Down" on Colbert -- watch

Last month, Bob Weir unveiled Blue Mountain, his first solo LP in a decade. The former Grateful Dead member celebrated the record last night by performing one of its highlights, “Lay My Lily Down”, on the… 77 more words


The Youngest premiere hopeful new song "Make Me New" featuring Wilco's Pat Sansone -- listen

Between new responsibilities, expectations, and aspirations, settling into adulthood can often feel like walking through a field riddled with landmines –there are real consequences for wrong decisions and things don’t always play out the way we envisioned them to. 324 more words

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Bob Dylan won't return Nobel Prize panel's phone calls

Maybe it’s a case of him joining in the backlash against receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature, maybe it’s just him continuing to be his notoriously cantankerous self. 190 more words