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Artist of the Day: Matt C. White with a True Blues Sound

Matt C. White seems to have mastered the sound of the blues with his new song “Cant Get Away.” His epic song is filled with twangy guitars and tasteful vocals that truly capture the essence of folk and blues music. 147 more words

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Lunchbox President's 'Guthrie' Is Warm, Energetic Lo-Fi Rock

Lunchbox President’s ‘Guthrie’ is some warm, high-energy indie rock. This Joshua Greene project has “musical influences from the likes of David Bowie, The Flaming Lips, F**cked Up, as well as Frankie Valli.” The intense, lo-fi acoustic guitar that defines most of the song’s structure contrasts well with the clean electric lead guitar. 72 more words

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Ben Ridley, Turning His Classical World Upside Down, With New Pop Album 'Sing'

Being able to switch music genres, midway through your career is something that some musicians crave, to have satisfaction in your work in one field, to them do a full U-turn and create something complete new is one hell of a life goal, and… 109 more words


"Come Meet Your Lover" Sounds Classic Yet Fresh at the Same Time

Soulful singer-songwriter Mitch Bradford has recently released a strong single titled “Come Meet Your Lover.” The songwriting is a mix between Ray LaMontagne and Paul Simon but stands as something unique as well, especially since he mixes a classic sound with a modern Americana sound in his music. 96 more words

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Max Goedecke's New Song Is a Well-Developed, Eclectic Composition

Max Goedecke’s ‘She’s a Good Damn Girl’ is a well-developed, eclectic composition. According to Goedecke, this was “written in dedication to Avril Lavigne. I played all instruments on it, did the recording and mix process, and mastered it together with Wolfgang Feder.” The slow nature of this song allows it to flow in a way that’s satisfying but constricted enough to keep the listener on the edge of their seat. 62 more words

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Andy Lightning Captures Life as a Touring Artist in "Living on the Road"

Andy Lightning has a new guitar-heavy folk song about the life of a touring musician, which can often be an exciting life but sometimes a very lonely time, especially for a solo acoustic musician. 191 more words

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