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More Than a Record, Less Than Your Soul: On the Preservation of Culture

A good friend of mine owns a 1985 Plymouth Voyager woody. It was one of the first mini-vans ever produced or so he tells me. I don’t know enough about cars to say. 802 more words


Day 78: What is Folk Magic?

What is folk magic? I’m not 78 days into this project and I’m not sure I’ve talked about this yet. For me it’s not hard to understand, but I can see where there might be a lot of confusion about the subject. 684 more words

Folk Magic 365


Title: Bust (1903)

Artist: Pablo Picasso

Medium: Painting

Picasso’s fame for his paintings is only proof of the impact his works had. Not only are Picasso’s works notable, memorable and visually interesting, but they mark a movement of individual expression that is applicable to everyone.

Folk Culture

Japanese Figurines

Title: Figurine (Japan)

Artist: Unknown

Medium: Stone

These Japanese figurines depict “average” Japanese citizens in daily personal and family life. This preservation of what is common to Japan’s society is notable because it is comparable to one’s individual life. 128 more words

Folk Culture


Title: Semiramis (1872)

Artist: William Wetmore Story

Medium: Sculpture

Semiramis was known in Babylonian culture for overthrowing patriarchy and symbolizing strength, power and victory in women. 49 more words

Folk Culture

Tracing mystic Kabir from Kashi to Maghar

I had met Swami Ram Das at Kabir Math Varanasi. It was when I had visited the place researching about the Nirgun tradition conceived by mystic poet Kabir. 2,487 more words


The Bukid Life from Juan to John: Folk culture in urbanization

In the romance novel Something Borrowed, most of the people celebrated the 4th of July by going out of New York City and travelling to the Hamptons where they would do all the partying and such. 1,587 more words