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Guest-Editorial: Digital Archiving in the 21st Century

By Md Intaj Ali

Archives are the repository of records and information, which can help various enthusiasts, cultural historians, oral historians, folklorists, artists, and the participating communities to look back into their past with ease. 798 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

Demonstration: Folk Culture Archive Work-in-Progress

By Md Intaj Ali

The Folklore Archive will mainly comprise of digital formats such as photographs and audio-visual documentation. The purpose behind such a digital archive for showcasing the rich heritage of folk culture is to provide the global audience a chance to have a taste of local art and culture. 515 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

What the Wren Knows (Grey Heron Nights 13)

Yesterday afternoon, a curious thing happened here in the hills of Connemara. A young boy got out of a car which was presumably driven by a parent, walked up our drive, and knocked on the door. 1,169 more words


Re-enchanting the Winter Solstice: an invitation

(Image by Catherine Hyde.)

In my last post, I wrote about building a new folk culture based on our native traditions. This seems especially urgent to me now, surrounded as we all are at this time of year by the consumption-driven madness that calls itself Christmas. 2,402 more words


The Folk Culture - A Cry For Help

Culture is born out the needs, curiosities, and abilities of human beings. It’s because of this maybe that culture is immortal. Culture is a product of the human beings, while human beings too are a product of culture. 403 more words

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The Scarecrow Story: How the symbol of Autumn came to be

Summer is over, and the crisp Autumn season is almost upon us. Every season has its symbols, and with Autumn we tend to think of falling leaves, Halloween, and harvest, pumpkin picking, bobbing for apples, and, perhaps the most enigmatic of all Autumnal symbols – the  1,103 more words


Flagging limbs at the San Froilan Fiesta

Leon, Spain,  October 1:- A FOREST of flagpoles is being raised when I arrive at Plaza San Marcos for the opening sequence of the day’s San Froilan Fiesta. 628 more words