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Boral Baul Fakir Utsav - 2018

Glimps of Boral Baul Fakir Utsav – 2018

Organised By – Jogmaya Trust

Photography by : Mir Asif Ikbal

This is a brand new youtube channel, where you can watch and listen the pure raw and rarely exposed Bengali Fakiri and Baul songs with original tune and formats, as… 108 more words

Bengali Folk Culture

Watch "PABAN DAS BAUL" - Own Composition Video 2018

This is an experimental project with live audio and video taking with no prior technical arrangements. Hok Folk Studio tried not to inturrupt the feel during singing/performing of the artist/talent and tried to confine the real soulful essence. 241 more words

Bengali Folk Culture

Bhangra and its essence

Our nation is the place that is known for culture, satisfaction, and festivity. Despite being a land of
varied cultures and traditions, Indians stand united in any celebration. 790 more words

Turkish Folk Traditions

( Bibliographic Source: Peter Somer Travels)

From shadow puppetry to wandering minstrels, village dances to Ottoman military music, folk traditions pervade all areas and levels of Turkish life. 352 more words

Guest-Editorial: Digital Archiving in the 21st Century

By Md Intaj Ali

Archives are the repository of records and information, which can help various enthusiasts, cultural historians, oral historians, folklorists, artists, and the participating communities to look back into their past with ease. 798 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

Demonstration: Folk Culture Archive Work-in-Progress

By Md Intaj Ali

The Folklore Archive will mainly comprise of digital formats such as photographs and audio-visual documentation. The purpose behind such a digital archive for showcasing the rich heritage of folk culture is to provide the global audience a chance to have a taste of local art and culture. 515 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

What the Wren Knows (Grey Heron Nights 13)

Yesterday afternoon, a curious thing happened here in the hills of Connemara. A young boy got out of a car which was presumably driven by a parent, walked up our drive, and knocked on the door. 1,169 more words