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November 22, 1247: Time Flies Like an Arrow . . .

Robin Hood has been celebrated through story, song and film as that charming rogue who, along with his merry men, robbed from the 1 percent and gave to the 99 percent, a nobleman cheated out of his birthright by the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham, a patriot in service to Richard… 333 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Hershel of Ostropol

One of my favorite types of stories is of the trickster. In the United States we have Brer Rabbit or even Bugs Bunny (kids give you a blank look when you expect them to know who that is.) The trickster is like to tell you about today is Hershel of Ostropol. 313 more words

Children's Books

The Archetypal Psychology of Rizaliana Lore: Implications to Education


By Sensei Erwin L. Rimban

Word Count: 1928

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: The Sensei discusses his country’s great hero Jose Rizal. 1,825 more words


My Vengeance: Jean De Clisson and the Black Fleet

Imagine you are standing on the deck of a French naval vessel that has just been attacked. Anything of worth has been looted, but that’s hardly the worst of it. 817 more words


Spotlight: Mugshot of Jack Doolan

The folk song The Wild Colonial Boy is known around the world and has been sung by artists as wide ranging as the Clancy brothers and Mick Jagger. 319 more words


The Silent Maiden

| 中文版 |

The Sea Goddess is widely regarded as the protector of Taiwan. Worshipped throughout southern China and Southeast Asia, she is the goddess of seafarers, sailors, and fishermen. 832 more words


A "Robin Hood" Tale

| 中文版 |

In 1895, following a series of military disasters, the 250-year-old Manchu “Qing” Empire in China ceded its frontier island outpost of Taiwan to the ascendant Empire of Japan. 1,093 more words