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The Silent Maiden

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The Sea Goddess is widely regarded as the protector of Taiwan. Worshipped throughout southern China and Southeast Asia, she is the goddess of seafarers, sailors, and fishermen. 740 more words


A "Robin Hood" Tale

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In 1895, following a series of military disasters, the 250-year-old Manchu “Qing” Empire in China ceded its frontier island outpost of Taiwan to the ascendant Empire of Japan. 1,002 more words


The Pirate King

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The Taiwanese remember fondly the memories of a pirate king who ruled over their island in the 17th century. His David-versus-Goliath struggles were filled with legendary tales of battles against more powerful enemies. 863 more words


1859 – Billy the Kid, American criminal, born (alternative date)

On This Day – 23 November 1859

Henry McCarty (17 Sept 1859 – 14 July 1881), better known under the pseudonyms of Billy the Kid and William H. 318 more words


November 22, 1247: Time Flies Like an Arrow . . .

Robin Hood has been celebrated through story, song and film as that charming rogue who, along with his merry men, robbed from the 1 percent and gave to the 99 percent, a nobleman cheated out of his birthright by the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham, a patriot in service to Richard… 332 more words

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