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Looking for luck Through the Looking Glass

It’s a standing joke but it’s a commonly held belief around here that I don’t have to do much more than look at something in order to break it — which is a problem when you’re trying to slowly restore an old house. 1,808 more words

Thomas Wragge

Day 133: Granny Whittaker

One of my favorite witch anecdotes from Vance Randolph is about old Granny Whittaker. She falls in with many other famous Ozark Granny women like Gram French, who were both feared and sought after for cures and remedies. 210 more words


Day 132: The Importance of Evidence

Evidence is crucial when helping to revive or preserve folk traditions because it means the difference between a work of fact and a work of fiction. 1,132 more words


Day 131: The Dumb Supper

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding what is known as the “dumb supper” in Ozark and Appalachian folklore. It was taken by the pagan community as an ancient Samhain tradition even though there’s very little evidence to support any pagan roots of the practice. 1,341 more words


Dreaming of Fire

The great mystery is understood through a journey of self healing, karmic detoxing, spiritual disciplines, and applying new actions, that create new changes and most important – compassion for one’s own personal journey. 1,040 more words

Artist Residency

Day 130: Verbal Charms

This is a very complex subject spanning almost every culture on this planet, so in an effort to not write a book here, I’m going to limit my focus to American Protestant verbal charms, specifically of the Appalachian and Ozark variety. 1,033 more words


Baba Jaga, the Black Shaman

Phoenix of Elder Mountain – In Slavic folklore there are many stories of Baba Yaga, the fearsome one, the one so powerful she see’s the hideousness in others, and this makes it far too intense to look upon her. 1,347 more words

Artist Residency