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249: Love Divinations

There are a whole lot of Ozark love and marriage divinations. All aimed at finding out the name of your love, getting them to come around, then keeping them faithful for the rest of your lives. 1,163 more words

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246: Fairy Doctors

In the Ozark the “Power Doctor” or “Goomer Doctor” is a folk healer who is versed in charms, prayers, and healing work that generally does not involve any internal medicine. 1,728 more words

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245: Jack and the Strangers

Once upon a time Jack was visiting his kinfolks down in Greenbrier Holler. Every year, in the dead of winter, Jack’s aunt and uncle would have a big party at their cabin to fight off the cold, and they would have all the families from the holler over for a night of eatin’ and dancin’ and general merriment. 1,517 more words

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A Novel's Inspiration


Just over three years ago this scene, in the middle of a paddock, in the middle of the bush, miles from anywhere, triggered an image that has developed a novel-length story. 422 more words


244: Ozark Fairies

Fairy lore and beliefs here in the Ozarks has its origin in the folklore and traditions of the Scots-Irish settlers to the Appalachian Mountains. It was in these mountains and hills that the traditional European belief in the “Fair Folk,” “Good Folk,” “Gentry,” “Little People,” etc. 489 more words

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Episode 87 – Revisiting Cold Spells

Episode 87 – Revisiting Cold Spells


We start our episode by looking back at an earlier episode’s topic, getting out of a magical ‘cold spell’ or rut. 346 more words

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Sacred Fire Names


Niran “flames”
Nuri “fire”
Nuria “fire”
Hourig “small fire”

Balkan & Slavic
Aguya Kalmyk “woman of fire”
Basia “fire”
Gabija “fire”
Pelenas “place of fire” 301 more words