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Penny Magic

My whole life I has always believed in picking pennies up for luck. As I’ve grown older and become more aware of myself spiritually I find that copper in the form of pennies holds a lot of significance to me. 206 more words


Announcement! – Everyday Magical Objects Contest Giveaway

Greetings to all you magically-minded folk out there!

In our most recent episode, we sort of came up with an idea for a contest on the fly, and asked you to send us ideas of unusual or particular items you’ve got lying around that you’d like to find a way to work into a spell somehow. 656 more words

New World Witchery

Ozark Encyclopedia – F – Fish

Minnow in whiskey for alcoholism – “Another way of curing drunkards is to put a live minnow in whiskey and let it die there. The poor chap who drinks this contaminated whiskey doesn’t notice anything wrong with the taste, but it is supposed to destroy his appetite for liquor.” ~Randolph OMF 151… 213 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – F – Fingernails

To attract a man’s love – “Whiskey in which her fingernail trimmings have been soaked is said to have a very similar effect.” ~Randolph OMF 166… 209 more words


Episode 113 - If You Don't Have Homemade Wool of Bat, Storebought is Fine

For this episode, we’re looking at our personal practices and figuring out how we decide what ingredients to use, when, and why. We talk about sourcing magical ingredients, using spell kits, and how we “shop” for magic in the everyday world. 437 more words

New World Witchery

Ozark Encyclopedia – F – Feathers

Chicken feathers burned under bed to stop bleeding during childbirth – “After the babe is delivered, some hillfolk burn a handful of chicken feathers under the bed, as this is supposed to stop hemorrhage.” ~Randolph OMF 201… 206 more words


Hillbilly Hoodoo, Appalachian Granny Magic, and Superstitions You'll Learn at Mawmaw's House

I grew up in the hollers betweenst the mountains of eastern Kentucky. To say we’re a tad superstitious is a bit of an understatement. Here’s some of my favorites that I may or may not still subscribe to today. 708 more words