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Day 110: Dreams

There are many folk beliefs in the Ozarks surrounding dreams and dream interpretation. Dreams are often used by healers to divine what might be wrong with their patient. 1,188 more words


The Devil's in the Details.

Over two years ago my partner Laetitia set up a Facebook group for me called Village Witch.  It was specifically created to be a forum for anyone who had read my book and wanted to ask questions about it.  879 more words

Day 108: The Big Old Giant

“The Big Old Giant” from Vance Randolph’s “Who Blowed Up the Church House?” Told to him by A.L. Cline in Joplin, Missouri, July 1922.

One time there was a boy found a dead crow, and the crow had a funny looking grain of corn in his mouth. 645 more words


107: Ozark ABC’s

This is something I came up with, mostly for fun, but also to help myself remember certain Ozark folk beliefs. I can come up with a lot more and might make another post sometime. 217 more words


106: Healing with Wooden Pegs

Using pegs made of various types of wood for remedies and protective charms is a common practice in many different folk healing traditions. New World Witchery has a good post about “plugging” 798 more words


Day 105: Shapeshifting in the Ozarks

There are quite a few stories in the Ozarks about shapeshifters, most of whom are witches but with the occasional witch hunter thrown in every now and then. 1,061 more words


Day 104: A Giant Story

This is a folk tale of my own, adapted from a few other Ozark giant stories. 

Once a long time ago there were giants all over the Ozarks. 939 more words