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When I was young, my Aunty gave a photo to her Aunty back in Portugal one who practised old folk magic cursing him after she left him. 284 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – D – Dirt

From bird’s nest used as a gargle – “Mrs. May Kennedy McCord, of Springfield, Missouri, says that some people gather dirt from the nest of a mockingbird that is setting on three eggs, no more, no less. 198 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – D – Dime

Behind lip for bleeding gums or nosebleed – “A bright new dime, placed inside the upper lip in front of the teeth, will often cure bleeding gums or even stop nosebleed.” ~Randolph OMF 145… 106 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Crawdads

Crawdad bone against syphilis – “I have known hillmen to spend hours and even days searching the rivers for very large crawpappies in order to get the two circular lucky-bones found in their bodies. 153 more words


Magical Tools From Nature

Welcome back! I love love love going out into nature and bringing home magical treasures. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. 448 more words

Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Corpse Hand

Touched to cure warts – “There is a widespread belief that warts can be ‘charmed off’ by touching them with the hand of a corpse. I have seen this tried several times. 169 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Corn

Corncob burned under bed for typhoid – “Some yarb doctors treat typhoid by administering large doses of slippery-elm ooze, forbidding the patient to eat any solid food, and finally building up a great smudge of corncobs under the bed.” ~Randolph OMF 96… 714 more words