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Followup on Lecouteux’s Traditional Magic Spells — Papers Falling from an Attic Window

I had a nice discussion in the comments with Frater A. P. regarding my review of Lecouteux’s Traditional Magic Spells. He’s been looking over Lecouteux’s translations in the book taken from Dr.

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Tales of the Taibhsear-spoken word album of Scottish charms

I love folklore with a passion, and if it weren’t for the likes of Alexander Carmichael, F. Marian McNeill and Robert Kirk taking the time to collect and publish their research then much would be lost to history. 223 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – P – Pawpaw

Pawpaw – Asimina triloba

Parts used: bark, fruit

Traditional uses: Fruit used for food. Inner bark used to make strong ropes and string. Wood used in pegging for various illnesses. 879 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – P – Paper

Note for headache and eyestrain – “I met a witch doctor in Little Rock, Arkansas, who cured headaches and eyestrain simply by writing MOTTER FOTTER on a piece of paper and letting the patient burn the paper in the presence of three witnesses.” ~Randolph OMF 133… 152 more words


The New Dream Book: Now Available!


This work is a bit longer and more fleshed out than some (even some fortune telling works.) Primarily a work of dream interpretation, it also covers prognostication by moles and card throwing, and contains a very simplified, extremely short oraculum of sorts that nonetheless does not follow any other prescribed method; due to its date of manufacture it might actually be the first work to utilize a chart-like grid oracle, which was then improved upon later. 45 more words

Unspoken Law: Stealing, Cheating, and Lying

I’ve decided to keep the blog up. No one gets the best of me, no matter what their story. I learned along time ago not to trust too many folks and doing just that has had folks let me be. 454 more words

Appalachian Folk Magic

Sin Eaters

Whenever he came into the village, the children ran away. Women retreated behind locked doors. No one spoke to him if they could avoid it. His touch could corrupt you, and he had evil in his soul. 1,352 more words