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Ozark Encyclopedia – M – Milk

Mother’s milk to treat sore eyes – “If a baby’s eyes are sore, the mother’s milk is regarded as the best possible lotion.” ~Randolph OMF 138… 132 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – M – Meat

Used on boils – “Put a piece of fat pork on top of a boil.” ~Carter and Krause HRIO 28

“Fat meat will make a boil come to ‘a head’ then it will run pus.” ~Parler FBA II 1574… 188 more words


Our Loss of Mystical Consciousness

God wants to speak to us. God yearns for it, and many of us yearn for it too. God wants us to know Him ourselves, in our Selves. 958 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – M – Manure

Chicken manure for pneumonia – “Some old settlers make poultices of chicken manure mixed with lard as a treatment for pneumonia; it is said that the dung of black chickens is best.” ~Randolph OMF 94… 415 more words


Spiritual Overhaul (Note:Also need baking advice from bakers!)

It’s Tuesday morning as I write this and I start off my mornings with the usual cup of black coffee while taking time to think and meditate on the state of things in my life. 298 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – M – Madstone

For treating rabies – “The madstone treatment for rabies was once popular in many parts of the United States and is still well known in the Ozarks. 600 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – L – Lightning Wood

Toothpicks – “I know several families who always keep a supply of toothpicks made from a lightnin’-struck tree; the use of these splinters is believed to stop the teeth from aching, and prevent decay.” ~Randolph OMF 144… 219 more words