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The Toad Charm

 Dry the toad with legs folded under belly–wrap with gauze, lightly, just enough to hold the toad in the position you want.

As the toad dries over several days, chant following when changing the wrappings of gauze, when beginning and ending: 160 more words

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Mums Van Van Floor Wash

Here is something my Mum always did each Saturday afternoon. This is a recipe for a House Blessing wash. This is a distinctly American practice but much HooDoo has made its way into our Tradition through a dear and close friend of the family. 146 more words

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Ritual to Invoke the Horned Master

Make a nine foot circle with either chalk or with a cord. If you are outside create a stone circle. In the four quarters place a Red Candle at the eastern quarter, a White Candle at the south, a Gray Candle at the west and a Black Candle at the North. 461 more words

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Janicot walks at my side
Armed with sword and staff,
And in the darkest of nights,
My tears fly before him. He
Looks into my eyes, with open… 198 more words

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Heart in Hand

This is a wonderful and personally meaningful piece of art created for me by my dear darling witch, Albion James. I adore it and wanted to share it.

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Pentacle of Protection

Take the pentacle in the left hand and the Blade in the right.

Placing the tip of the Blade on the uppermost point of the pentagram say forcefully: 514 more words

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Bits of English Folklore

The Black Dog
If you are feeling more than a little under-the-weather, maybe considering a duvet day, or just wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket and sipping a hot broth, take a quick look around you before you get settled. 885 more words

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