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Day 36: The Little Boy and the Snake

“The Little Boy and the Snake” from “Who Blowed Up the Church House?” by Vance Randolph. Told by Pete Woolsey, Pineville, MO., September, 1924.

On time there was a woman, and she had a little boy. 635 more words

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Day 35: Spring Tonics: Dandelion Root

The last of the spring tonics that I’d like to talk about is dandelion root. Dandelions have been a staple of the Ozark hillfolk diet for hundreds of years. 424 more words

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Day 34: Spring Tonics: Ozark Spicebush

Ozark Spicebush, Lindera benzoin, or sometimes called Benjamin bush or justBenjamin, is another spring tonic used in the Ozarks. It’s not to be confused with benzoin resin, which is obtained from several species of the Syrax family. 283 more words

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Day 33: Spring Tonics: Bitters

Bitters today are mainly used as flavoring in cocktails, but originally they were used medicinally to help treat everything from the common cold to digestive disorders. 462 more words

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Day 32: Spring Tonics: Sassafras

The Sassafras is a well-known tree here in the Ozarks. With its three pronged leaves and distinct lemony smell it’s easily identifiable even by the most amateur herbalist.   518 more words

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A Diamond in the Rough

Here’s another good interview with Ozark Granny Woman Ella Ingenthron Dunn.

“A Diamond in the Rough” by Carla Roberts Photography by Doug Sharp, from Volume IV, No. 178 more words

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Day 31: Devil Take The Skillet

“Devil Take the Skillet” from “Stiff as a Poker” by Vance Randolph. Told by Mr. Sam McDaniels, Jane, MO., December 1928. He heard it about 1910, from old settlers in the neighborhood. 437 more words

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