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Blog Post 208 – Book Review: Six Ways – Approaches and Entries for Practical Magic by Aidian Wachter

Aidan Wachter is well-known among a subset of the magical community for his gorgeous talismanic creations, forged from silver and bearing arcane markings of his own design or derived from richly sorcerous sources. 773 more words

New World Witchery

For the love of Basil

Let’s talk Basil. A common herb to have around the house but I don’t hear of it being used often in healing and witchery which is strange to me when we have it so readily available. 592 more words


Ancestral Oil 

Ancestral oil, how does it work and why I created it. I’ve always had ancestral oil on hand and I created it for my practice to honour those before me and those to come. 217 more words


Plant Lore, Ritual & Cone Incense

I lost myself in a bowl of magic yesterday, this one right here.

I’m going share with you one of my favourite ritualistic practices. Incense. Loose herbal incense same thing but this is cone incense and it’s one I’ve been practicing for years. 625 more words


On the Magical Use of the Psalms

Like many modern occultists, I’m not the biggest fan of the exoteric doctrines of the Judeo-Christian religions. Despite this, I do recognise that all three of its branches have a certain depth and profundity in them and can happily take whatever of their aspects have value to me without any cognitive dissonance or strain. 1,323 more words


The Ol' Witch Wound

Yes, it’s a thing and any woman in her power would know it. Yes, even today powerful women are shamed, persecuted and isolated. Any small thing can become a huge fucking deal because she’s powerful and she refuses to be boxed into an expectation. 331 more words


Special Episode - Sound Sigils


This is a (highly experimental) episode that features three audio charms (or “sound sigils” as Cory calls them). They incorporate traditional materials but also some fairly out-there stuff, too. 137 more words

New World Witchery