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Plectranthus amboinicus

For an herb so common and robust, Plectranthus amboinicus has been given a surprising number of international aliases: Mexican mint, Cuban oregano, Indian borage, and Spanish thyme, amongst others. 671 more words


A Suicide a Wen & a 'Wise Woman'

The body of a suicide who had hanged himself in Hesleden-Dene, not far from Hartlepool, was laid in an outhouse, awaiting the coroner’s inquest. The wife of a pitman at Castle Eden Colliery, suffering from a wen* in the neck, according to advice given her by a ‘wise woman’ went alone and lay all night in the outhouse, with the hand of the corpse on her wen. 76 more words


Herbal Medicine Walk: Fold Medicine Workshop



I attended my first herbal medicine workshop hosted by Natasha Richardson of Forage Botanicals held at Surrey Docks Farm. In this workshop we got to make an elderberry syrup for cold dry coughs and a healing balm to relieve flemy chest coughs. 306 more words


The "Cancer Stifling Temple"

In Mikawa City, Aichi Prefecture stands a temple named Muryoji 無量寺, which is said to have been established during the Heian Period (794-1185). It is widely known as a place that provides efficacy toward the act of… 327 more words


Backyard Ocean

Salt can be very therapeutic, but a trip to the beach is usually quite expensive.

According to WorldBook Encyclopedia, the ratio of salt to water in the ocean averages about 35 to 965, which is about 1:28. 107 more words

Folk Medicine

279: Fingernails

Fingernails have long been used in folk traditions for both healing and magical purposes. The fingernail, much like hair which is often used in a similar way, is a symbolic connection between the healer and the patient. 312 more words


277: Thrash Charming

“Thrash” or “thrush” was a common infection among hill children. Today it’s fought with antifungal mouth washes or lozenges, but in the Ozarks, long ago, it was mostly cured using a “thrash doctor”. 506 more words