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Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Cucumber Tree

Cucumber Tree – Magnolia acuminata

Parts used: root, bark

Traditional uses: Infusion of bark taken for stomachache or cramps. Infusion of bark used for toothache. 127 more words


Making Cocaine in a Hotel Room, Pt. 3

Before I put the coca back into Coca Cola, I just chewed some coca leaves the proper way to alleviate my symptoms. Traditionally, people in the Andes would chew the coca leaves after smearing them with a very basic substance, like lye, in order to help extract the cocaine. 743 more words

Coca Leaves

Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Cocklebur

Cocklebur – Xanthium spinosum, X. strumarium

Parts used: burrs

Traditional uses: Infusion of root given to induce vomiting. Roots chewed for rattlesnake bite. Plant used for the kidneys. 276 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Chestnut

Chestnut – Castanea dentata, C. pumila

Parts used: bark, leaf, nut

Traditional uses: Compound decoction of leaves used as cough syrup. Leaves from young sprouts dipped in hot water and put on sores. 173 more words


Folk Medicine: Naturalistic

Illnesses are attributed to natural forces and conditions.


  • Init, lamig, at pasma
    • This is similar with the ancient Greek concept humoral pathology.
    • The belief that an imbalance in one or more of one of the four humors (blood, yellow bile, black bile, phlegm) leads to illness.
  • 61 more words

Folk Medicine: Personalistic

Illnesses attributed to the intentional intervention of a sensate agent which can be supernatural or human. The intervention of the sensate agent is intentional.

Examples: 176 more words