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263: Greases, Oils, and Fats

Oils and greases rendered from various animals and animal parts were well used in the Ozarks to cure a wide variety of ailments. For example skunk oil, or skunk grease, and possum grease were both commonly used alone and mixed with herbs to cure colds and chills. 524 more words

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261: Harvesting Plants Responsibly

I’m starting to lead more and more medicinal plant hikes here in my area, and while I love that folks are interested in native medicinal plants, I’m always worried that by giving this knowledge there will be those people who will abuse it. 1,153 more words

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H is for Healer - #atozchallenge

H is for Healer

Wikipedia states that a healer is someone who purports to aid recovery from ill health. Several characters in my upcoming ‘Chronicles of Century Isle’ books are considered healers, medicine men/women, warlocks/witches and fairy healers. 172 more words


259: Animal and Human Parts

Here are some uses of various animal and human bits in certain Ozark folk charms and remedies:

Mole’s foot for teething – “Another way to make teeth come easier is to give the child a mole’s foot to play with. 1,658 more words

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Here we go, Herbicidal Hens! Don’t go pluckin’ that weed too fast! Today, we are crowin’ bout the Dandelion.

I had been workin’ on this one but since Spring is creepin’ cross the mountains of Virginia, I realized I’d better get things finished up. 1,252 more words

Herbicidal Hens

257: Dogwood Tree

The dogwood, Cornus florida, is a fine Ozark tree with many uses. The bark used to be used as a quinine substitute before the actual stuff was available to Ozark hillfolk. 343 more words

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