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Birch Tree - healing and medicinal properties

Hello again to all the lovely people reading this ✨ Today I’m going to talk about my favorite tree – birch, as I promised in my… 459 more words

Herbs & Plants

Day 113: Madstones

The madstone as a healing tool came into the Ozarks by way of the Appalachian Mountain people, and before that it likely traces its origin to European uses of the “bezoar” stones in healing practices. 1,246 more words


Day 111: Louisiana Creole Plant Names

I’m currently working on translating a giant document of Louisiana Creole folk remedies, and so I thought I would share some common plants that I’ve come across so far. 1,106 more words

Folk Magic


I am so excited to be focusing on herbalism and farming full time. This is just my second week, but it has allowed me more time to harvest, create, and dream. 119 more words


Day 92: Red Cedar

In the Ozarks what people usually refer to as “red cedar” or “cedar” is actually a species of Juniper, Juniperus virginiana, “eastern red cedar” to be exact. 966 more words


Day 90: A Glossary of Ozark Folk Magic

I’ve decided to repost this glossary here in my Folk Magic 365 series. I’m trying to start keeping all my writings in one place.

The Glossary: 1,337 more words


Day 89: Irish Origin of Medicine

Stories about the origin of medicine or healing are common in a lot of folk traditions. We’ve already seen once such story from the Cherokee peoples. 1,140 more words