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Beauty Sleep & Growing Pains

I don’t know if dreams really mean anything more than what we want them to mean.  Maybe that’s enough.  It’s possible that somewhere in the years leading up to the earthquake that woke the volcano I had heard someone speak of it and that’s why it came to me in dreams long before it was reported in the news.   2,057 more words


A pinch of this, a pinch of that

The story so far… Old Wives’ Tale

Amelia and Fadri were sitting together knitting when Charles came in from working in the coal plant. He didn’t trust the old woman, and thought she was a bad influence on his wife. 361 more words

Flash Fiction

10th Century Anglo Saxon Remedy Kills Deadly Superbug!

Fascinating! These ancient remedies are good stuff. The ancient Chinese herbal remedy for alternating fever and chills, among other things, is now the herb being developed by pharmaceutical companies as the #1 treatment for malaria. 13 more words


How To Cure Evil Eye by Estela Caballero

She would tell me that some people just can’t help it.  Everyone needed to know about the evil eye and how to cure it if you fell under the spell.   1,871 more words


E is for Elderberry

So of course while doing this 26 week blog challenge I knew some letters of the alphabet would be more difficult than others.  Primarily the vowels!   486 more words

Tonia Brown's 26 Week Challenge

Herbs for Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder of the joints (of the body) where the joints undergo swelling and considerable amount of pain. There are many classifications of arthritis and osteoarthritis is the most common type. 643 more words

Pain Management

Amy Jirsa: Herbal Goddess

Herbal Goddess: Discover the Amazing Spirit of 12 Healing Herbs with Teas, Potions, Salves, Food, Yoga, and More by Amy Jirsa

By Lisa King | Monday, February 9… 373 more words

Daily Musings Of A Madwoman