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Day 74: Braucherei in the Ozarks

It’s interesting to look at all of the influencing factors upon Ozark folkways, and one of my favorite influences to look at is braucherei. Around the turn of the 20th century certain charms, prayers, and materia medica specific to the Pennsylvania German braucherei tradition made their way into Ozark folk healing by way of German-Appalachian settlers to the area. 387 more words

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Making an Herbal Salve

Various herbs have properties that are beneficial to the skin when applied topically. Salves are an easy means of applying concentrated herb directly onto a problem area. 359 more words

Fire Cider

Fire cider has its roots in traditional folk medicine. 190 more words

Day 67: Tsu'nigadu'li ᏧᏂᎦᏚᎵ

The Booger Dance or tsu’nigadu’li ᏧᏂᎦᏚᎵ “many persons’ faces covered over” is an important dance in Cherokee culture. The dance originated as a way of driving evil, sickness causing spirits away from the community but was quickly adapted as a way of symbolically driving out the power of the new colonizers. 274 more words

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Day 60: Native American Museum

I know I’ve posted things from our local Native American Museum before, but here’s some more of my favorites. The history of the museum is like many others. 78 more words

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Day 58: Devil's Den

Hiked around Devil’s Den State Park with some friends. I have a lot of great memories of the place since when I was a kid we’d go camp there pretty much every weekend in the Fall. 108 more words

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Module 6: Folk Medicine

During the Maoist period, medical practices were divided into four governmentally sanctioned categories: Chinese medicine, Western medicine, Integrated (Chinese and Western) medicine, and Folk medicine and it was from these four categories that TCM was developed. 311 more words