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Ozark Encyclopedia – A - Angelica

American Angelica, Purplestem Angelica – Angelica atropurpurea

Parts used: root

Traditional uses: Tonic of roots taken for obstructed menses, colds, fever, ague, and for flatulent colics. 131 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – A - Alum

Alum, or alum rock, is a naturally occurring chemical compound that’s been used for centuries in various applications. In the Ozarks alum was typically used in taxidermy and dying clothes (as the alum acts as a mordant for the dye). 284 more words


Folk Healing

“There is a significant relationship between culture and system of health. Culture defines sickness and sick roles, its causes and believe systems and practices associated with it.” 749 more words


The healing power of the humble dandelion 

I love working with the local herbs I find on my plant walk, a daily ritual for me, foraging in the neighbourhood. And some of my favourite medicines are crafted from what some consider weeds, such as the dandelion and the plantain. 294 more words

Earth Medicine

Learning Folk Medicine

*Disclaimer: This post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. I am not a health care practitioner. Please discuss your personal health with a qualified doctor before making changes to your diet or health regimen. 1,683 more words