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A word from the Editor - 'Our ancestral roots'

Dear Readers,

Summer has already passed and we find ourselves within the first days of autumn! I hope you had lovely holidays!

This is the ‘Autumn 2015’ issue of ‘Clever H. 287 more words


Folk-healers and their secret art

It can be said that the quest for curatives and treatments for ailments and diseases, is as old as humanity itself. Man has always sought to maintain health for himself, and the animals and plants that assured his sustenance. 965 more words

Autumn 2015 - Our Ancestral Roots

Holistic Wellness often requires Patience

Holistic Medicine is considered by many to be hokey or new-age, feel-good, hogwash. I was this way once. If facts are an important thing to folks may they realize that what they are blowing off is Original effective medicine. 348 more words


Day 144: Pawpaw Lore

For the longest time pawpaws were one of the only fruits Ozark hillfolk could gather. This was long before there were any apple orchards or peach trees, and the plums were of the wild variety which make a tasty jelly but are mostly pit and worm in my experience. 1,258 more words

Folk Magic 365

Day 139: Late Summer Yarbs

Here’s a list of some late summer medicinal plants I like to gather this time of the year. In addition to these plants I’m happy to be seeing the wild plums, crabapples, and pawpaws ripening. 425 more words

Folk Magic 365

Product Review: Nasal Decongestant By Sages Aromatherapy

Today I am going to be talking to you about one of my favorite products.  This is a holistic and natural herbal remedy that works great.  777 more words

Birch Tree - healing and medicinal properties

Hello again to all the lovely people reading this ✨ Today I’m going to talk about my favorite tree – birch, as I promised in my… 459 more words

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