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Day 39: Healer Profile: Aunt Nora Garland

A talk with faith healer Aunt Nora Garland from “Foxfire One” the first book in the Foxfire series. 

Not long after our visit with the Webbs, we were told by a friend that one of the best healers in the area lived not five miles from where we were standing. 1,067 more words

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Day 38: Fire Cider

Being out in the pollen filled woods yesterday gave me a little tickle in my throat, so it’s about time to break out the batch of fire cider I made last Fall. 228 more words

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Day 35: Spring Tonics: Dandelion Root

The last of the spring tonics that I’d like to talk about is dandelion root. Dandelions have been a staple of the Ozark hillfolk diet for hundreds of years. 424 more words

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Day 34: Spring Tonics: Ozark Spicebush

Ozark Spicebush, Lindera benzoin, or sometimes called Benjamin bush or justBenjamin, is another spring tonic used in the Ozarks. It’s not to be confused with benzoin resin, which is obtained from several species of the Syrax family. 283 more words

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Beauty Sleep & Growing Pains

I don’t know if dreams really mean anything more than what we want them to mean.  Maybe that’s enough.  It’s possible that somewhere in the years leading up to the earthquake that woke the volcano I had heard someone speak of it and that’s why it came to me in dreams long before it was reported in the news.   2,057 more words


A pinch of this, a pinch of that

The story so far… Old Wives’ Tale

Amelia and Fadri were sitting together knitting when Charles came in from working in the coal plant. He didn’t trust the old woman, and thought she was a bad influence on his wife. 361 more words

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