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Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Blood

Blood of black animals used in various remedies – “In some places one finds people who believe that the blood of black birds or animals has some special virtue as a treatment for any sort of skin eruption. 171 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Blackhaw

Black Haw – Viburnum prunifolium, V. rufidulum

Parts used: root, bark, leaf, berry

Traditional uses: Infusion taken as an anticonvulsive. Root bark taken as a diaphoretic. 545 more words


Folk Remedy

Sometimes headaches happen. When
Acetaminophen won’t cut it,
Stuff a tub of aspirin in
The gapespace in your face and shut it
Carefully. N.B. Don’t swallow: 43 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh, Black Snakeroot – Actaea racemosa

Parts used: root

Traditional uses: Alcohol tincture used for rheumatic pains. Infusion taken to stimulate menstruation, and to help with symptoms of premenstrual tension, menopause and other gynecological problems. 290 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Blackberry

Blackberry – Rubus villosus

Parts used: root, leaf, berry

Traditional uses: Edible berry. Juice astringent for diarrhea. Root tea used for bowel complaints. Canes used in scratching (Cherokee). 186 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Basswood

Basswood, Linden – Tilia americana

Parts used: root, bark, leaf

Traditional uses: Bark from tree struck by lightning chewed and spit on snakebite. Bark beaten then used in cold infusion for snakebite. 78 more words


Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Baking Soda

Blown through funnel for sore throat – “If I had a sore throat mom would make a funnel and put baking soda in it. Then she’d blow that down my throat.” ~Carter and Krause HRIO 5… 100 more words