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Hand and foot shrine 手足の神社

At the Mikata Ishi Kannon Shrine in Fukui prefecture, people offer prayers to cure various ailments connected to hands/arms and feet/legs. They write their names and prayers on minature wooden votives in the shape of an arm or leg. 93 more words



I’ve been a “nature-er” since childhood. I would bound outdoors in the morning to make potions from wild ramps, strawberries and mud. I found myself eating wild foods without ever have been taught. 314 more words

Folk Medicine

Morning Gift

Native Callistemon – Bottlebrush – belonging to the Myrtaceae family.

Morning light captures the beauty of the callistemon flower needles with dew drops. These flowers when added to water mildly sweeten the water, and are a lovely natural energy boost from Nature, good simple bush tucker. 134 more words

Witchcraft Writings

The Graceful Medicine of the Snowdrop

I truly feel that I’ve earned spring this year. The arduous winter has awoken deep from within her self and like most great things, it’s been a slow start. 425 more words

Folk Herbalism

Hunt, Gather, Heal

We live in a complicated universal system comprised of infinite sub-systems each with their own roles, actions and places. Some of these systems offer us a way of being in the world that can positively altar the course of our life while others portray this essence and in fact, give us the opposite. 757 more words

Folk Herbalism

Guided Meditation with the Rune Berkana (the Birch)

For those of you who may wonder: yes I’m still hosting my Runic Meditations as well as my Runic Healing sessions. The latter complement the meditations nicely and are focused on physical, emotional & spiritual healing. 215 more words


Ishikiri Shrine's Hundred Laps 石切神社百度参り

The faithful gather daily at Ishikiri Shrine in Osaka Prefecture to pray for among other things, recovery from illness or injury. 103 more words