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'Love Songs For Scarlett'- Tuffet Bunnies

Tuffet Bunnies is the musical vehicle of Los Angeles based folk-rock artist, Clem Darling.

An emotional catharsis of folk-rock love songs, Tuffet Bunnies debut EP is. 131 more words

Tuffet Bunnies- 'Love Songs For Scarlett'

Tuffet Bunnies is the musical moniker of Los Angeles based folk-rock artist, Clem Darling.

An emotional outpouring of folk-rock love songs, ‘Love Songs For Scarlett’ is Tuffet Bunnies debut EP. 131 more words

Noel Nouvelet by Joe O'Donnell's Shkayla

Joe O’Donnell is famed for his 1977 violin led concept album with Rory Gallagher, ‘Gaodhal’s Vision’.

Shkayla (Gaelic for ‘stories’) blends traditional Celtic melodies, rock and jazz, creating an entirely unique sound. 28 more words


Introducing: Joe O'Donnell's Shkayla

In 1996 O’Donnell moved to Coventry where he became aware of the Coventry Carol and whilst touring Brittany learnt the traditional Christmas carol ‘Noel Nouvelet’. He decided to blend the two and is now ready to release the Celtic fused music with hints of rock and jazz, creating a completely unique sound. 67 more words


Highlight Reel by Soft Ledges Review

Hailing from Chicago, indie rock band Soft Ledges have released their single Highlight Reel from their upcoming self-titled debut album (available for purchase on the 18th of November). 375 more words


October 27, 2016 Typically Folk

The Chad Mitchell Trio, Typical American Boys, Mercury SR 60992, 1965

Apparently, Typical American Boys record folk music for Mercury Records.  Despite the smashing success of the sweaters they had, The Chad Mitchell Trio never had a memorable hit single.   117 more words