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Guardians of the Home (Domovoi)

Domovoi, domovoy, domachi, domovoj, domovik, dedek(grandfather)—All names for a particular type of house spirit.

Think brownies.  Very hirsute, macho brownies, ones that beat the hell out of anything looking for trouble on your property.   867 more words

Folklore And Mythology

Unfinished... (Gjenganger)

Death isn’t always the End

We’ve all heard of ghosts.  They scare the bejeezus out of us, haunt our houses, watch us in the bathroom at night, and judge our internet histories.  461 more words


Seven Days a Week

Hi blog.

I won’t be making excuses for my lack of blogging, except to say that the sun is setting earlier and earlier, the temperature is steadily decreasing (except for those wild weeks of roller coaster weather – a maximum of 19 degrees on day, 27℃ the next before plummeting to 14 degrees the following day) and I have a persistent cold.   840 more words

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Mystery Solved

Early 16th century: alteration (by association with grand ‘big’) of Old French grapois, from medieval Latin craspiscis, from Latin crassus piscis fat fish.

Oxford English Dictionary…

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The Antipodes Strike Back

Hi blog.

After several weeks of frequent rain, work, rain, family commitments, rain, typhoons… did I mention the rain? … well, I’ve bitten the bullet and have gotten behind the keyboard again, in spite of having no wildlife-related topic to write about.   695 more words

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The Little Prince and the Big Snake

Hi blog.

Snakes top Wild in Japan’s search item hits, so it stands to reason that the more posts about snakes I write, the more hits I get. 705 more words

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The Hare and the Moon in May....

The Moon for May was born on 6th at 8.30pm (GMT) and was at this time in stubborn Taurus, we will see the full moon on Saturday 21st May at 10.14 (GMT) and at this point the Moon will be in adventurous Sagittarius.  593 more words