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The Magic of Trees

A basic guide to the magical qualities of common trees…..I do not think there are many more magical things than walking through a woodland, finding a natural wood tunnel, the smell, the quality of light and the sense of something old and otherworldly…. 420 more words

The New Seed Moon in Pisces

Wednesday is the birth of a new Moon in Pisces. The Seed Moon is linked with growth and fertility and is traditionally a great time for clearing clutter, removing old growth (including old routines and habits) and generally clearing the old to make way for the new. 196 more words

A Summer of Nightmares and an Autumn of Dreams for the Yorvik Faerie!

“Unseelie Dreams Make Unseelie Fae.”~ Luna Lindsey

I love this quotation from Luna’s book Emerald City Dreamer that tells the tale of the faerie hunters who go in search of the creatures that are born of human nightmares and nourished on dreams. 281 more words


Welcome your Inner Cat - Full Cold Moon in Leo

Sunday 24th January will see the years first full moon. The Moon is the Cold Moon and it will enter the full phase as it moves through Leo. 477 more words

Sweet Dreams and Life Imitates Art

Hi blog.

This winter had been warmer than usual – ski resorts were having to resort to snow machines, ice smelt fishing areas remained closed due to lakes not freezing over, and golf courses unexpectedly found themselves open for business. 808 more words


A Baby Blessing.....

I am due to have a baby in 4 weeks time and have been looking at ways to welcome the little one into the world using Herbs and Plants. 368 more words

New January 'Cold Moon'

I find a New Moon to be as powerful as a Full Moon on the everyday aspects of my life. I look forward to using the renewed energy of a New Moon to act as a watershed to patterns of the past few weeks and then to use the building energy of the waxing moon to enhance this. 389 more words