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The Occult Power of Goats

Do you believe in the occult intellectual power of goats? An American journalist, born in the 1830s, William Wirt Sikes did. Or at least he believed it was necessary to record this belief along with other fascinating “old ways” of the Welsh people as he traveled there as consulate, and never left. 678 more words


Folklore And Myth Thursday – Week 17 – Q

This week I will cover Qudshu, Quintessence, Quirinus, and Quetzalcoatl.


We start off in Egypt this week with the Egyptian goddess “of good health and consort of the fertility god Min” (Tresidder, 2004:402). 335 more words

Folklore And Mythology Fairy Tales

Another Lancashire Witch: Meg Shelton

Aside from the infamous Pendle Witches who were put on trial in 1612 and 1634, there were other unfortunate victims maligned and persecuted throughout the Burning Times in Lancashire.  603 more words


Animal Folklore: The Fox and the Fishes

The Fox and the Angel of Death

In Jewish folklore when God created the world he made sure that every animal that walked upon the earth had a counterpart under the sea.  552 more words


Stories We're Made Of

Scotland has a rich history of folklore and mythology. From the iconic Loch Ness Monster, to the grim stories of Sawney Bean, here is a look at some of the most famous tales to come out of the country. 535 more words