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To cure sores or other diseases caused by witchcraft.

Tak’ tweea ‘at’s red an’yan ‘at’s blake (yellow)

O’ poison berries three,

Three fresh-cull’d blooms o’ Devil’s glut,

An’ a sprig o’ rosemary;

Tak’ henbane, bullace, bumm’lkite, …

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The Baltic Mermaid

This was written after collecting beautiful seaglass on the beaches of Tallinn, Estonia:

The Baltic Mermaid

Rumor on the shores of Tallinn have it that a hundred years ago, a French wine merchant ship went down. 1,638 more words


Fables & Fabrications: fabulous folklore and modern mythology

In this collection of fourteen stories, author Jan Edwards leads us through a world where nothing is as it seems, from the arctic wastes of Norway to a fang-filled evening at the fair, to swashbuckling on the high seas across the centuries. 450 more words

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The Untold Limits of Science In "Alien Abduction"

The sciences are all about repeatability and categorization. This is how scientists come to know the world. But if there is an independent (or interdependent) intelligence behind so-called “alien abductions” and associated phenomena, two things and only two things are clear about it: It doesn’t care what we call it. 989 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Let's Play House

With Hillary and Donald already fighting over what snacks will be sitting on the oval office desk. We can help alleviate their burdensome anxieties of grandeur by simply voting for Bernie Sanders. 30 more words


I Am Accountable

What does this country need? Actual accountability at all levels. We need actionable accountability–that reveals actual results– from local police departments and local governments, all the way to Washington, D.C. 110 more words



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Red garb

Red ribbon

Shields against

The envious eye

Modern knowledge


Before giving in to

Ancient—but empirical— 269 more words