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Wedding Engagements: It's Not Just About Love Anymore

In a paper I wrote for my English course this semester I had to pick a modern topic that’s meaning has changed over time. Being a wedding enthusiast, I chose wedding engagements. 663 more words

Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 248) Admiration

“Are you laughing at me?” Stephen asks as he stands up playing at being upset with Tamas.

This makes Tamas laugh again and he places his hand on his forehead then shakes his head back and forth while he giggles. 182 more words


A Game of Possibilities and Theories : Game of Thrones

I am quite sick and tired of having to wait for the next book or the next season of the Game of Thrones. Obsession can turn you into a weird person and only a true FANATIC can relate to this. 1,234 more words


Custom revived: The Penistone Turton Dole

What makes England such a fascinating country is the survival of many odd customs and ceremonies and I find none so curious as the dole or charity.  678 more words

Calendar Customs Blog

Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 247) Holds Back

“Are you thirsty?” Stephen asks.

“Yes,” replies Tamas.

“Me too, I’ll get us some water, you stay here, okay?” Stephen says as he stands up. 185 more words


Unsettling Assumptions Review

I have a new book review published in the Journal of Folklore Research. This book is academically rigorous and very interesting. I’m pleased to add it to my personal collection. 37 more words


Book Review: 'Hoodoo: Folk Magic', Rachel Patterson

Patterson, Rachel (2013), Hoodoo: Folk Magic (Pagan Portals series). Moon Books.

On the whole, I would usually prefer to read about another culture’s folk magic from someone who is  465 more words