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hi people… okay yhup, I’d be honest. I haven’t been treating this blog well at all( I haven’t been treating anything well at all). so we turned a year old this month and a lot of great changes are to happen(if I had a genie I’d wish for some few dollars to pimp this place up… come to think of it , do we pimp junkyards??) a lot has been going on in my life lately, I’d share on them soon, but before anything, please enjoy this. 1,260 more words


What's Your Poison? Cyanide!

Did you know:

  • Cyanide is found naturally in apple seeds.
  • It also occurs in almonds, apricot kernels, lima beans, orange pips, cassava roots (tapioca), and bamboo shoots.
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When you cannot explain something easily by scientific means, folklore often takes hold. When the most accepted reason for a tragedy turns out to be a 7 foot, red eyed harbinger of doom, you have the beginnings of a great mystery. 447 more words


UN "CIAO", BUONA DOMENICA, con un ricordo della nostra MARIA TERESA CAU

Ciao ciao. ‘A rieccomi. Si’, Maria Teresa Cau, e’ se vogliamo la nostra “Violeta Parra”. Ci lascio’  troppo presto, a soli 33 anni. Un incidente stradale, di ritorno pensate da un concerto. 391 more words


Possessed by goblin foxes

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People who start eating too much all of a sudden, talk gibberish and worry whether their face getting longer may be possessed by goblin foxes. 729 more words


Wooden Foliate Head

An ‘old man of the woods’ log  given a face in 1994 and given a spread of leaves in 2017.


I'm up and running, and open for bookings

Welcome to my site!

I am Becca Harris, a storyteller and writer from the Anglo/Scottish border. I tell traditional tales from this area, and from further afield, and you can book me using the contact link above. 108 more words