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The Year of the Heddagh - Chapter 6

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Knox stared breathless and dazed into the eyes of his Fate. Their universes collided and Knox felt his own existence give in to the power of that realm from which the Goyar Heddagh came. 625 more words

Short Fiction Stories


The Eastern Shore’s Longwoods Elementary School, known as the Little Red Schoolhouse, was built in the 1880s, and classes stayed in session there for almost a hundred years. 523 more words


Folk-lore. A Birthday Survey.

First coined by William J. Thoms on 22 August 1846, the word ‘folk-lore’ has become an enduring lens through which we analyse and acknowledge ‘informal culture’. 245 more words


Dark water marbles the moor. There is deer grass and bog asphodel. Already I’ve sunk my welly halfway up. I look to the wind turbines at Fiscary, but rather than being a comfort – a reminder I’m not alone here – they seem at this oblique angle to be slowing down. 398 more words


Fairies, Fantasy and Fairytales 😊😊

I know most of you already know about my Fairy Blog, but I have received a few more followers lately, so I thought I’d just remind everyone. 44 more words


Folklore Thursday Week 2 - B

The  Benu bird, Blue Tezcatlopoca, Bunyip, Byelobog, and the Bram-Bram-Bult

Welcome to the second instalment of the alphabetical look at folklore and mythology from around the world. 853 more words