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When I first started out to get my masters in English I do so with the intent to teach. I foolishly thought I knew what I was doing and that it was a great choice. 119 more words

Where the Bogles live...

"There’s a bogle by the bour-tree at the lang loan heid,
I canna thole the thocht o him, he fills ma hert wi dreid;
He skirls like a hoolet, an he rattles aa his banes,
An gies himsel an unco fash to fricht wee weans."
… 591 more words
Northern Ireland


Collected by: Don Sybertz,

With special thanks to Rev Joe Healey  (African proverbs,Sayings and stories)

Ng’ombe ni ndogu b’ab’a nimukujilyaga wangu wagu. Aliki iti masangu, iti malimbe mukujulaga mumamigunda ng’ulya ng’uzezuka mutambujaga nene nalinahangaika. 208 more words


Mythology in the Shadows

Centuries ago
The gods and goddesses played
Controlling nature
Answering mortal questions
And punishing at whims
A deity for every aspect
That life threw into the path… 60 more words


Werewolves via Google Books

Russian Demonology – Page 299

https://books.google.com.ph/books?isbn=5288038333 – Translate this page
Alla V. Nikitin – 2006 – Snippet view – More the editions
Further more, she decided to her husband lime, so as not to interfere. 2,406 more words

Wolves and dogs in Russia

I think I remember reading somewhere in Symbolarium that in Russian folklore (and agreed in some of the links I’ve added in another post) that both cats and dogs are rather ambivalent animals. 148 more words

A Spirit of Springtime

My parents had a firm policy, when I was growing up, that if there was something I might be scared of, they would try to show me that this thing could be fun, or useful, or at least mostly harmless, so I wouldn’t be afraid of it anymore. 521 more words