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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 490) Sharp

“My neck, oh. . . it hurts.” Stephen says with difficulty as Zsofia gently lifts his head to feel the backside of his neck.

“Ouch!” She says as she touches something sharp that slices across her finger. 226 more words


Yeti, the mysterious creature of the Himalayas

A couple of months ago, there was an article on BBC website about how the legendary stories of Yetis in the Himalayas could have developed originally as a strategy for keeping children within the community, away from the reach of dangerous wild animals. 683 more words


Yellow-tailed black cockatoos

According to Australian mythology, black cockatoos are a sign of rain. That hasn’t been my experience, but they are still beautiful birds to see.

This Is Australia

Journal of the Folklore Society

I spent an enjoyable portion of this afternoon in York browsing back issues of Folklore: the Journal of the Folklore Society in a second-hand bookshop. While I’d liked to have whisked them all home with me, this wasn’t financially practical, so I settled for just volume 102 on the basis of an interesting transcript of the March 1991 presidential address by Roy Judge. 158 more words


The Dragon's Teeth

Not far from where I live, there’s a geographic feature known as the Dragon’s Teeth. This is a series of stone markers erected during the late 1930s. 262 more words