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The Curse of the Darkness. Chapter 1.

As Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata played softly in the background, I stared at a head; a head completely devoid of all human characteristics. Nearly flat and almost oval in shape, the teeth were now shattered and the crushed jaw hung limply from the grotesque and bloody mound. 6,840 more words


Day 103: Signs of the Gift

In the Ozark tradition of folk healing, or at least as I’ve learned it, there are a few different “signs” that might be on a person, showing that they have the gift for healing or spirit work. 361 more words


Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 458) Fond Memories

“Your grandfather and I grew up together,” Laszlo states, “we were the best of friends and never a day went by that we did not spend time with each other. 215 more words


Queen Anne's Lace

Introduced and naturalized in Canada & America, Daucus carota  (Wild Carrot) is often known as “Queen Anne’s lace”. Both Anne, Queen of Great Britain, and her great grandmother… 53 more words


Lynx I: The Water's Edge


The Water’s Edge

Fé Voem

Even though the sky was dim and unattainable in its emptiness,

through Lynx it was still perceived as being alive, gently oscillating with a… 230 more words


As luck would have it, this week is the 20th international folk festival in Zacatecas with groups from around Mexico and the rest of the world. 169 more words

An artist life: meet Aureliana Lixandru.

I get t know quite a number of talented artists through my blog. Meet Aureliana Lixandru. This is what she says about herself and her work. 246 more words