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Bucks leaving

Mid-December brings true love to our ewes and rams. The rams, at least, have been waiting in the wings since, well, last winter. Mid-January brings rest to the bucks, who have been working hard for a month. 97 more words


There Are Many Considerations Why Folks Choose To Keep Memorabilia

There are many reasons why people decide to keep collectibles, sometimes it may be because they have been introduced to them by another person. It may be that they have seen a movie that has made an impression and they like the merchandise or a relative collected a certain thing and they seem…

seventy years once the first Tom and Jerry movies folks still get a kick out of the series

Tom and Jerry movies are my favorite animated cartoon options since I was a child and currently at twenty eight I still relish sitting down and watching a number of the classic episodes with my children. 17 more words

Sand Dunes on Mars

New track played on a home made guitar consisting of an old cookie tin, D string, and a piece of wood.

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Winter at Powder Wash

Not all of the sheep trail north to the Red Desert for the winter. The yearlings and the old ewes trail west to the Powder Wash country. 93 more words


pea critics

Maybe folks are like two peas in a pod in their criticism of you because they’re pea-brained.


Cheap and fast wow legion mounts | Enjoy the action gradually

During the entire measures, participants might become knowledgeable around the numerous jobs approximately 100s powerful ability, along with often be merged apply. Coaches and teams every single engage in an exceptional factor getting family process wonderful beauty with the activity. 370 more words