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IVF Virgin. Two month countdown! Warning...Long Post!

I’m guessing if you have landed on my site you are someone who is a part of the infertility community that none of us anticipated signing up for willingly. 1,758 more words


FOTYesterday + The Hair

Highlights — not just on The Hair — include:

> essence Long-lasting Lipstick {€2.89} in Come Naturally: really emollient, loving the dark nude, feels like a balm. 179 more words


Our Story-part 2

The dreaded word in the world of infertility–“tests.”  At first, one might think “OK, I will get the test, rule out any problems, & we can move on,” or, “OK, we might find a minor issue, fix it, and voila, PREGGO”!  857 more words


IVF Cycle #1: Tomorrow's Egg Retrieval, My Fears & Possible Complications

Well, I guess this is really happening.

Yesterday morning was my final monitoring appointment, for which our doctor was there to observe. As soon as my right ovary popped up on the screen with all of its many, many follicles, he told us that I wouldn’t be able to use HCG for my trigger shot. 1,236 more words

Jolly Follys

When we went in for the retrieval, we thought we had 9 follicles, turns out they were able to get to 16 eggs and we knew by the next day that 13 of them were mature and that 11 of them had fertilized. 772 more words

IVF Cycle #1: Waiting to Pull the Trigger

As rough as this part of the IVF/Surrogacy process has been, I find it much easier to inject myself with medication every day than to survive the long periods of waiting. 921 more words

Frolicking Follicles of a Noble Noggin

It’s not fair! It’s not fair, I say!

I’m gaining weight, already I have stretch marks on certain areas of the body that I won’t get into right now, and I have a little bit of a gut. 683 more words

Weekend Madness