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Trigger Injection Tonight

Went in for my scan this morning and I have one follicle at 22mm (20mm Friday) and 1 at 16mm (14mm Friday). Even have a sneaky one at 6mm (not that that’s going to do anything). 346 more words

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Day 6 IVF Update

So I’m 6 days into my IVF journey already and here is what has been happening so far.

People of a nervous disposition may not want to read on as needles and … bloody periods … will be discussed. 663 more words

Kirsty Rambles On About Life, The Universe, Tv, And Everything!

Bludgeoned from the inside.

Part of the fertility journey requires strangers inside of you. And this is what it feels like when you get bludgeoned from the inside. When I talk about strangers inside of me, let me preface that this is not a post about multiple personalities, though while on some fertility drugs, your entire circle will be certain there are at least two people in your mind at all times (mood swings, anyone). 637 more words


Why, hello there!

I’ve been hiding. “Quiet” seemed like a suitable setting given the combination of both Mother’s Day and a bad case of the jitters following my cycle… 463 more words



Very quick post today. I just had my check-in follie scan, and my right ovary has 12+ that the clinician said are full :) my left ovary, though, decided it didn’t want to be seen today so kindly hid itself away. 14 more words

IVF Update


If you’ve followed along thus far, you’ll know in my last update (here) that I had just begun daily Lupron injections. I was about a week out from my second injection of the day, Menopur/Gonal F. 2,208 more words

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F*** You Folliculitis

A week ago, I suffered unbearable itchiness on my face. Also, tiny lumps that feels disgusting under my palms. On the first day that I realized that I have these tiny lumps on my forehead, I immediately called 811 to ask some initial suggestions on what I have. 872 more words

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