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So they are working...a little

Yesterday was my first scan to see if I had grown any follicles. The husband came with me and looked very shocked that it was an internal scan. 259 more words

Top 5 Apps for prevention of Hair fall & care

1. 7 Yoga Poses to Stop Hair Loss

Yoga helps to cure Hair loss problems, these are hand picked asanas for controlling the Hair loss. These asanas for hair growing exercises help any one to increase hair growth by improving blood circulation to hair follicles and eventually results in Hair Growth. 190 more words

Five Hair Myths BUSTED

Hair is one of those things about which everyone has an opinion, anecdote or nugget of advice, but as scientific knowledge advances, often these ‘old wives tales’ turn out to be nothing but baseless claims passed down through the grapevine. 387 more words


The Last 3 Eventful Weeks

I’ve just been dealing with a lot of uncertainties the past 3 weeks.  It all started with a 2 day trip to LA.  My in-laws and I started driving from San Francisco at midnight on Sunday 9/11 because we had to pick up a friend from LAX on Monday at 7:45 am.   1,378 more words

And so it begins.....

After getting top of the waiting list, we had our first IVF appointment on Thursday. It was an information appointment to talk us through the IVF process, what to expect and what would be expected of us. 605 more words

Real or Placebo; Caffeine Shampoo?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s seen all those caffeine shampoo adverts recently. The cynic that I am thought it was all a marketing scheme, but with a little researching, there may be some real evidence behind it! 430 more words


Lots of change!

Today we had an ultrasound and estrogen level blood test at our fertility clinic. After Tuesday’s appointment showing so few follicles I was a little nervous about today’s appointment. 328 more words