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Cycle #12 Update

Today is cycle day 10. It marks one third of the way through this treatment cycle. I took Femara day 3-7 with little to no side effects. 751 more words


Ultrasound and Hubby's results

Waking up at a “normal” time was brutal this morning. I have transitioned into summer mode over the past few weeks and now waking up before 8AM is torturous. 794 more words

Cycle update.. and a little feels.

Today I had an appointment to address my weight gain (10 pounds in three weeks!) and to see what’s going on inside my female parts. The ultrasound (and progesterone blood test) showed that I ovulated, likely around Cycle Day 8, which explains why my temps have stayed elevated. 660 more words

Half a dozen (organic) eggs

Egg collection happened this morning and I’m pleased to report that we got 6 eggs – from 6 follicles. What a relief!

As with all IVF stuff there is no such thing as a ‘good news day’. 202 more words


I Haz Sad

i am sad today

had an ultrasound and it looks like things aren’t moving as quickly as they should

i don’t really know what that means… 42 more words


Metformin side effects update.. and a pretty cute burrito

As a recap, my ultrasound showed that I had two residual follicular cysts at the start of my cycle so I had to sit this one out from taking any Clomid or injecting the trigger shot. 289 more words