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IVF Round 3 - Injections started and Prince died

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Prince died and my injections started. We often remember where we were or what we were doing when these moments happen. I’ll definitely remember today. 390 more words

Cycle two- close but definitely no cigar.

I started cycle two full of anxiety. The vigor and excitement and buzz that surrounded my first IVF cycle wasn’t there. I kept hearing from everyone to just stay positive, and of course I was trying, but still I was wary. 995 more words


Maddening mixed messages...

This morning was my third blood draw and ultrasound, with the “dildo-cam,” as it is hilariously referred to by IVFers and displayed here by Stephen Colbert.   587 more words

Egg retrieval

I came and had a good nap and left with this report card. I was handed this after getting dressed when the procedure was done “for all my hard work.” Thanks, so um, do I hang this on my fridge? 499 more words


Third monitoring ultrasound

This morning I drove in rush hour traffic on the freeway pretending I was commuting to work when in fact I was just going to rendezvous with a needle and a probe. 79 more words


Lab-Grown Skin Shows Off Follicles, Glands

It’s enough to give members of the transplant community goose bumps—and other features of the skin’s integumentary system. According to a new study, lab-grown skin needn’t be limited to plain, featureless sheets. 527 more words


Current state of affairs, part 2

The bruises and poke marks are catching up to me.

I can feel that my ovaries are enlarged when I move too fast. Usually a woman ovulates one egg at a time, and I have 9 growing, so I can definitely feel it. 66 more words