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IVF: Second Scan & Trigger Shot!

Amazing how much can happen in a week, isn’t it? On Sunday, I’d only been having injections for a week, no other contact from the clinic, and I’d just added a second shot of Orgalutran to stop myself ovulating. 468 more words


IVF #4 - Stim Day 10 - The 411

I went in this morning for my monitoring appointment and everything is looking good.  Unfortunately, I have two leads on the right and three on the left and a gang of additional follicles that have not caught up.  300 more words


The second check-up

My next check-up was three days later. Again, this consisted of an ultrasound exam and a blood test. By this time I was feeling a little bloated and noticed that I was needing to go to the loo more often – I assume this is because I am drinking more and my bladder is pressing on the larger follicles.  95 more words

Blood Tests

IVF #4 - Stim Day 8 - The 411

This morning, I went in for my monitoring appointment and labs and I now have 14 follicles !! One on the left is 2cm and there are two on the right that are larger than the others.  320 more words


The first check-up

Six days after I had started the injections I went into the clinic for my first check-up. This was scheduled for the morning so that the blood tests could be performed during the day and then looked at by the doctor in the afternoon/evening. 90 more words

Blood Tests

IVF #4 - Stim Day 5 - The 411

This morning, I went in -15 degree weather to the women’s imaging center for my ultrasound.  Guess who has 12 follicles?   ME !!!!   I am glad that the follicle count is increasing, which is indicative of my body returning to normalcy after my miscarriage this past summer.    199 more words


Is your hair turning gray?

If you’re going gray, you may be able to keep your color longer by eating more almonds! Experts say that almonds contain high levels of an enzyme that prevents the buildup of hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicles. 11 more words

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