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Hope on the Rise

Well, we have officially entered the terrifying part of this cycle…. the wait. I’m extremely nervous and excited to get a break from what felt like every other day appointments. 493 more words



​Here’s an interesting article I came across, which I thought could benefit certain newbie low- carbers suffering from hairloss. People often need to give this healthy lifestyle change a chance and should allow the body some time to settle, detox and sort out issues before they can experience the full benefits of THE LCHF LIFESTYLE. 643 more words


First Week of IVF: Stims

This past week we took the plunge into IVF. The first part is the follicle stimulation phase (aka stims).  I have been taking hormone injections for exactly one week in order to stimulate as many follicles as possible in my ovaries to produce mature eggs. 565 more words


#17 Letrozole with IUI - Cycle 2

We did make the decision to go ahead with an IUI after talking about it a bit more and also having a very emotionally tolling weekend as I started my Letrozole. 337 more words

Journal Entry #16: Welp, that sucked 

January 21, 2017

Welp. That sucked.

Like really sucked. Like I’m doubting if I’ll be able to do it again, sucked. Like sucked more than Mariah’s NYE performance.

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31-Day Wait

The two-week-wait concept cracks me up. It feels more like a 31-day wait. Or a series of two-day waits… over and over and over again. 353 more words


We Have a Date

Hi all, I know it’s been a bit since the last post but we finally have news beyond I’m giving myself injections. We finally have a date for our embryo transfer. 260 more words