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#30 Egg Retrieval Day!!

The excitement of this day definitely masked some of the fears I probably should or could have been having over this procedure. I went in just ready to go and did not have a lot of hesitations. 321 more words

IVF part 1: the human pin cushion

We started IVF a little over two weeks ago. It was Mothers Day (the irony of this is was not lost on me). I sat nervously on the couch, dialled up 200 on the Puregon pen, screwed a needle into the end and just sat there. 438 more words

#26 Day 4 of Stims and Monitoring Appt #1

Today was my first monitoring check. After days 2 and 3 of injections going much more smoothly than night one, I was anxious to see how things were progressing. 131 more words

Lazy Ovaries. 4.25.17

Or in medical talk- Diminished Ovarian Reserve. That’s me now. The DOR girl. So as I suffer through the TWW (two week wait), let’s explore my problems! 702 more words


First egg collection and OHSS - what to expect

Before the procedure
We were instructed to arrive at the hospital at 8.40am to complete some paperwork, finalise surgery fees ($500 for the procedure) and prepare for the egg collection. 1,127 more words


First IVF cycle

I was really relaxed when we commenced our first IVF cycle, probably because I had been through months of injections and we were really eager to get started. 547 more words


Ovulation induction with FSH injections

The first step for us was timed intercourse with follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) injections. The aim of the injections is to develop follicle/s, stimulating the ovaries to ovulate and allow fertilisation to occur naturally by timed intercourse. 707 more words