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All the Shots

My last post was “All the Doctor’s Appointments” because at the time we had an appointment every day. Now I’m taking a lot of shots and a lot of different kinds of shots. 581 more words

Hello, I am an Emotional Basket Case

Today I realized that the fertility medications are hitting me harder this cycle than they have before. I had to catch myself multiple times to keep from snapping at my coworkers, including my supervisor. 293 more words

One Last IUI

So this is really going to be our last IUI. The statistics say that if an IUI doesn’t work after 4 tries the odds of an IUI working is less than 10%. 118 more words

The Mystery of the Growing Hair

The little one asked me a question this morning that I had no idea how to answer. Simply put, it was: why is the hair on our head long but the hair on our eyebrows is short? 439 more words


How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Unless you’re one of those people who are blessed with naturally thick hair, there’s probably been times when you wished your hair looked thicker. Obviously there are a few old wives’ tales about how to improve the thickeness of your hair (just FYI, having it cut doesn’t actually make a difference…) but there are ways to improve the appearance of your hair to create the illusion of thickness and we thought we’d take a look at a few of them. 307 more words


Why Healthy Hair Care is Important?

Hair has an extreme amount of significance based on the history of hair. It gives a person w/ long luxurious healthy, strong hair a sense of peace, and vitality, but the right energy to do just about anything ; especially reproduce. 249 more words


IVF 4 - update 3

My retrieval is set for tomorrow at 2:30p.m – yikes! No more food or drinks after midnight tonight. I’m not worried about the food but that’s a long morning/early afternoon without a drink. 186 more words