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Minor Delay in IUI

Today started at 4:30 am. I don’t do 4:30 am. Yet I was up and out the door by 5:05 am. I was excited and nervous (and tired) all at the same time. 837 more words


Egg collection

Yesterday was I’m egg collections day. It was what seemed an unnecessarily long day, but that’s by the by.

It was almost my first ever general anaesthetic. 240 more words

Day 3 Post Retrieval

I know this post is a bit after when I had said it would be, but something we hadn’t planned for had occurred so I was wanting more information before I posted. 355 more words

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Diet

Hello fast foods, chips, bacon, lunch meat, pepperoni, and pickles plus tons of Gatorade to wash it all down. Doctors orders.

19 follicles were counted today during my ultrasound! 511 more words

ivf cycle 3, day 15

Time has been flying by and I forgot to update on Monday. It’s already Thursday!

I was at the doctor’s office on Monday morning and was able to meet with Dr. 429 more words

Day 10

I had my Day 10 scan today.

The doctor asked me if I had felt much going on in there! Other than feeling a little bloated, I replied, not really. 136 more words

Started the IVF Journey...

So I thought I would be able to blog more but work and life has really taken a lot of my free time.  But I thought I would come back and start blogging about my current IVF cycle. 124 more words