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PCOS Dark Hair Follicles

I know that I haven’t got hair growth that’s as bad as some women with PCOS, but I do suffer with rapid, dark hair growth. 423 more words


USC Stem Cell scientists obtain “how to” guide for producing hair follicles

How does the skin develop follicles and eventually sprout hair? A USC-led study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), addresses this question using insights gleaned from organoids, 3D assemblies of cells possessing rudimentary skin structure and function–including the ability to grow hair. 618 more words


Overachieving Ovaries

Well, there’s a first for everything, and today was that day when it came to follicle growth for me! I’m used to going in for a scan after a round of medicine and being told nothing had grown, resulting in more medication to get one little follicle. 230 more words

I Used It All Up: Julien Farel Vitamin Restore

I finally used up the last of this lil’ beaut: Julien Farel Vitamin Restore. It’s the first low shampoo I ever tried, and liking it so much I hoarded it for-basically-ever. 287 more words


Progress #2 - Day 43

I responded! Too well! I have 12 follicles all measuring around 10 mm, except for one at 12 mm. This isn’t ideal for triggering ovulation, as it’s best to avoid the possibility of multiple pregnancies. 243 more words


Progress #1 - Day 37

Today is day 37 of my injectable cycle. This means I have injected myself every night for 37 days.

The sensitive and fast acting nature of the drug (Puregon) means that I’m closely monitored. 258 more words


Day 8: And Feeling Great! (For real)

I received a call from a nurse yesterday saying that they were ‘starting late tomorrow’ and that I could ‘sleep in!’ she said with excitement, the kind of excitement someone uses when they truly deep down in their heart believe it will bring you joy. 724 more words