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Final Cycle - Day 4

Did my jab an hour early as going out. Hit a capillary so a little bit of bleeding but nothing to worry about.

Im out tonight with work and its been a bit rough this week so we are all in need of letting our hair down! 6 more words

9/25/2015 Day 3 is HERE!

9/25/2015 (remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $5,592*

Hallelujah!!! Today is DAY 3 people!!! The day shit starts happening!!! I can… 709 more words


Beauty For a Snip! Cien at Lidl

Despite being rebranded, I have long admired the cotton pads for sale in Lidl. Iseree, Cien? Eh, just don’t take away my love, dudes.

Beauty products come and go in the global discount supermarket chain, but Cien‘s new line that’s taking up permanent residence from now on. 220 more words


Stims Day 5 Update

So after traveling with my Gonal the past 4 days and having a combination of my husband and my dear sweet 7 month pregnant friend administer my shots- I went in for my first follow-up scan! 53 more words


Why your beard hair is a different color than your head hair, according to science

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

If you’ve ever wondered why the hair on one part of your body looks so different from the hair on another part, you’re probably not alone. 364 more words


All the Shots

My last post was “All the Doctor’s Appointments” because at the time we had an appointment every day. Now I’m taking a lot of shots and a lot of different kinds of shots. 581 more words

Hello, I am an Emotional Basket Case

Today I realized that the fertility medications are hitting me harder this cycle than they have before. I had to catch myself multiple times to keep from snapping at my coworkers, including my supervisor. 293 more words