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Last cycle LH tests, and current update

I religiously track my LH surges, especially this last time as I took Ovidrel for the first time and was curious as to how quickly it would leave my system. 140 more words

Day 5 scan - feeling deflated

Well, I’m feeling a little disappointed this morning. Had a day 5 scan and looks like there are only 4-5 follicles growing. My left ovary is almost totally asleep. 266 more words


Follie Watch.

Today was the day of our third scan. This was again to check up on my follicles, to see how they’re growing etc. Ever since our second scan on Tuesday I’ve been feeling a bit apprehensive about today. 701 more words


She said.. I'm a human pincushion

Some weeks are harder than others, and this week has been one of those weeks. I’m on the daily plan for IVF, meaning that every day my day starts with an injection, then a 7 am trip to the doctor’s office to get my blood drawn followed by a trans-vaginal ultrasound to measure the size and shape of the follicles in my ovaries. 789 more words


And so it begins! Again!

In the words of Mr Robert Plant – good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share*. And I managed to have a pretty good share of both in the space of 12 hours today. 369 more words


Scan Time: The Follicles Awaken.

So as I quickly blogged about this morning it is the day of my second scan. I have had my date with the internal ultrasound wand. 798 more words


Symptom update

I thought that the image above was quite fitting based upon my symptoms so far. To recap, this is my second cycle of 50mg Clomid, taken on Cycle Days 3-7. 310 more words