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Stop... in the name of the Law!

Miscreant?  Scofflaw?

No doubt that yours truly has been on the receiving end of many a citation of the automotive sort.  In New York they can pile up fast.  1,029 more words

The Folly of the Folly: Architecture and the new age of Trump.

The semester is over and Trump is the prez. So this required a little bit of time to write a more theory driven blog. 

In this new Trumpian age that we find ourselves in we are witness to the rise of the architectural folly. 1,472 more words


Show Tunes! 4 the Apocalypse!

If the world is ending. I’m gonna take some time to really give into my reckless love of show tunes. I was planning to spend my twilight years like some musical theater vampire, sucking the souls out of young broadway TWUNKS as I watched them strive for High C’s from the bleachers. 855 more words

Let the Soul-Searching Begin

Well, the political follies of 2016 are over (finally!) and will probably go down in history as one of the strangest election cycles ever. I awoke this morning to check the results and almost fell down laughing. 310 more words


Witley Wonder Underwater Ballroom – Surrey, England | Atlas Obscura

Called an “Underwater Ballroom,” in reality it was a subterranean smoking room built beneath a roof aquarium. Either way, it was spectacular, and like everything else on Whitaker Wright’s Lea Park estate, it was doomed… 9 more words

20th Century

The little ovaries that could

I got the phone call yesterday that I was finally moving up in the estrogen world. It was not the same nurse I have been working with so today I called her to chat about the progress. 253 more words

Day 82: "I'm Still Here"

In less than twenty-four hours, I’m going to be a year older.

Technically, I’m going to be a day older, but since it’s my birthday, I’m also going to be a year older (at least from a legal perspective). 295 more words

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