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Epic Seach for Happiness: Step 2- Follow Your Heart

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”– Confucius

All through primary school, it feels as though teachers, parents, counselors, and relatives encourage children to believe that they can be whatever they can want to be. 987 more words

Following Through and Making it Happen

Remember way back in February when I made this post about facing fears?

And then this post happened about facing that fear and kicking its butt? 278 more words


Conversation :: Elizabeth Gilbert + Marie Forleo

If you’re itching to start or continue on a creative project, but fear is choking you to the point of immobilization, watch this great conversation below between two wildly dynamic women—Marie Forleo and Elizabeth Gilbert discussing Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic. 138 more words


Listening to My Own Truth

Life Update!

I’m so happy I chose going to dental assisting school over finishing my Biology degree. It’s hard to explain to poeple when they ask me why I left TCU but honestly, there was no passion for my life when I was at TCU. 178 more words


Monday Motivation

always follow your dreams no matter how many people tell you that you’ll fail

Dash Of Prep

Blue Moon Intentions

Last night, my dear friends and I sat around in a circle and catalogued the things in our life that a) no longer serve the soul and b) we want to attract more of in our life. 71 more words


What Do I Desire?

Allan Watts, the British-born philosopher and writer, was a richly insightful and prolific man. Below is a video featuring his voice and his wise words—the premise of which is imagining a life where money wasn’t important and we could simply follow out deepest desires.  13 more words