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God is in this place, and I didn't even know it

Often in our daily routine, we fail to recognise that God is in the place that we are. The circumstances, the confusion and the pain somehow seem to monopolise our attention and we scramble into “make a plan” mode never stopping long enough to recognise that God is not only here with us, but that He wants to lead us from this place safely. 345 more words


Bare with me… like I’ve mentioned before I am no computer genius nor am I an expert of anything. I can stay here all night trying to admit to you all my flaws and all the things that I’m not good at doing but, it will take days before I finish that never ending list of things. 156 more words



You’ll never tell if you’re really wounded or not… Never express the feeling of being wounded or share the pain you’re feeling with someone, even if they were really close to you, they will never feel the same like you do… you just need to inhabit the feeling and live with it. 71 more words

Facebook and Instagram Updates

Hey guys!

Just a reminder to like my Facebook and Instagram pages as I’ll be posting a lot of little things on their from now on that wouldn’t really suit blog posts. :)

Becky (: xx

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The angry issue: Beyond scared straight

So I’ve decided that I want to do something on going called the ‘angry issue’ . I basically choose something that annoys me in some way and explain why it annoys me. 992 more words


The Black Book Reminders 2

Lead like everyone’s life depends on it, follow like your life depends on it. 

When you lead, the well-being of all your followers is dependent on you.  

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