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Walk ALONE Walk With Jesus

Salvation is not just about repentance, to stop sinning and be holy. It is about FOLLOWING Jesus Christ and staying with Him until the very end. 480 more words

Plan with me!

Watch my new video, it’s just how I plan out my weeks in my planner. I plan on making another one soon! I had fun making this and I hope to give some inspiration to others who are in school and use a planner, or even if you’re not in school and like to keep organized! 46 more words


Follow Through & Overlapping Action

The principle of follow through demonstrates that in order to make an animation move realistically, loose objects should continue to move after the initial movement has stopped. 151 more words


Underwhelming Book Series

I love reading books that are included in a series.¬†However, some series that I’ve read over the years have only contained one book that made a lasting impact – usually, it was¬†always the first book. 864 more words


It is what it is...

So… I’ll be honest, I’ve been dragging this out for some time. Thinking if it’s worth it to start, if I’m gonna forget in the next few days or even hours (I’m quite forgetful), if I’m just gonna get disappointed that not many people are gonna read this or be interested… But then I thought ‘Why not?!’ someones gotta read it at some point, right? 212 more words


Dear Male Dancers Who Follow... an Open Letter.

I am currently social (swing, blues, fusion*) dancing on a sprained wrist, and as a result, I caught some of my own bias around role selection and gender. 1,441 more words

Social Dance

Introduction: Nash

I am from Caracas, Venezuela and a senior dreading the thought of graduation. Setting aside my desperation to find a job, I have decided to focus on a much sooner deadline: Spring Break. 57 more words