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How Clean Are Your Feet?

My family serves/attends the youth group at our church every Wednesday night.

Three of us serve and three of the boys attend. We are firm believers in giving our time, energy and resources to pouring into the lives of youths (our son’s included). 455 more words

I heart: Instagrammers

Every once in a while I like to freshen the old Instagram newsfeed by finding some fresh faces to follow. You too? Cool.

Here are some of my current favorites (in absolutely no particular order because they are all lovely): 49 more words


Don't Become Deficient

So today marks my 4th day of being on a plant-based vegan diet. So far it really has been a journey and I’ve found myself extra excited to wake up in the morning. 410 more words

Kansas heat 

It has been a while since I have been on my blogs and posted. Actually I think it’s been about two weeks other than one post that was just setting waiting for me to drop it. 498 more words


How to annoy a reader.

Being a Booknerd is hard.It’s very hard indeed.We have to deal with all sorts of emotional traumas (We suffer through so many deaths) and physical stress (Sleeping at 4 in the morning after finishing a book and going to school/work the next day).Among these problems,the biggest problems giver is the non-readers out there (Foolish Muggles,I call.) because some times they say spiteful things or show disregard towards our book,Which annoys the hell out of us. 576 more words

Schuhe Schuhe Schuhe

Summer Time! Ich habe mich verliebt und zwar ausgerechnet in Schuhe von Deichmann (5th Avenue um genauer zu sein!) Unter meinen Freunden schon bekannt für meine irrationale Liebe (oder Besessenheit je nach dem wen man fragt) zu Schuhen, habe ich mich auf den Weg gemacht um meine Sammlung zu vergrößern. 64 more words