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The Monster

Once there was a nameless monster. He wanted a name badly. So he set out searching for one. He saw the world was too big so he split himself into two. 398 more words


Hi Followers!


I have started a  new page. If you could head on over and follow that page, it would be great.

Thanks for all your love!

♥ Jessica



Fate Vs. Hardwork

Isn’t it sickening when you continuously fail despite putting so much efforts?

Frustration, anger and emotional imbalance. This is what happens to me when no matter how hard I try I still fail and the worst thing is there isn’t one thing I’m failing at, there are many which I’ve been trying to do since a long time, maybe more than an year yet I fail. 318 more words


Seriously shoulder pads? 

Are shoulder pads seriously coming back into style? Yes, if you haven’t already heard 80s are here to stay for a little while. You’ll see many high fashion designer incorporating it into some of their styles, like Balmain or Michael Costello, for both runway and red carpet looks. 146 more words


Believe in the Bardot!

This summer’s must have is the Bardot (aka off the shoulder). Not only does the style look chic as a top, dress, or jumpsuit, it gives that must-have persona that you are somewhere warm enough to have your shoulders on show. 77 more words



I have personal social media accounts but I feel that the people I know wouldn’t appreciate blog updates and makeup/ fashion photos, so I’ve just set up a twitter account for the blog and will hopefully be making an instagram too if anyone was interested in following. 68 more words