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Why I Care About Likes and Follows

They mean everything to me! I die a little when I lose a subscriber and I live a little more when I gain a follower. Likes! 82 more words


Day of 100

Well everyone. I hit a milestone on my blog. Actually two, big ones in the eyes of a new blogger. 226 more words

Authors Notes

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100/100! Sounds like good numbers to me and reason to celebrate! Congrats! -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their blog.

Search Party

As anyone with a blog or a website knows, people online can find or happen upon our blogs using a variety of search terms. Some of those terms that have popped up on my blog admin section are logical and understandable, some are pretty strange, and still some others are downright funny. 414 more words


Thank You


I don’t know.

Every time I see that little orange dot in the top right hand corner of my screen signaling that someone out there, or a bunch of someone-out-there’s, liked my stuff–even when it’s just a ramble, even if it’s just about my uninteresting life–I feel so happy and grateful that people actually take the time to read what I have to say. 118 more words


I'm not slacking off

revising and adding writings to 3 of my past publications. I feel I’ve grown as a writer and as a self editor. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed if someone calls me on spelling, grammar or questions a word choice. 57 more words

Books By Patrick B Vince


Another milestone!  Although my blog is not the biggest out there I am very proud that I now have 150 followers!  Thank you all for your support! 135 more words


August is Over, Fall is Near

Whew. August is over. Can’t say it was better or worse than any other recent August, but it wasn’t so bad. And some rather interesting things happened along the way. 454 more words