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Wordpress Questions

How many followers do you have here? Does it impact your ability to connect the more you have? What is your experience?

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Oh my goodness, I just reached ten followers on Adhd Anna and I feel like skipping down the street dancing and yelling in joy… Well maybe not, but for a first time blogger this shit feels great. haha


The Beginning Of It All

Faith & Fancies takes Facebook!

I’m trying to figure out the best ways to reach out and so here goes a Facebook page! Don’t worry, I won’t be bombarding you, but using Facebook as a way to keep followers updated. 30 more words


Something To Remember Them By

Today my mother and I visited my grandparents house and whilst there they requested we went through their belongings and took what we desired as it will only be going into auction or donated to local charities. 614 more words


What Do Your Readers Care About? What do Mine?

A simple question that every blogger should ask him or herself, and one that is forgotten about far too often.

There are a number of bloggers out there completely entranced by each of their inch-worm successes. 300 more words


51 Followers! + Shout-Out

Hello there…. OMG OMG OMG 51 FOLLOWERS!

*Has a heart attack*

Naw just kiddin’, no heart attacking here. But tysm! This is a great achevenemt for me… so I think I will probably get some ice cream for me and all the followers! 74 more words


100 Followers = Package of Joy Giveaway!

I have mentioned in a previous post that I would love to do a Package of Joy Giveaway at some point. I’ve decided to do this when I reach the 100 follower mark! 58 more words