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Active Listening: an Extreme Sport

 I’ve been “in transition” for the past several months now. These past months have consisted of many a networking call, meeting and side-project. My approach has been to pursue every opportunity and leave no stone unturned, and I was beginning to grow weary and fearful. 657 more words

Real Life

The Transformative Power of a Hug

At some point in human history, perhaps at the beginning of it, we decided that the only way to deal with ideas and people that we didn’t understand, didn’t agree with, or thought were dangerous to our way of being in the world was to kill them.  671 more words


Okay, so its been awhile since I’ve been on here, but all is well! I recently found out that The Following has been canceled! Sigh! I wasn’t surprised though because with Joe Carroll executed there would be no way to keep the show alive.

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Many years ago I remember hearing the phrase from the mouths of these influential mentors “lead, follow or get out of the way.” A “braveheart” like command that when heard summons a boiling caldron of courage and boldness.   607 more words


Who Is My Neighbor?

There is a rather famous story that comes from the Gospels in which Jesus tells a parable about a good Samaritan.  This story has taken on a sort of mythical quality, being used as both a mascot for hospitals and a derogatory comment made about a ‘do-gooder’.  705 more words


Instagram ed il mio mondo quadrato

Come Instagram cambia il modo di vedere le cose

Quando ho iniziato a scrivere sul blog, l’iscrizione a tutti i social esistenti è venuta di conseguenza. 805 more words

Real Life


A month ago, my wife and I were in Houston.  We met with new friends Bassel and Salmaa, the two behind #Muslims4Lent, a solidarity movement of Muslims in which individual Muslims chose to fast from something during Lent this year.  579 more words