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With attention comes boldness, at least for John Ritzheimer.  If you have already forgotten, Ritzheimer is the infamous mastermind of the anti-Islam biker rally and impromptu Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest this past Spring.  509 more words


Who's doing the changing?

It all seems so innocent but be careful!!! People who don’t possess your values or your morals can and will influence you, your speech, as well as your behavior. 139 more words

Risk of Self Harm May Rise Following Bariatric Surgery

People who undergo bariatric surgery to help them lose weight may face an increased risk of self-harming behaviors in the two to three years following the surgery, a new study from Canada reports. 708 more words

Daily News

Seven day journey, let Rog lead the way

We left for Fance Tusedsy just gone, that will be my cousin H and friend A after the recent passing. We three shared a flat twenty one years ago, now we’re here


Sleeping for less than 6 hours any night will impact your ability to think clearly the following day.


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Following Review

Following (1998) is 1hr and 9min. long and is rated R for language and some violence. It stars Jeremy Theobald, Alex Haw and Lucy Russell. It is directed by Christopher Nolan. 907 more words