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Following Home

Oh and to get on the subject of following someone home… Jamie wants me to be just like her so bad that she has to say this BS yet why doesn’t someone ask her how many times she has FOLLOWED ME home? 828 more words

Tragic Loss

The Tripping Point In Leadership

You know you are reading a great book when more things are underlined than not. The Tripping Point In Leadership: Overcoming Organizational Apathy is just that book.   346 more words


Easiest Way Isn't Always Right

Computer mogul Bill Gates is well known for saying “I like to hire lazy people, because they always find the quickest and easiest way to do things.” While I agree partly with his statement, it got me thinking on whether the easiest way (short cutting) was always the best? 397 more words


Sinista Insta

This week’s blog is about a different kind of journey, not necessarily in the physical sense – a journey into the land of social media. 1,465 more words


A New Home for The Little Library Café.

Hi lovely followers,

Thank you for visiting, commenting, liking and sharing your baking over the past 14 months. I have really enjoyed engaging with all of you on this site. 38 more words


The 90 Day Challenge - Day 11 (N.T.)

“Come follow me… I’ll show you how to catch men and women instead.” -Mark 1:17

Following and how to fish for men and women go together. 237 more words



Inspired by a post by Caitlin (the Daydreamer whose challenge I was part of last week), YouTube has been on my mind a lot lately. I am an avid watcher of YouTube, mostly watching videos in either the form of vlogs, movie reviews or comedy regarding movies, or videogame stuff. 227 more words