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Etsy Networking Tools: Part Two

In the Etsy Networking Tools: Part One post, we discussed the purpose and importance of taking time to “favorite” other Etsy shops. In this segment, we are going to cover the topic of “following” and “followers” as it relates to your Etsy shop. 768 more words

ETSY 101

Witnessing Through Love

I was fortunate to have grown up in a loving, God fearing family. I’ve been going to church my entire life, or “nine months before I was born” as a friend of mine likes to say. 648 more words


Following and Unfollowing...

I have decided to press the unfollow button on those who never quite have the time to check out my corner of this site… I understand if you are busy and have a life outside of WordPress but common on folks, it’s a two way street. 147 more words

This Too Will Pass

Currently following on Instagran

I hate when you start following someone  on Instagram (a musician, model, reality star or whatever) and they just start to clog up your feed. When you realise you’re not at all interested in the products they’re being paid to sell, you’ve gotta go for the “unfollow” button. 161 more words

Safe, secure and sound

What does following Jesus mean to you?

According to my cell leader, Janeen, following Jesus means being a sheep.

First of all, what is the behavior of a sheep? 152 more words


Tisha B'Av & Al Aqsa

To get a good idea of why, for over 60 years now, peace has not come between the Palestinians and the Israelis, you only need to look to the Al-Aqsa mosque, located on the old Temple mount in Jerusalem.  803 more words