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Public Service Announcement 

This isn’t an official post or anything of the sort. I’m just creating this space for any blogger who wants me to view and pass a comment on his or her blog. 39 more words

Power and frame: Application 

Here’s a series of text exchanges for learning purposes/my blog lol

Who controlled the frame in this interaction and why?

In addition how does frame control affect our relationships? 37 more words


Passengers from Dubai to Heathrow evacuated following terror bomb threat

Passengers have been hauled off a flight from Dubai to Heathrow following a bomb threat.
The plane had just began to taxi away from the jetway when it screeched to a halt and the entire aircraft was evacuated after a last-minute security alert. 167 more words

Social Stories

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My son lives with anxiety. Although he is only six years old, he has a difficult time with new or unfamiliar situations. 1,009 more words


Big stock market shocks aren't scaring investors anymore

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Big stock market shocks don’t scare investors anymore. In fact, swift declines are welcomed with open arms.

Traders have been taking advantage of share weakness to “buy the dip,” or expand positions by purchasing shares at a discount. 411 more words

Money Matters

Following is a strong beginning to the directorial career of Christopher Nolan

By: Muneeb Arshid

The man who has defined modern-day mainstream cinema is once again releasing what looks to be another epic this summer in Dunkirk… 897 more words


Tarini Goyal Is Related To Which Of The Following Games Online

Tarini goyal is related to which of the following games online

3.Tarini Goyal is related to which of the following games? (A) 19.Anil Kakodkar is related to which of the following agencies? 400 more words