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To the tune of “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash by R.M.

I feel the breeze a’blowin

The spray barrades my face

And I aint seen the shore line

Since I quit from my workplace

I knew I shouldnta done it… 117 more words

Rodrigues SLCC 2016


How long did it take this new government to retreat to hyperbolic distraction like “Hang ’em high!” as crime fighting policy? Two minutes? 1,354 more words

Columns: Playing Solitaire With The Hermit Of The People

Johnny Cash--Folsom Prison Blues (Live)

And the crowd goes wild.  From the very opening words, the iconic “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash,” the atmosphere is electric for the live performance of Folsom Prison Blues at its eponymous pen.   185 more words


Supernatural episode Folsom Prison Blues in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Supernatural episode Folsom Prison Blues in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

At Green River Detention Center
Late one night
Randall a prisoner is reading
By a faint light… 244 more words


New Species Of Tarantula Named After Johnny Cash

Fourteen new species of tarantula have just been discovered in the southwestern U.S., including one named after the popular late singer-songwriter Johnny Cash. No seriously… there is a tarantula species now named Johnny Cash.  129 more words


Watching the Trains Slip Away

Trains and loss are bound together.  Watching a train disappear into the distance can be a woeful thing. Think of all the songs you know where trains symbolize sorrow and longing, like Johnny Cash’s… 423 more words