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You Don't Play when the Man in Black is Playing


Dreamed Mary & I were at a Johnny Cash concert (apparently he was resurrected from the dead)

He was following the Live at Folsom Prison repertoire. 122 more words


Musical Notes: Folsom Prison Blues - Russell Crowe

Did you know? Russell Crowe? He’s a musician too. Yep…and he does a darn good rendition of Folsom Prison Blues with “his” band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts… 78 more words


A Different Kind Of Cash

I saw this a few minutes ago on the FB page of a “funeral-type” colleague and almost spit a mouthful of coffee into my laptop and felt the immediate need to share. 42 more words

wonderland blues

dt drizzled down..said..

happy anniversary little buddy..

thanks..5 years..who knew..

what was that you were humming when i came down..

wonderland blues..

wonderland blues..

yeah..sung to the tune of folsom prison blues.. 219 more words


'S Katz Deitsch Schtick: Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues

Reddin Bressen Blues (Reading Prison Blues)

Was kann ich datt drauss heere,
Iss sell der Riggelweg?
Die Sunn iss hell am scheine,
Doch was iss der Zweck? 145 more words

'S Katz Deitsch Schtick