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USPS Star Calendar for 7-13 June

7 Jun    High in the south before dawn, the moon is midway between Altair, 3 fist-widths to the upper right, and Fomalhaut, to the lower left. 89 more words


Fomalhaut - Čuvar Juga

(Dekl: 29° S 38’; Magnituda: 1.2; Priroda: Venera – Merkur – Neptun)
Sazvežđe: Piscis Australis (Južna Riba).
Crvenkasta zvezda u ustima Južne Ribe. Potiče od Fum-al-Hut, tj.
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Fiksne Zvijezde

USPS Star Calendar for 23-29 November

24 Nov    Low in the west at dusk, the waxing crescent moon sets less than 2½ hours after the sun. Mars is nearly 2 fist-widths to the upper left. 71 more words


Skirrid Hill | Emma Totman's English Literature Wider Reading

Skirrid Hill – Owen Sheers (2005) Analysis

Skirrid Hill is one of the AS level poetry anthologies here in the UK for the exam board AQA. 532 more words


Piscis Austrinus Constellation

Piscis Austrinus (also known as Piscis Australis) is a constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere. The name is Latin for “the southern fish”, in contrast with the larger constellation… 366 more words




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This article is about the star. For the extrasolar planet, see Fomalhaut b.

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USPS Star Calendar for 26 October-1 November

26 Oct    Antares is 4 finger-widths to the moon’s lower left just above the horizon at dusk. The moon is only 5 percent illuminated.

27 Oct    Low in the southwest at sunset, magnitude 0.9… 126 more words