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I Told You So: "Handicapping Political Risk" Is The New "Central-Bank Watching"

On Wednesday, following the release of the Fed Minutes, I noted that commentators were jumping the gun with the hawkish headlines.

I wasn’t claiming to be clairvoyant. 521 more words


Reflation Frustration

This is probably a decent time to start asking yourself if the narrative still makes sense.

If you got anything out of Steve Mnuchin’s comments on Thursday it should probably be that no matter what Steve Bannon says (there are a lot of “Steves” in this administration), Trump isn’t going to be able to do everything he said he was going to do overnight. 792 more words


Dollar Pulled Between Minutes And Mnuchin, Crude Hopes For Bullish EIA Print

Ok so it’s Thursday morning and everyone has generally come around to what I said moments after the Fed Minutes were released on Wednesday: they were, if anything, dovish. 884 more words


Dollar Sneaks Lower ahead of Fed Minutes

On Wednesday, the U.S. greenback glided lower compared to major currencies, in advance of the January 31 to February 1 Fed Reserve Open  Committee (FOMC) minutes of meetings, scheduled to be released at 14:00 ET. 504 more words

Exo Capital

Bursa Wall Street Mixed, Dow Jones Raih Rekor Kesembilan Berturut

Bursa saham AS ditutup mixed pada akhir perdagangan Kamis dinihari (23/02) setelah risalah dari pertemuan Federal Reserve mengisyaratkan bahwa kenaikan suku bunga bisa datang dilaksanakan segera. 433 more words


Harga Emas Stabil Setelah Rilis Risalah Pertemuan The Fed AS

Harga Emas tetap stabil pada akhir perdagangan Kamis dinihari (23/02) setelah risalah pertemuan Komite Pasar Terbuka Federal. Dalam risalah menyatakan The Fed menyimpulkan bahwa kenaikan suku bunga bisa segera dilaksanakan, namun tidak memberikan petunjuk kapan waktu yang pasti untuk kenaikan. 198 more words


No, Those Fed Minutes Were Not Hawkish

Following the release of the latest Fed Minutes, I was exceedingly amused to watch as seemingly every commentator one cared to (virtually) consult tried to put a hawkish spin on things. 600 more words