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EURUSD breakout trade setups on U.S. Dollar bears

This week has been rather quiet for the Euro. On Tuesday, Germany month over month manufacturing productions figure showed a 4.9% growth in new purchase orders up from -0.3% in the previous month. 207 more words


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최근 글로벌 외환시장에서의 달러는 ECB(유럽중앙은행) 통화정책결정회의를 앞둔 상황에서 유럽 지표가 약하게 나오면서 ECB가 QE를 연장할 것이라고 예상.

– 독일 10월 산업생산: 전월 대비(계절조정) 0.3% 증가(예상 0.8% 증가) 6 more words

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수지고래의 Daily FX Market_2016.12.07.

■ 서울 외환시장

– 어제 서울환시에서 USD/KRW 환율은 미 금리인상 가능성에도 달러화 강세 완화되며 소폭 하락 마감.

– 한편, 간밤 NDF에서는 8일 ECB 통화정책 회의를 앞두고 움직임이 둔화된 가운데 보합세 유지. 18 more words

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Fidelity Asset Class Outlook 2017

Fidelity‘s Asset Class Outlook for 2017 is out!

Markets have been quick in adapting to a post-Trump, post-Brexit landscape. What lies ahead for equites, fixed income and alternatives? 9 more words


4.6% Unemployment--178,000 Payroll Jobs in November

Popular Economics Weekly

Nonfarm payrolls rose 178,000 in November to just beat out expectations with revisions no factor, says Econoday. A sharp downward revision to October, now at 142,000, was offset by a nearly as sharp upward revision to September, now at 208,000. 489 more words

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Notes From Underground: The Markets' Christmas Wish: A Nonfarm Payroll Number of +300,000

The first Friday of the month brings big news for the data dependent Fed. The market consensus is for 185,000 job gain and average hourly earnings increase of 0.2% and the work week to remain unchanged at 34.4 hours. 567 more words


Notes From Underground: A Leap Back to January 2016

Sometimes looking back provides perspective in moving forward. As December begins we know the year-end is the global market’s attempt to position themselves for the coming year. 1,291 more words