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Notes From Underground: The Even-More Complex Map of Currencies and Politics

On Friday afternoon Chair Janet Yellen delivered a speech at a conference sponsored by the San Francisco Fed, titled “Normalizing Monetary  Policy: Prospects and Perspectives.” Many analysts will delve into the speech to find a possible nugget of “forward guidance” in the predisposition of Chair Yellen’s desire to raise rates. 1,056 more words


Chicken or Beef? Time for a Stock Diet?

The stock market has been gorging on gains over the last six years and the big question is are we ready for a crash diet? In other words, have we consumed too much, too fast? 609 more words

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FOMC: Not Only Is There No Recovery, Don’t Ever Expect One

From Alhambra Investment Partners, by Jeffrey P. Snider, Mar 2015

Taking a look back at economic projections from orthodox models (and the theories they incorporate and encompass) is more than just a review of past econometric failures. 279 more words


Central bankers and investors: the deluded leading the cynical and naïve

A selection of my recent observations in client notes, speeches and radio appearances, which have provoked sufficient reaction to merit a further airing.

Fed loses ‘patience’                 … 1,887 more words

Unnatural Acts: When stocks and bonds trade together

We always watch bonds closely. In the beginning of this blog’s history some readers might have called our fixation obsessive, so we diversified but never stopped watching. 482 more words

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FOMC Statement: Federal Reserve Discusses Rate Increase, But Concerned About Growth

The post-meeting statement of the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee indicated that while the Fed is considering raising its target rate as early as June, the agency is in no hurry to cast anything in cement. 120 more words