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Cakespiration: Shoe decoration

You can find inspiration for cakes everywhere.  My friend Simone has the cutest pair of pumps with this ruffle design and a flash of silver. I can definitely see this effect being used on the celebration cake. 25 more words


A rainbow cake - Red and Yellow and Pink and Green...

When I was asked to create a rainbow cake, I jumped at the chance.  It was fun to create this cake, especially as I made this just before Christmas (it made a pleasant change from sugar snowflakes and Christmas tree cupcakes). 92 more words


Fondant Cupcake 


Fondant pertama kali saya… Akhirnya, menerima orderan fondant juga, setelah sekian lama berkutat dengan buttercream. Ceritanya seorang teman sma yang sudah beberapa kali pesan, mau pesan lagi tapi kali ini dia minta dibuat dengan fondant. 19 more words


Stacked Fondant Birthday Cake - The battle continues

I realised today that  I’ve forgotten (so quickly as well) why I started this blog. Somewhere along the line I got caught up in the cycle of seeking likes and follows by misrepresenting myself as a perfect cake decorator (which I’m not) thus forgetting to enjoy the learning process. 388 more words